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​16 incredible floor-and-wall combinations for your terrace

For our homes’ inside spaces, we have quite a few options in terms of styling up those walls – think of beautiful wallpaper for a modern living room, or even wood-clad walls for a colonial-style dining room, for example.

16 November, 2017

​4 apartments (with floor plans) that make the most of their small space

Regardless of how big or small your abode is, its commitment to furnishings, décor and legroom should be in such a way that the end result is not only stylish and welcoming, but practical – after all, you’re the one who needs to live there on a day-t…

13 November, 2017

30 ideas for a modern front door

As far as first impressions go, one really can’t be too careful when it comes to the front entrance of a house. A clean floor, fresh potted plants, adequate natural lighting – these are all important, but how many of us ignore the single biggest elem…

29 October, 2017

20 stunning detached houses for the most discerning homeowners!

Owning a detached house is a dream for so many of us and there are a host of amazing styles to choose from, so before you start worrying that you'll never fulfil your ambition, check out some of our favourite styles, as one of these could be within y…

20 October, 2017

6 wooden homes you NEED to see

Architects know that we all have a natural soft spot for a stunning wooden cabin home, which must be why they are really stepping things up a notch right now! It's not just a case of traditional cabins anymore, as there are some terrifically contempo…

18 October, 2017

​11 flooring ideas for your terrace or patio

You might feel that the decor and furniture you choose for the terrace or patio is the most important thing. But the truth is that there is another element which is equally critical in designing a beautiful-looking outdoor space.

17 October, 2017

​Three one-storey homes (with floor plans)

Choosing the right house is a big challenge: it requires adequate preparation, important factors like property costs and location, and, of course, size and functionality. Every element needs to suit the needs of our family.

05 October, 2017

​8 materials perfect for exterior façades

It’s true that most of us deem the interior beauty of a house more important. But there is one exception in the form of your external façade which is conceived as the shell of a building.

02 October, 2017

How to build a low-cost house: 5 essential tips

With house prices soaring and increasing numbers of people finding themselves unable to agree mortgages, something has to be done and we think we've discovered a fantastic movement that you need to hear about!According to architects, more and more pe…

25 September, 2017

​The pros and cons of 4 types of outdoor flooring

Picking a flooring material goes far beyond choosing something that looks pretty – it needs to be completely practical as well. But even though it can be quite a boring job (much less exciting than, say, choosing wallpaper options for your bedroom or…

19 September, 2017