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During a debate in class, a young student by the name of Albert Einstein famously said to his professor that “darkness is simply the absence of light”, to help his argument that “evil is simply the absence of God”, which was to become one of a number of Einstein's memorable quotes. Nobody enjoys living in darkness, which is why light is such an indispensable aspect to our lives and our homes. Different rooms and situations call for different lighting solutions, and such a practical and crucial element to our homes can become a point of beauty in its own right. Light gives life to the world, so make your space come alive with a little thought and careful planning when redecorating, or designing a new home. There are many specialist lighting designers available to help tailor lighting design best suited to your home, or to best decorate particular rooms based on size, use, natural lighting available etc. These UK lighting specialists know exactly how to ensure light is not absent in your home, paying homage to the intelligence of Eintstein himself.

Industrial dining

An industrial themed room with a dash of glamour and creative flair, this dining setting shows us exactly how lighting can completely transform a space, and give it identity and personality. Nuvarti know all too well the impact light constitutes, with their industrial hanging lights and mismatched cords, sitting below the support beam tightly constrained by hundreds of fairy lights. An ideal setting for a dinner party full of home cooked food and endless bottles of wine.


No longer are exposed light bulbs without a lampshade seen only in basements or student homes, but rather, designers are preferring to often leave lampshades out of the equation, especially in a minimally designed space. The Nud Cork light from Nud Collection is an environmentally friendly lamp holder that has been developed using recycled materials, including recycled wine corks. The look of the lamp holder also drew inspiration from a wine cork, only this design is slightly larger, and would look great in a myriad of styles and rooms.

You look nice!

As we prepare ourselves for the coming day, ample bright light is imperative to best apply make up, or to shave your face. Unfortunately, the bathroom may be the room that is last in line to have a window included, therefore all light will come from fixtures. A simple and kind message on the mirror will help you start your day in good spirits, or induce positive thoughts when washing up before bed.

Be the star

Another way to make you feel special when preparing for the day ahead is with dressing room lighting, uniquely embedded into the mirror itself. Opposed to the traditional notion of the protruding bulbs framing the mirror, this curious concept from Cheryl Tarbuck Design sits the bulbs within the mirror, adding a modern element to an old fashioned lighting design. Be the star of your own bathroom, knowing all lights are on you.

Free from the sun

Natural light is the most desired form of light, and skylights invite the warmth of the sun and rays into our homes to great effect. Too many skylights we see nowadays, sit flat in our ceilings, with their two-dimensional design limiting the rooms exposure to light to the few hours of the day where the sun sits directly above the opening in the roof. This smart skylight concept from Brunskill Design Architects is a three-dimensional shape, and is located in the pitch of the roof, with the corners of the ceiling also made from glass, maximising intake throughout more hours of the day compared to many other skylight models.


Bamboo is a high yielding forestry crop perfect for furniture and decorations, as it is a sustainable and self-regenerating natural resource, and when harvested, unlike many other forest species, only the mature plants are taken, leaving the younger stems to grow and develop. This bamboo chandelier turns the traditional notion of an elegant chandelier on its head, creating a more sustainable lighting fixture that is not only good for the environment, but has an air of elegance it its own, ecological right.

Reflective glass

Premium Glass Splashbacks CreoGlass Design Ltd BathroomSinks
CreoGlass Design Ltd

Premium Glass Splashbacks

CreoGlass Design Ltd

Glass is a material that attracts light, and when executed correctly, can gracefully reflect it in any manor we choose. Creoglass Design have installed this kitchen splashback made from decorative glass, that has tiny specks of crushed minerals, which catch the light and allow the natural colour of the minerals to glow.


Jam jar lighting has become increasingly popular, as industrial and warehouse themed spaces become highly desired. Their upcycled image, along with vintage style bulbs create a mysterious mood through the soft tones of the light they exude. Lights of this nature often feature in dimly lit bars, as decking lighting, or for special occasions such as outdoor weddings.

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