​11 wardrobe ideas for small spaces

Adding a closet or wardrobe to a room can be quite challenging, regardless of whether it’s the bedroom, the hallway, an existing dressing room or another space altogether. But seeing as this is homify, we’ve already dealt with that problem by collect…

18 November, 2017

The home that packs a real style punch

It's always eye-opening to look at what architects in other countries are creating for their clients, so when we were taking a leisurely look at what the Netherlands had to offer, we knew that this standout home needed to be showcased! With a dramati…

17 November, 2017

​Before and after: the sad terrace that became a cosy oasis

Most of us are all too well aware of what comes with a small terrace or balcony – a cramped lifestyle and ugly designs. However, that doesn’t have to be the case, as today’s homify 360° discovery so elegantly reminds us via its colours, patterns and…

17 November, 2017

​A small flat that packs a big punch style-wise

We’re off to Poland for today’s slice of interior inspiration, and this one comes from Progetti Architektura, expert interior design firm in Warsaw, the country’s capital. And just like our title suggests, this prime portfolio piece might be small in…

17 November, 2017

5 creative ideas for your living room floor

The flooring that you choose for your living room can really seal the deal, in terms of creating a cohesive and beautiful space, but these days, nobody seems to want to take the easy route of simply laying some carpet! We actually applaud the tenacit…

16 November, 2017

​16 incredible floor-and-wall combinations for your terrace

For our homes’ inside spaces, we have quite a few options in terms of styling up those walls – think of beautiful wallpaper for a modern living room, or even wood-clad walls for a colonial-style dining room, for example.

16 November, 2017

​6 linear kitchens that are pretty perfect

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have gigantic homes, which means a bit of creativity is required when it comes to interior furnishings, décor and layouts. And that becomes even more crucial for the practical spaces, like the kitchen, as nobody…

16 November, 2017

12 kitchen top cabinet designs to seriously covet

The cabinets you choose for your kitchen can really make or break a project, but your top ones are SO much more important. Think about it for a minute and you'll realise that lower cabinets can be hidden by islands and counters, but those top cupboar…

15 November, 2017

​9 modern coatings for your bathroom walls

Bathrooms are tricky, aren’t they? They’re private spaces, yet they also need to be open to guests in your home. And when it comes to styling them up, one can’t design and decorate to one’s wishes, as a firm commitment to practicality needs to be pre…

15 November, 2017

​Let’s style up your entryway today

First impressions can be lasting, and although we can’t help you practice a firm handshake or a beautiful smile, we can definitely assist you with showcasing your house’s appealing side, especially that front entrance.

15 November, 2017

Which of these lavish additions did you like best? Tell us what you’d love to include in your home!