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How to build a low-cost house: 5 essential tips

With house prices soaring and increasing numbers of people finding themselves unable to agree mortgages, something has to be done and we think we've discovered a fantastic movement that you need to hear about!According to architects, more and more pe…

25 September, 2017

​The pros and cons of 4 types of outdoor flooring

Picking a flooring material goes far beyond choosing something that looks pretty – it needs to be completely practical as well. But even though it can be quite a boring job (much less exciting than, say, choosing wallpaper options for your bedroom or…

19 September, 2017

​Reducing noise: Tips for a quieter home

We are all familiar with homes that do the following: sometimes it creaks here, sometimes it rattles there, then it hums in this corner and squeaks in that one. Yes, noises can’t be avoided, but having to endure them for long periods of time can get…

09 September, 2017

​The pros and cons of having large windows

As a builder of your own house, you often face unimagined decision-making questions. Particularly during consultations with the responsible architects, problems, proposals and hypotheses are placed on the table, which are foreign to the layman and ma…

06 September, 2017

​Unique living spaces: 20 cool houses with flat roofs

Hardly any other type of architecture is as timeless and modern as a flat-roof house. It is therefore no wonder that they are experiencing a comeback in architecture. Whether they are copying the famous Bauhaus designs or coming up with innovative ne…

05 September, 2017

​10 great sun protection solutions for your garden

A comfortable seating spot in your garden is not enough, as protection from the sun is more important. After all, you don’t want to end up frying yourself while enjoying some fresh air, right? Besides, indulging in some coffee and cake is so much bet…

03 September, 2017

​19 modern house entrances you'll love!

Here on homify, our articles intend to show you time and again how each house can be unique its own way – it only depends on the finishing touches. One of these touches includes the way in which a house’s front entrance is styled up, as we all know h…

24 August, 2017

​10 roofing ideas that show slanting is beautiful!

Think about it: your loft is no more than an unfinished, additional room directly underneath your roof, so why would you just let it stand there gathering dust? Can’t it function as a children’s room? A stylish lounge? Perhaps even a kitchen? Turning…

23 August, 2017

​10 clever house floor plans to inspire you

Whoever builds a one-family house or a modern apartment must definitely work off a floor plan prior to starting any building or renovating. This house floor plan can be a drawing or a computerized image of the spatial conditions.

20 August, 2017

​Before and after: 5 extreme house transformations

Rebuild everything completely or just do a decent makeover – this is definitely a question that many owners of old and outdated houses/buildings have asked themselves. Of course many other factors apart from personal preference influence the final de…

15 August, 2017