A Family Home Full of Surprises

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This project offers plenty of tips and inspiration for those who are aiming to build their own home. With its unique shape and contemporary materials, this new residence offers up something that is strikingly different from the everyday home. 

Light and bright inside, the home's décor blends contemporary ideas with unique design accents that work amazingly in their context. However, in a décor filled with so many fantastic features, there really is no looking past the spiral staircase, which could be the best one we've seen on homify.

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An impressive structure

Shortly after purchasing a vacant plot of land in a dream location, the couple approached professionals from DCK to design and build their dream home. The couple had a strong idea of what they wanted but were unsure they could achieve everything within their modest budget.

First and foremost, it was critical that the future home would be able to support the needs of a household with two young children. Secondly, the couple had a desire for a domain that was architecturally significant. One that stood out from the neighbours. 

As you can see, the design response from DCK was on point, creating exactly what the couple had hoped for. 

Harmony with nature

With its unique shape and striking mix of materials, this house definitely stands out from its traditional neighbours and looks good from all angles. 

The rear perspective offers something different from what we saw at the front, as we see that the charcoal brickwork has been replaced with cedar timber panels on the upper level. Since the timber has been left untreated, each of the panels will change colour over time as the natural elements take their effect. 

A new neighbour

With an established confidence from the street, this bold home offers a unique spatial experience for those passing by. The new form contrasts with the surrounding traditional dwellings without feeling obtrusive and looks like it belongs within its environment.

A grey form rises discreetly from behind the wired front fence with subtle hints of timber for the windows and doors. The highly figurative roof line and geometric windows form an abstracted outline in this tree lined neighbourhood. 

Impressing all comers

Once inside, the outstanding craftsmanship that has gone into this spiral staircase is obvious to all comers. The quality of the wood, with its warming tones, adds an air of sophistication to the interior, whereas the transparent glass balustrades introduce a more modern touch. All in all, it could be one of the best staircases we've seen here on homify!

Looking beyond the staircase, the ground floor living space offers up a distinctly contemporary outlook where everything looks and feels right. The interior designers have livened up the dining room with an inspired hanging light. Sleekly designed, the design feature's striking oblong glass fragments look amazing when the light has been turned on. 

Relaxing under the shade

We move outside to the garden where a sunny deck sits right beside the internal living area. This perfectly formed space provides a visual extension to the timber flooring inside while also creating a direct connection to the lawn.

Cultivating a light and breezy ambience in this casual outdoor space, the seating options deliver a comfortable seating experience in addition to their inspired aesthetics. 

Sharing a meal in the garden

A second terrace around the corner has been coordinated with outdoor dining in mind. Sometimes it's never a bad idea to fall back on some tried and tested fashion, which is why we see the dining table and chairs sharing a simple but elegant style. Since the table and chairs are made from weatherproof material, there's no chance of them being damaged by the elements. 

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Did you love the spiral staircase as much as we did? 

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