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10 must-haves for any home!

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There are so many features that a home needs, which transforms it from boring and basic to stylish and trendy. 

Today at homify, we are going to bring you 10 essential furniture pieces that are designed to make life that much more convenient for you. Your home will also be the decor envy of the street!

Because us South Africans are working hard along with raising children and trying to spend as much time as possible with family and friends. We need all of the help that we can get. This ideabook will change your life.

Let's take a look!

1. The functional office

You don't need a whole room for an office space, if you work smartly and invest in the right furniture piece!

In this design, by Barbara Sterkers Architects & Interiors, we can see how this little corner has been utilised for a multi-functional desk space. For starters, it's very light and thin, which means it doesn't take up too much space. Secondly, it works as a desk space as well as shelves for books and decor elements! This is storage space as well as a functional work area.

Remember that you truly can make the most of every nook and cranny in the home. Also have a look at these: Tips for perking up your home office.

2. Perspex chairs

'Cooler' Translucent stackable patio chair by Scab Design homify Garden Furniture

'Cooler' Translucent stackable patio chair by Scab Design


Perspex is a trendy, modern and convenient material for any home as it's easy to clean and is very light and dainty, which means it doesn't take up too much space. It's also not an overwhelming material for a home!

These kinds of chairs are also very easy to stack so if you need more space in a room, you can simply pack these little chairs away in a matter of minutes.

3. Mirrors

Boomtown side table Loaf Living roomSide tables & trays Glass Metallic/Silver

Boomtown side table


Mirrors are one of the best features that you can have in a home!

1. They immediately make a space look bigger by reflecting the room back on itself. It also adds depth to a space.

2. They enhance the natural light.

3. They are beautiful decor pieces that can be used on walls, furniture, cupboards or even throughout the exterior. Have a look at this infinite house to see what we mean.

4. Smart storage

It doesn't matter if your house is large or small, you need to make the most of smart storage solutions. An easy way to do this it to make the most of vertical space!

Install shelves or cupboards on the wall so that you take up very little floor space, while still creating tons of space for books, decor items or accessories. Shelves or storage spots can also be a wonderful decor element—don't you love these ones by design professionals Adele-C?

Have a look at these: Things to consider when choosing shelves.

5. Go for uniform tones

A great design tip for furniture and decor is to go for one or two shades and stick to them throughout. In this image you can see how effective the charcoal dining chairs look next to the white walls and floors. This keeps a space looking neat, trendy and even a little bit minimalist.

If you want to add a splash of colour, paint one wall a different colour to the rest of the home such as maroon or blue. Or you can add a colourful piece of furniture to break up the uniform tones.

6. A dining room table that extends

This is one of our favourite furniture pieces!

An extendable dining room table allows you to entertain as many friends as you want without having to worry about storing a chunky table that takes up too much space. 

All you simply need to do is fold in the sides of the table when it's just a few of you at home, taking up very little space. When you have guests over, you fold the sides out, extending the table. Genius!

7. Shelves in the bathroom

Glass Mirror Boxes Loop the Loop
Loop the Loop

Glass Mirror Boxes

Loop the Loop

Once space that you really want to remain minimalist and neat, is the bathroom. Bathrooms are often small and tend to get cluttered quickly because of all of our toiletries, soaps and creams.

Invest in a medicine cabinet that hides behind a mirror, where you can keep everything neatly out of sight. Or invest in mirrored shelves, like these ones, which double up as a decor element as well as functional storage space.

8. The modern rocking chair

Rocking chairs are back in fashion, bringing a very trendy and retro twist to modern decor. Rocking chairs are also very functional, allowing you to soothe a baby back to sleep or simply soothe yourself while you're reading a book or watching your favourite film. Comfort and style should collide!

9. The entrance hall table

An entrance hall is the first impression that people will have of your home so you want it to look glamorous and inviting, just like this one.

A great way to do this is to invest in a slim entrance hall table where you can store keys and handbags neatly as well as put decor accessories on display. Pair with a big mirror and you have the most simplest yet effective entrance hall.

Also have a look at these: 10 modern ideas for your entrance hall.

10. Good lighting

Last but not least—no home is complete without beautiful lighting. Lighting creates romance and ambiance, enhancing any room in the house. Invest in floor lamps or table lamps, candles and lanterns!

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