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​Window design ideas for styling your home

Sometimes a quick wash and wipe-down will do the trick, other times it’s up to a full-on replacement. We are, of course, talking about windows and how selecting the right one(s) can influence your home’s style, price, and ambience.

22 April, 2018

​What to consider when choosing a front door

More than any other element that forms part of your house’s façade, the front door has the power to immediately attract attention. For both guests and passersby, the look of that front entry can do a lot to add to (or detract from) your home’s overal…

30 March, 2018

​Planning permission: Do you need it?

In a perfect world, everyone would be allowed to break and build to their hearts’ content, with no regards for rules or regulations – or would they? Is planning permission really a strict guide on “what not to do” to keep us in tow, or is it there to…

29 March, 2018

Understanding cavity wall insulation

Every homeowner hears a lot about cavity wall insulation, but knowing what it is, why it's so essential and how it can benefit a home are essential factors in deciding whether to replace or install it.

28 March, 2018

Clever (and stylish) ideas for loft conversions

Thinking about increasing your home’s legroom? Although extensions and add-ons are quite the popular choices, what’s one to do if there’s no space in the yard and garden for an additional room? Simple: one goes up!Yes, loft conversions have proven qu…

15 March, 2018

A guide to all things windows

You cant have a house without windows, unless of course you want to build something of a prison! The thing about windows is that they are a practical, necessary addition, but they don't have to be boring, as there are so many different styles to choo…

28 February, 2018

​15 inspiring entryways

We all know the importance of first impressions, but how many of us are aware that that extends further than a big smile and greeting guest with a friendly attitude? What your home looks like can also greatly affect what others think of you, especial…

18 January, 2018

The subterranean square that defies belief

Gaining extra space in a modest family home can be difficult, but more and more people are asking their talented architects to create amazing basement conversions and after you've seen today's project, you might just find yourselves doing exactly the…

10 January, 2018

​Suburban bliss: 10 prefabricated houses to dream about

Prefabricated houses are becoming increasingly popular. Once called ‘the box homes of architecture’, the modern prefabricated house shows that it can do much more—in terms of design, longevity and quality.

08 January, 2018

18 amazing starter homes to inspire your homeowner dreams

It can be easy to get a little disheartened these days, when you start thinking about trying to get on the property ladder, but maybe that's because we're aiming too high, too quickly! A starter home is a great idea, if you don't need too much space…

18 December, 2017