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Before and After: A Confused Family Home Finally Gets It

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Beat Nievergelt GmbH Architekt
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Taking a mish-mash of rooms, found over three storeys, and turning them into one cohesive family home doesn't sound like a small undertaking. This is especially true when you learn that the final product also needed to be a whole lot more open plan.

In fact, this sounds like a mammoth task to us, which that only the most insightful designers and builders would be able to tackle. In the case of today's project, tackle it they did! Prepare to be amazed at what was achieved as this beautiful German family home is a staggering success.

Before: Kill that kitchen

In a soon-to-be modernised, lovely family home, a pokey, outdated and generally awful kitchen, such as this one, would never do.

Faux wood panelling on the cabinet doors is our nightmare, while the patterned floor is a disaster and the cramped conditions look anything but appetising. The seventies might be cool again but they can keep the kitchen styling, thank you very much!

After: Lost for words

We know that we said the idea was to create a far more open plan, spacious and stunning family home but this is beyond compare! How on earth could such a small, drab and anything but fab room become this testament to all things gorgeous, modern and chic? 

By taking out the walls on this floor, there was plenty of scope to create this truly amazing large kitchen/dining room and that white installation is something else. Now we really need to see more!

Before: Road to hell

Is this linoleum meant to look like molten lava? It certainly is giving the impression that you could just walk straight down into style hell so it would be fitting.

We honestly don't know what to say about this cramped stairwell, complete with naff bannisters and grubby walls, other than get us out of here!

After: Starway to heaven

We know the title is a bit cheesy but compared to what was here before, you have to admit that these newly transformed stairs are simply divine.

Bright, elegant and stylish in natural wood, they have made light work of totally upgrading what was here before. This is a far more fitting stairwell for the incredible kitchen that is now in place.

After: No stone left unturned

Naturally, in any building that exists over three floors, you are going to get some unusual or awkward-to-work-with spots and this house was no exception. This space, as difficult to work with as it might seem on the face of it, posed no problem for the talented bathroom designers that were brought in.

The monochrome scheme keeps everything looking fresh, modern and perfectly in line with the rest of the house. Given that this is a family home, we like to think this is a little attic retreat, just for the grown ups.

After: Personal space

With an open plan kitchen, naturally there was a need to create private bedrooms and what a joy to see that they were kept as bright and stunning as everywhere else. With bags of built-in storage, pale wooden floors and easy transitions to other rooms, they are family-friendly and privacy-perfect, all at once.

A modern, light-filled interior scheme helps no end but it's those little details that have made all the difference to this home, such as an attic space not going unused and a kitchen that could house more than one family! We don't doubt for a second that what used to be in place has been long forgotten, but we won't be able to get this transformation out of our minds for quite some time!

For more transformation inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Before and After: HUGE Changes for a Small Family Home.

Are you surprised at what this sad home became?

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