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This iconic house, designed by DMS Arquitectura, demonstrates some of the best aspects of minimalist architecture. It's an unapologetic design that succeeds in achieving the architects vision of how a modern home should look and function. Their client; a young professional couple had a great appreciation for minimalist architecture and desired their own home that epitomises this unique style. They placed their faith fully in the hands of the architect safe in the knowledge of DMS's extensive portfolio. Come see why…

Stunning architecture

Windows have been expanded across the entirety of the lower level at the rear so that the owners can fully appreciate the outside space. There's a definite focus upon simplicity to increase the perception of space and form. The pool is placed at one side of the outdoor setting and is bordered by high concrete walls and a pebble garden. Overall, this home acts as a much needed unique contrast to the homes that are being built today, and demonstrates what can be achieved with minimalist architecture. 

Special inside

As we enter the home, we are struck by the cohesion between the homes form and the materials chosen. We love how the design creates a unique spatial experience where each aspect of the homes form can be fully appreciated. At this point in time the home remains unfurnished which gives us the opportunity to fully appreciate the structure as it stands just after being completed. 


Concrete references the strength and solidity of the structure and is used all throughout the home. Though not for everyone, it's hard not to appreciate the look of the exposed concrete here which stands as one of the homes important structural supports. Numerous holes have been left on the wall, not only as a design aesthetic, but to allow sunlight to enter different areas of the room. 

Signature style

The experience of walking through this home is unforgettable with each section of the home offering something new to visitors. From this perspective, we are looking above the main social zone which benefits from triple-height ceilings. Hanging above are custom-made cylinder shaped lighting which introduces an artistic flair to the space. 

Working the angles

Here is one of the architects most unique expression of minimalist design. What's not to love about the unique blend of shapes and textures which form together to create an effect that only minimalist style homes can have. To maintain a minimalist aesthetic, the internal courtyard is made up of only concrete and grass, while above there's a small circle opening to allow sunlight to shine through. 

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