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Furnishing Accessories and Interior Decoration in Rome

Furnishing accessories have evolved from simple complements to protagonists of an interior. Those that were once considered decorative elements, perhaps to fill a space left empty by a piece of furniture, today are objects that give character and can…

03 December, 2019

7 U-shaped dream homes for first-class inspiration

The evolution of architecture (and Architects who have learned to think outside the box) has treated us to a wealth of new and unique designs. Gone are the days when a house was a simple box-like structure with minimal embellishments, for these days…

15 November, 2019

Tradition in Transition: the motto of MULTIFORME® Lighting

In this interview with the owners of MULTIFORME® Lighting, we are going to delve into this young company that is already making itself known all over the world, from Italy to the United Kingdom and Russia.

13 November, 2019

8 stone walls design ideas to enhance your interiors

You’ve undoubtedly seen numerous posts, especially here on homify, dealing with focal- and accent walls. Thus, you know there are numerous ways of spicing up a wall to make it stand out from the rest of a space – ways that include painting, moving fu…

25 October, 2019

Interior Design and Restyling of the B&B Navona Grand Suite in the Heart of Rome

Contemporary details blend with a revisited classic style and the charm of ancient Rome in two wonderful accommodation facilities in the heart of the Eternal City, thanks to the skilful renovation conducted by Alberto Cerracchio and Adina Berti of th…

14 October, 2019

Cadorin's Tracks Planks Collection in London at Decorex International (October 6-9, 2019)

As elegant and classy as the best hand-made jewellery, the newly created CORTEC texture is a never-seen before finishing that reproduces on the plank's surfaces the natural texture of the barks covering trees, adding to Cadorin's Tracks Planks Collec…

06 October, 2019

The Finest Italian Wood Flooring: Cadorin's Planks Module

The secret of the “Ninfea” Planks Module design created by Cadorin, one of the Italian leaders in the production of fine wood flooring, is the diamond-shaped cut of the planks: planks of American walnut arranged in different patterns, like the unique…

01 September, 2019

Interior Design and Restyling with Handcrafted Ceramics and Customised Decorations

The studio Arte dell’Abitare (Art of Living), founded by Alberto Cerracchio and Adina Berti, has been active for more than 30 years. It takes care of every single phase of interior design projects, restyling and restoration, including the conception,…

14 August, 2019

Cadorin: Tradition and Innovation for Timeless Wood Flooring

Finding the right flooring for each room of the house it can be a difficult task, as the choices in terms of design and materials have to fit perfectly with the layout of the house, its interior design and furniture.

How do I find a good builder?

We’ve all heard the stories of cowboy builders and rogue traders who will leave clients high and dry with poor quality or incomplete work. Once work begins on a project, it’s pretty easy to tell what kind of contractor you’ve hired but how do you spo…

25 June, 2019