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Architecture articles, tips & information

Stile e Interior Design Italiani a Londra

Stile e interior design italiani sono tra le massime eccellenze del Made in Italy nel mondo: per questo Libro delle Idee ci spostiamo a Londra per conoscere il lavoro progettuale dell'architetto milanese Marco Braghiroli e del suo studio Prestige Arc…

A London extension and remodel that's perfect for a growing family

A lack of space of London and house prices increasing by the minute can be a real challenge for any growing family as their home starts to become cramped. Such is the case with the owners of this particular home who opted for an extension to their ex…

25 April, 2019

A do-over of a historically rich property by architects in South London

Designing a property from scratch takes effective and innovative planning, attention to detail, and the ability to see a project completed ahead of time. When you’re looking to renovate your home or build a new property, you’ll need the help of exper…

21 April, 2019

Interview with architect Giovanni Francesco Frascino

Minimalism, sartorial, quality material, and meticulous attention to detail are just some of the quality traits that architect Giovanni Francesco Frascino takes into account when designing his projects and fittings.

20 February, 2019

A stunning extension perfectly delivered by London architects Resi

Ever wanted to add an extension to your home, but can't find the inspiration you need to spark that grand idea into existence? At homify, you’ll find a wide selection of skilled architects in London as well as other professionals that will help you m…

21 January, 2019

How to keep your extension costs down

In need of some extra space? In these cramped times, who isn’t? Fortunately help is possible in the form of an extension like a conservatory or possibly even a greenhouse. Not only are these wonderful additions to homes that extend one’s living space…

29 December, 2018

What you need to know about glass extensions

Thinking about zhushing up your home’s appearance? Of course there are multiple options available. If you want to go the quick-and-easy route, you could consider painting, wallpapering, changing the rugs, etc.

05 December, 2018

External house cladding: What are your options?

Want to give your home’s exterior surfaces a fresh new look? Apart from painting the walls, cladding is another great option that can instantly change the appearance of your house’s façade – yes, it might take longer and the costs are a bit higher, b…

22 November, 2018

Your perfect summerhouse: What to do (and not to do)

There is just something lavish and lucrative about a cosy summerhouse located in a garden. Even if it’s just an ordinary, traditionally built little structure that’s not too big, having access to a summerhouse immediately tells everyone that you have…

07 November, 2018

​The homify guide to black walls

There are no prizes for guessing why white walls are so popular – because they help to visually open up spaces of all sizes and make them seem larger and lighter. Plus, it’s always easier matching your home’s furnishings and décor with white (or off-…

27 September, 2018