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Exceptional extras to elevate your garden

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A rosebush here, a flower bedding there, and perhaps a birdbath in between. If this is more or less what your idea of a garden sounds like, then thank goodness you’ve come to homify. 

Because we are here to share with you that the only real difference between a garden and an interior room, such as a living room or bedroom, is the lack of walls and ceiling. Apart from that, all the same rules in terms of design and décor apply – yes that’s right, you can (or should we say must) add decorative elements to your exterior spaces, particularly the garden. 

So, to get us started, let’s take a look at six optional structures that can not only zhoosh up your garden space, but are also quite practical in terms of functionality and spending time outdoors.

1. A gazebo

Whether freestanding or attached to a wall, a gazebo is a beautiful option for when you require shade, shelter, an ornamental feature in a garden, as well as a place to rest. 

What would you do if you had a gazebo in your yard? Use it for teatime? Meditation? Convert it into an art studio?

2. A mobile deck

Just because you’ve never heard of it doesn’t mean it can’t exist. But yes, the mobile version of a deck or terrace allows you to move your relaxation spot to where you need it to be. 

Best of all? It comes with attached shading, so you know you can have a restful afternoon in the shade without the added hassle of sunburn. 

Want to call up some landscape designers? See our range here on homify.

3. A shaded arbour

An arbour or pergola doesn’t have to be an open structure. Fill up those walls and add a roof, and you have a neat little gazebo-type effect for board games with the family, breakfast in the garden, and a variety of other outdoor activities you can dream up.

Or you can use it as a shed to store those tools and garden equipment.

4. A greenhouse

If green fingers are your thing, then investing in a greenhouse should be on your bucket list.

Can you just imagine keeping your planted beauties safe from the harsh weather in that glass-clad structure, watching them grow and tending to them lovingly each day? That is sure to considerably raise your stock with the local garden club.

5. A covered terrace

Think of this as being in the same family as number 2’s mobile deck. All the same possibilities still apply (enjoying the fresh outdoors with friends, relaxing with a good book, indulging in al fresco lunches, etc.), yet the main difference is you can’t move this one to and fro. 

But won’t that timber surface and wooden beams just look most striking when paired with your fresh greens?

6. A conservatory

Hardwood Conservatory Hampton Windows Classic style conservatory
Hampton Windows

Hardwood Conservatory

Hampton Windows

Take the greenhouse idea from number 4, switch out the plants for some stylish seating and décor, add some lighting, and you have a chic little conservatory in which you can relax and enjoy the green surroundings of your garden. 

Get ready for some lavish lunches with these ideas for: Conservatory Dining.

Which one would look stunning in your garden?

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