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11 Fabulous Stone Facades for Your Next Home

While we have many options for what material to use for the facade of our home, the most elegant choice is always stone. With a stone facade, you don't need to construct your entire home out of stone, but you'll still achieve the elegance and extrava…

13 May, 2021

30 ideas for a modern front door

As far as first impressions go, one really can’t be too careful when it comes to the front entrance of a house. A clean floor, fresh potted plants, adequate natural lighting – these are all important, but how many of us ignore the single biggest elem…

27 February, 2021

Everything you need to know about neomodern architecture

Neomodern and modernist architecture have a lot in common so it can be tricky to distinguish between the two, but they both share a love for simple lines and a rejection of classical embellishment. You won't find columns and unnecessary finishes here.

27 February, 2021

​Clever tricks to save money on your home extension

Dreaming of a bigger bathroom? How about finally getting that spacious art studio or dining room you’ve always wanted?Adding an extension to one’s home is definitely cause for celebration – that is, if there is any money left over afterwards to buy s…

25 February, 2021

Beginner's guide to converting your loft into a room

In most cases, people who require more space opt for an extension into the garden; this can be a great way to increase kitchen space, add a home office, or enjoy a beautiful dining room that the occupants have always dreamed about.

22 February, 2021

"​How can I plan and cost my single-storey extension?"

Improving the functionality and style (not to mention visual appeal) of one’s home can take many forms. It can be as simple and quick as repainting a wall or adding a few potted plants to the porch, or it can be a project that involves much more time…

21 February, 2021

​Here’s how to extend and remodel your terraced home

It’s no secret that a lot of UK houses are terraced (about a quarter of them, actually). And although there can be minimal space in which to extend, creative home design ideas (or a simple remodelling project) can transform your existing layout into…

19 February, 2021

10 Jaw-Dropping British Home Designs

If you're planning to buy a house, obviously you'll be thinking about which areas you want to live in, how many bedrooms you need, and the budget. But can we persuade you to think about something else as well? Choosing the right style of house is key…

16 February, 2021

Top 10 - The Best UK Eco-Houses

With eco-friendly design becoming hugely popular and sustainability becoming a real concern, we thought it was time to celebrate the innovators that have already sought to stop being part of the global problem and start making strides towards a green…

15 February, 2021

Top 10 - The Best UK Barn Conversions

It's the weekend and hurrah for that! Now, how can we celebrate? We have a good idea; how about taking a look at 10 of the finest barn conversions that the UK has ever seen? While the weather is cold and miserable here in the UK, we can't think of an…

13 February, 2021