​Great-looking gardens: Gardening in August

The changing of seasons is what adds to the excitement of gardening; however, when it’s that weird, peculiar time when one season hasn’t really ended, yet the following one has already started creeping up, that’s when gardening can become a bit…

17 August, 2018

​Why you should have a minimalist bathroom

Imagine walking into a gleaming-white, uncluttered bathroom after waking up, not having to trip over laundry or search for that missing tube of toothpaste. That’s the dream, right? Is that what your current bathroom looks like, though? If not, then w…

16 August, 2018

​The Grey Bedroom by London’s Aorta

Aorta (the heart of art) is an interior architectural company based in London. Known for lovingly crafting bold and unique interiors, their portfolio also showcases projects that include bespoke furniture and commissioned artwork.

15 August, 2018

​Get the look: our best summer living room ideas

We may be in the last stages of summer, but that certainly doesn’t mean our homes’ interior looks have to start layering up for winter now! On the contrary, what better way to celebrate the (still) enjoyable weather than giving your living room a de…

15 August, 2018

​A dreamy Notting Hill apartment with a surprising interior touch

In keeping with the company’s commitment to architectural excellence, 4D Studio located a Grade 2 Listed, 2000 sq ft. apartment that was in need of a complete remodelling before it could meet the client’s approval.

14 August, 2018

​An interior design refresh of an art collector’s home

Our latest source of design inspiration comes from London-based firm JKG INTERIORS. As a full-service residential and commercial interior design studio, this team is outfitted to handle all aspects of interior design, from the initial concept of a si…

13 August, 2018

​Snuggle up with these cosy bedroom ideas

Our bedrooms are so much more than the spaces where we snooze. Apart from being the most intimate room in the entire house, the bedroom is also the one space that can flaunt the true you, your unique personality and your quirky side that you don’t wa…

11 August, 2018

​A loft conversion and kitchen renovation in London

Architectural firm RESI in London takes the wheel for today’s dose of inspiration. The project? A central London home that got a new look (plus heaps of style and functionality) via a beautiful loft conversion and ground-floor kitchen renovation.

10 August, 2018

​Be the best host ever with these guest bedroom ideas

Most of us host overnight guests from time to time – family from out of town, colleagues spending the night, etc. And while a friendly attitude is vital, a beautifully designed spare bedroom also goes a long way in making your guests feel welcome.

09 August, 2018

Too hot to sleep? Try this!

A nice summery day with warm sunshine is one thing; but night-time temperature that’s too hot to sleep is entirely something else. And if you’ve been tossing and turning trying to get some shut eye recently, you’re not along.

08 August, 2018