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Before and After: 5 Head-Scratching Kitchen Renovations

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It's that time again! We're going to show you some of the most hopeless kitchens that we've ever come across and, just when you think you can't stand to look at them any more, we're going to shock you with what they became after extensive remodelling.

We don't think a single one of these projects bears any resemblance to how they looked before, so if you're battling with an outdated space that's driving you crazy, prepare to take heart and inspiration!

1. Before: Too much pattern!

What a cluttered, clumsy nightmare this kitchen is! Looking smaller thanks to the overbearing pattern and sheer volume of the tiles, this is not a space we're in love with.

Plus, those wood-effect cabinets are awful!

1. After: Simple and special

Now this is a huge improvement! Gone are all the wall tiles and in their place is a sleek, storage-centred kitchen that's not only usable, but also gorgeous.

The simple pale wood allows for a fun red accent or two and just look how modern it looks now!

2. Before: No, no, no!

This is like every abandoned 70s home that we've ever seen. Badly-proportioned cabinets, finished in a mock wood effect and, oh gosh, is that a formica table? This is the worst kind of time-warp!

2. After: Yes, yes, yes!

It's staggering what knocking some walls out, grabbing the white paint and embracing wooden flooring can do, don't you think?

You'd never know this had ever been anything other than the chic, modern installation it is now.

3. Before: What can you say?

Really, what can you say about this space? Barely the bare bones of a kitchen, it certainly doesn't inspire gourmet meals and fun family time, does it? The creepy, abandoned hospital vibe it gives off makes us shudder!

3. After: Lost for words

We now find ourselves speechless but for a whole other reason. The work put in by the kitchen planners is exceptional and how they managed to totally transform this space is beyond us.

That combination of grey and wood is utterly gorgeous and room itself… wow!

4. Before: When bad kitchens happen to good houses

Holywell Cottage Haus12 Interiors
Haus12 Interiors

Holywell Cottage

Haus12 Interiors

You have to wonder how a charming little period cottage ended up with such a monumentally wrong kitchen. Everything here is a mistake; from the materials and colours, through to the layout.

As a result, the room feels far smaller than it should, which is a huge shame.

4. After: That's better!

Holywell Cottage Haus12 Interiors
Haus12 Interiors

Holywell Cottage

Haus12 Interiors

Steering clear of cute, heritage kitchen styling, this ultra modern set up looks great and makes the room feel a lot larger.

Neutral and uncluttered, it's only the window that really tells us this is the same room. We also love those shallow top cupboards, which are a great way to claw back some space!

5. Before: Nothing good to say

We honestly can't think of one positive here. The colour scheme is awful, the cacophony of patterns is dire, everything looks about 100 years old and we wouldn't want to use this room once, let alone live here and be forced to use it every day!

5. After: A breath of fresh air

Perfectly neutral, not over-the-top contemporary and beautifully laid out, this kitchen fits the space far better, making light work of totally updating the room as a whole.

We could now actually imagine cooking in here, which is a far cry from what we felt before!

For more kitchen inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: The Functional And Modern Kitchen You've Always Wanted.

Which transformation was the most successful?

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