​Clever (and chic) shoe storage solutions

It’s a sight that most of us are familiar with: two sneakers casually discarded right in the hallway; a single boot (where’s its mate?) lying right next to the shoe basket in the mud room; two stilettos dropped in the middle of the bedroom floor, now…

17 March, 2018

Patio designs for every style of home

Patio designs can be as varied and interesting as any other home design projects and more than that, they add serious value and aesthetic impressiveness to any property. Allowing for a whole extra socialising space and a neat and orderly garden aesth…

16 March, 2018

Bedroom wallpaper styles for every home

It's not necessary to be a wall coverings expert to understand the value of choosing incredible wallpaper as an interesting, evolving and non-permanent home décor material and thanks to a serious uptake in popularity, the styles to choose from are, e…

15 March, 2018

Clever (and stylish) ideas for loft conversions

Thinking about increasing your home’s legroom? Although extensions and add-ons are quite the popular choices, what’s one to do if there’s no space in the yard and garden for an additional room? Simple: one goes up!Yes, loft conversions have proven qu…

15 March, 2018

How to create the perfect English cottage interior

Cottage style homes are one thing, but authentic English cottage house plans are absolutely something else. It's not essential to own a country home in rural England in order to tap into a genuine and stylish english cottage decor aesthetic, but ther…

14 March, 2018

​The open-plan kitchen: How to make it work

Open-plan layouts have become quite the trend, and it’s not only because they are super functional (think about how easily they combine different spaces, ensuring more legroom to squeeze in more furnishings, more décor, and more guests!) – they also…

14 March, 2018

Moving house? Then bookmark this checklist!

Swapping an existing property for something newer, bigger or just different is a huge life milestone and can be fraught with upset and organisational hurdles, which is why it's so important to crate a comprehensive and easy to work through moving hou…

13 March, 2018

​Easy ideas for your new garden deck

Spring is on its way, and what better way to welcome it back with a fabulous new outdoor space? We are, of course, talking about a sublime patio, porch or terrace that enhances not only your home’s available legroom (even though it’s on the outside),…

13 March, 2018

Living room ideas that will bring our your inner interior designer

We love checking out both new and classic living room decorating ideas. The lounge is the most frequently used space in the home, which means that the look, feel and usability factors need to be addressed with the utmost urgency.

12 March, 2018

Which of these lavish additions did you like best? Tell us what you’d love to include in your home!