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Fitted Oak Kitchen David Holliday Kitchens Classic style kitchen
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No more is the kitchen simply the place where we prepare our meals and leave, but now they have become the main arteries of a family home and/or studio apartment. The kitchen is now a place where we socialise and are often incorporated with our main living spaces, such as our open-plan living and dining rooms. A well executed kitchen needs to be functional, have good storage and a clever design.

Below, we have selected 10 different styles of kitchens to help inspire your imagination. From country to modern, contemporary to classic, how a kitchen looks is completely up to you and is dependant on your budget, space and your own personal taste. Important is that your kitchen is styled and designed to suit your exact needs and if you have any questions, it is always worth seeking a professional that can answer any structural or aesthetic questions you may have.

Small and niche

If space is an issue, it doesn't mean you have to worry about compromising on design. Any space can be transformed into a fully functional working space and can include all the necessities you need. In this smaller space, they have managed to cleverly incorporate a long breakfast bar/sink and storage. It has a very industrial feel with exposed bricks and pipework visibly displayed. With dark cabinetry and hanging lights, the overall look is traditional and minimal with a modern industrial twist. A very well thought out use of space.

A very traditional kitchen

Fallowfield | Traditional English Country Kitchen Davonport Classic style kitchen Wood Green

Fallowfield | Traditional English Country Kitchen


This kitchen is brought to us by Davonport and it has a very traditional appeal to it. The round breakfast bar is made of walnut and is a lovely place to gather first thing in the morning. The island in the centre provides a lot of space for preparing food and washing up. The butler sink adds to the traditional feel when mixed with the shaker style kitchen. We feel the green is a perfect colour combination with the wooden floor. Overall the room feels warm and workable as a family space, whilst looking very beautiful.

Clean and contemporary

Quebec Way, Haggerston Rousseau Modern kitchen

Quebec Way, Haggerston


When it comes to conversions, this one is breathtaking. The high ceilings of the barn add to the space of this kitchen. It is very open plan and has a very contemporary feel to it. Compromising of a breakfast bar made of stainless steel and a dining table made of wood, the room really draws together the new with the old. The exposed brickwork is highlighted by the track lighting that criss crosses the whole ceiling. It is a kitchen that showcases the transformation that a conversion can add to any home.

Exposed beams

Wood is such an appealing material in kitchens. It is forgiving no matter what the decoration is and goes with almost anything. This kitchen is wood from the floor to the ceiling and all the timber has been chosen to match the colour of the exposed oak beams. This does make the kitchen very light and spacious in appearance. The owners have added some cool storage at the end of the island for books and it also doubles as a breakfast bar. Using space like this maximises the space available. The owners here have very cleverly added a splash of colour with the handles on the drawers. It is a small detail that makes a big difference.


Traditional Kitchen in Bradford at Tong Village Twenty 5 Design Classic style kitchen
Twenty 5 Design

Traditional Kitchen in Bradford at Tong Village

Twenty 5 Design

A very traditional kitchen in this photo showcases just how we can bring an older look into modern times. As an open plan room, it is important to have a visual distinction between the spaces. This is achieved in two ways. The first is the floor, it is tiled in the kitchen, with a carpet in the dining room. The chimney breast also acts as the end of the kitchen and the start of the next room. The range cooker and low ceilings give us a real feel of a country kitchen. There are exposed beams on display in the roof, and these are mixed with modern recessed lighting. We feel this room is a genuine mix and the love that went into designing it shows.

Marble countertop

Grosvenor | Walnut And Marble Elegance Davonport Modern kitchen Wood Brown

Grosvenor | Walnut And Marble Elegance


Mirroring objects in a room really adds the the symmetry of the space. It helps draw the eye in. We can see from this gorgeous wooden kitchen that the island shape is echoed in the extractor fan above it, which also houses lights. Kitchens like this offer a social aspect as the island is a place to cook, eat and meet! It is a beautiful kitchen that is practical and stylish.

A modern look

Wood certainly does come in many shades. From the warm orange hues to the slightly more earthy browns, as in this image here. It matches the white of the units and gives the room a very natural feel. This kitchen is contemporary in every aspect of the word. The recessed lights, the straight lines, the light colouring and the modern appliances all make it feel new.

Shared spaces

In recent years, we have seen a huge movement in the replacing of walls with either sliding or folding door; which open right up to an outside garden or patio area. This kitchen does exactly that,expanding it's size into the dining area when the weather allows. The parquet flooring is a lovely colour and provides a contrast to the slate grey of the outside. It also ties in wonderfully with the exposed brickwork in the kitchen. The stools at the breakfast bar make us think this is a family home where everyone uses the kitchen to meet and eat.

High gloss

Modern and Bold Kitchen Diner homify Modern kitchen Black

Modern and Bold Kitchen Diner


Wood is a popular choice as a kitchen material. However a lot of people like a high gloss lacquer finish, that looks clean and sleek. With every surface reflecting light, it doesn't matter how dark the gloss is, it still manages to look spacious. Mixing the classic shades of black and white, this kitchen is a modern contemporary space that would be a lovely social hub for any home.

Make it personal

The Cranford Refurb homify Modern kitchen

The Cranford Refurb


Don't forget, it is your kitchen. There are no hard and fast rule on how it should look, apart from how you want it too look in the end. Put a personal stamp on it and make it your own. This kitchen has a really raw appeal to it in this smashing red colour. It is a massive contrast to the white and makes it feel like someone has added there own theme, and so they should. If there is one rule when it comes to kitchen design, it is simply make it yours and enjoy it.

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