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Architecture articles, tips & information

3 astonishing contemporary homes in Northern Ireland

What are your thoughts on contemporary design? Well, for Jane Burnside from Jane D Burnside Architects in Northern Ireland, contemporary is not the same thing as being faddish.

24 May, 2017

12 contemporary home styles perfect for a family

If you're seriously considering building your dream home, don't hire an architect until you've seen this fantastic selection of contemporary properties that we have compiled for you today! Regardless of how many bedrooms you need, where you plan to b…

26 April, 2017

12 English homes to make you want to holiday here this year

We all love a bit of summer sun, but with so many beautiful homes in the UK, you might want to consider taking your jolly holiday here this year! As well as being able to rent a gorgeous home, you could save some serious money by choosing to stay in…

22 April, 2017

17 utterly unique home extensions to give you ideas

Ask any architect and they'll tell you that adding a sleek extension to your home is a fantastic way to garner more space and increase the property's value, but what if you prefer something a little more eye-catching? As long as you're meeting all re…

16 April, 2017

10 common mistakes people make with their Victorian homes

With so many Victorian terrace houses in the UK, it's little wonder that a lot of people get onto the property ladder by buying one, but in inexperienced hands, these charming, traditional homes can be at risk of bad decisions and lose a lot of value…

07 April, 2017

Inside and out: 5 Victorian terraces spill their secrets

Victorian terrace houses are charming, exciting and a staple in British architecture, with street after street of gorgeous period properties making every city in the UK really dazzle.

06 April, 2017

21 British homes whose owners got it right

We know that one person's dream home could be a nightmare for everyone else, but when it comes to amazing British homes, we think we've found a whopping 21 examples that the whole world will love! Clearly designed or updated by phenomenally talented …

04 April, 2017

13 tricks to make your terraced house stand out

Traditional British terrace houses are gorgeous, but what with them lining street after street in the UK, it can be difficult to make yours stand out, for all the right reasons! Naturally, you want your home to be a reflection of you and your tastes,…

03 April, 2017

How to start home renovation - 10 tips

You’ve finally taken that big step: a bigger kitchen, a new bathroom, or just a home extension to increase space. Much excitement! A contractor and his team are ready and waiting to start the process, and everything is set – or is it?A home renovatio…

23 March, 2017

​10 things your neighbours do that drive you crazy

Did you know that approximately one-fifth of Brits often find themselves arguing with their neighbours over annoying habits that drive them up the walls? A recent online survey discovered that 33% said they were becoming increasingly frustrated about…

16 March, 2017