16 Ideas to Decorate Your Walls with Holes (and Make it Look Very Modern)

In classical architecture, there is an element called a niche, which consists of an open hole in the surface of a wall or wall and is generally crowned by a semicircular arch. A statue or religious image used to be placed in this hole.

14 Flooring Ideas that You Can Put in Your House without Spending Your Salary

From the floor to the ceiling, through the walls, furniture and accessories, each element that is part of the design and decoration of your home counts to achieve a unique look.

04 March, 2024

How to Make an Enclosed Porch without Permits

Having a porch or a closed terrace is a seductive idea when it comes to making the most of the outdoor spaces of the home, especially when the prevailing weather is not favourable.

03 March, 2024

Smoke Outlet: All the Regulations you need to Know

The evacuation of gases produced by combustion in homes has design criteria for the chimneys through which it is expelled into the atmosphere, and is regulated according to Royal Decree 919/2006, of July 28, which approves the technical regulation fo…

Unveiling Europe's Architectural Treasures: Exploring the Charm of Traditional Little Houses

Welcome to a captivating journey through Europe's architectural tapestry, where the charm lies in the simplicity and authenticity of its traditional little houses. Across the continent, these humble abodes stand as enduring symbols of local heritage…

02 March, 2024

18 Railing Designs That Will Radically Change Your Staircase

It seems incredible how much a railing can change not only a staircase but an entire house. We are faced with an element that seems secondary, but that acquires much of the aesthetic weight of such an important area of the house as the staircase.

02 March, 2024

8 Two-story Houses with Wonderful Plans

If isolated houses with gardens are your thing, a little away from the city, where you can breathe clean air and hear the birds as soon as you wake up, this book of ideas will interest you. Especially if you are designing the plans for your house.

02 March, 2024

25 Brilliant Ideas for Your Shower

Whether a mini wet room or an XXL bathroom, a shower is essential in every house! And since showers unfortunately often come in a standard design, we have put together 25 unusual models to make you dream and also offer one or two inspirations for bea…

10 Fantastic Ideas on How to Beautify a Garden on a Budget

We often think a beautiful, well-maintained garden requires a lot of money. This is one of the reasons why we may not even start working. But a high budget doesn't always play a significant role in beautifying a garden.

28 February, 2024

Before and After: 7 Balcony Transformations with Brilliant Ideas to Imitate!

As city dwellers, we can count ourselves lucky if we have a balcony in our apartment where we can spend private time. But that was not always so. For a long time, balconies were seen as an extra when building multi-family units but were never truly a…

27 February, 2024