​15 entrance hall table styles to inspire you

First impressions are key, and no other space in the entire house makes such a grand first impression as the entrance hall. But how do we know which elements to put more emphasis on? Well, we’ve done our homework, and apparently a table or sideboard…

12 February, 2018

A house in harmony with the natural world

Balancing a building with its surroundings is no easy task, which is why talented architects and landscape gardeners are worth their weight in gold. Today, we want to show you a wonderful luxury contemporary home that has perfectly integrated with th…

11 February, 2018

​7 elements you MUST have in your kitchen

A coffee machine; a dishwasher; brightly coloured cloths hanging in a neat row next to your sink… we all have that certain something that we need in our kitchens, and this differs from person to person (and household to household).

11 February, 2018

​10 small changes to make your home more beautiful

Instilling some beauty into your home doesn’t always have to take up loads of time and cost load of money – well, it does if you’re renovating the entire kitchen or adding a rear extension, for example, but that is not what we want to focus on today.

10 February, 2018

An incredible home with a Mediterranean twist

Stunning family homes are a constant source of inspiration for us here at homify and we've found one to show you today that has taken themed styling to a whole new level of imaginative! Created by a team of phenomenal architects, this modern Mediterr…

10 February, 2018

​11 ways in which you can zhoosh up your entryway

Does your entryway or foyer deserve a touch of style? Not all of us put too much emphasis on beautifying those first points of entries to our homes, which is really sad, considering how important they are in terms of first appearances.

10 February, 2018

20 breathtaking ideas for small bedrooms

A small bedroom can seem like a huge hurdle to your interior design dreams, but it really isn't, if you can think more outside the box and get imaginative. Professional interior designers have mastered the art of working miracles within a small space…

09 February, 2018

Valentine's Day gifts for him & her by IKEA

Another year, another Valentine's Day—and we've got just the thing to turn your home into a perfect little love nest.If Valentine's is the highlight of your year or if you're just a huge IKEA fan, you'll want to head down to your nearest store and…

09 February, 2018

​11 kitchens that prove red is right!

There’s nothing quite like a vibrant red to style up a space or furniture piece, and today we blend this vivacious colour with the ever-loving kitchen to introduce some striking style.

09 February, 2018

​The beauty of IKEA: 10 bedrooms to inspire you

Even though the bedroom is one of the most private rooms in the entire house, that doesn’t mean that it can be neglected in terms of beauty. In fact, seeing as it’s the space where you go to every day to recharge and relax, it needs to have a certain…

08 February, 2018

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