A proper loft conversion: The costs and right professionals

In need of some extra space in your home? Ever considered building up instead of out? In many cases, a loft is a far better option than an extension, particularly when your garden / yard size won’t accommodate an add-on structure.

15 December, 2018

homify’s best purple bedroom ideas

We all know how elegant and serene grey can be. And there’s nothing more graceful and classic than white and its many off-white hues. But don’t overlook purple just yet. Thanks to a multitude of different purple tints (each with its own unique style…

11 December, 2018

The beauty of timeless subway tiles

It may have been a while since the subway tile made it big on the interior design- and architectural markets, but that doesn’t mean it’s past its heyday. In fact, it has come to be known as one of the most timeless pieces ever, superb for styling up…

10 December, 2018

The homify guide to decorating a green bedroom

A lot of people instantly connect the colour green with feelings of jealousy or sickness. But don’t let that put you off if you’ve recently been wondering about turning the most private and restful room in your entire home – the bedroom – into a fres…

09 December, 2018

9 vital elements to include in your farmhouse kitchen

As the heart of the home, one needs to be quite careful when selecting furnishings and accessories for the kitchen. But regardless of style or design, the kitchen is meant to make all feel welcome.

08 December, 2018

Charming eco-friendly pet furniture for your furry friends

The GARDEN FURNITURE CENTRE in West Midlands Birmingham is dedicated to upcycling and eco-friendly practices. You can find all you need for your outdoor furniture from dining tables and chairs to gazebos and patio heaters.

07 December, 2018

Portugal - Paços de Ferreira: The European Capital of Furniture

Here on homify we are proud of our ever-expanding collection of professionals. And today we’d like to introduce you to one of your all-time favourites: Alpha Details, interior designers in Paços de Ferreira, Portugal.

07 December, 2018

Creative ways to use wood as home décor pieces within your home

The team at WOODLOVE specialises in creating finely crafted pieces of home décor made from pure wood and rock. The wood includes but is not limited to pine variants, and Yakisugi to name a few.

06 December, 2018

Choosing your bedroom carpet

Considering that your bedroom floor is the first space your feet touch in the morning and the last surface in the evening, we’re going to be blunt and proclaim that it’s quite an important area in your home! Thus, why would you not want to put some t…

06 December, 2018

What you need to know about glass extensions

Thinking about zhushing up your home’s appearance? Of course there are multiple options available. If you want to go the quick-and-easy route, you could consider painting, wallpapering, changing the rugs, etc.

05 December, 2018