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With winter on our doorstep, slowly making an unwelcome appearance into our lives once again, we gradually stop venturing outside as much, choosing to curl up inside, avoiding at all costs, that initial smack of cold that winter likes to give us the moment we open the front door. Sometimes, no matter how much we turn the heating up, frost still builds up on the windows, and the cool air creeps inside without an invitation. The best remedy for this is undoubtedly warm and soft textiles, in the forms of blankets, rugs, linens, and pillows, that help warm our bodies and our minds, and give a warm visual feeling to the interior.

Not all fabrics are suited for colder days. Winter textiles need to be soft to touch, as we will be holding them close to our bodies! They must also be able to retain heat; wool being the perfect example. After all, this is how sheep stay warm during the cool months in the highlands! Colour also plays a large factor, whether we are conscious of it or not. Soft whites, tones of beige, and pale colour tones are naturally inviting to touch and wrap up in. Winter textiles also call for intricate patterns, and different weaving methods, for added texture and comfort. Pictures of winter-themed objects and animals also add a fun touch to the winter months; pictures of snow flakes, reindeer, Christmas trees and floral patterns all feature prominently in this style.

Feet up

Schnuffle Pouffe with Knitted top homify Living roomAccessories & decoration

Schnuffle Pouffe with Knitted top


Sadly, the design of many modern newly built homes, as well as renovations, have done away with the concept of an open fireplace. Nothing is more quintessential to a dreary evening than lighting up the fire and letting it roar long in to the night, warming our homes and our hearts. If, however, you are lucky enough to own an open fireplace, then make sure to take full advantage. Some choose to heat their homes in more modern ways, even if they do own a fireplace, but we think the fireplace should still be used! Relaxing with your feet up is needed after a long afternoon chopping the week's firewood, and what better way to do it than in style and comfort with this decorative footrest, consisting of a woven wool pattern, in a warming off-white tone. Along with the pleasant touch of a woven rug, this is the ideal fireplace setting.

Cute curtains

Curtains add a decorative touch to a room, while playing a key role in keeping warmth in, keeping the cold out, and allowing us to increase or decrease light levels as we please. The choice of curtains can determine the mood of a room, as they feature so prominently. Pictured here in a calming blue tone, they don't allow heat to escape, but let us open them for a view of outside, to catch a glimpse of the fresh snowfall.

If the cat thinks they're soft…

Rufus the cat modelling quilts! Quilts by Lisa Watson BedroomTextiles
Quilts by Lisa Watson

Rufus the cat modelling quilts!

Quilts by Lisa Watson

Patchwork is a form of needlework that involves sewing together smaller pieces of fabric, to come together in one larger design. Patchwork quilts, for example, have a special presence about them, one that is hard to define or explain. Either way, if the cat thinks they are comfortable, then there must be something snug about them.


Of course, cold days and nights call for early nights, and late mornings sleeping in. This means our linens will be what we cuddle up to, along with our better halves. Be it high thread count cottons, silks, flannelette or otherwise, quality linen is an investment not to be underestimated. Embroidery adds texture and a decorative element to the bedroom, as seen in these homely pillow cases.

Cosy quilts

Mulberry Silk and Velvet Quilts Luella Linen BedroomTextiles
Luella Linen

Mulberry Silk and Velvet Quilts

Luella Linen

A soft quilt cover is the desire of many, and no matter what the season, it is always the perfect finishing touch for your bed. Our experts Luella Linen, have a huge range of bedding textiles available to creative the perfect soothing and inviting atmosphere for your bed chambers. The pictured quilt, is very special indeed. Fashioned from mulberry silk and velvet, you can only imagine how delicate this would feel against your skin. This quilt, and any other you desire to see atop your beloved bed, can be made to order—the colour, style and size is only limited to the boundaries of your imagination.

Soft bedhead

The Hepworth Luxury Upholstered Bed TurnPost BedroomBeds & headboards

The Hepworth Luxury Upholstered Bed


Given that it is completely acceptable for your bed linen and quilts to be fashioned from luxury fabrics, why not go as far as adding the same cosy effect to your bedhead? This design, created by homify expert TurnPost, is a delicate shade of red and detailed with a fine herringbone pattern. To complete this elegant look, white leather buttons have been added to create the cushioned effect that you see. Taking it one step further, the bed base is also made from equally as plush fabrics; finished in a combination of velvet and and wool. Be wary though—once you are in, you may never want to get out!

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