Simple Steps to Buying and Selling a House at the Same Time in Berlin

Buying or selling a house can be stressful for anyone. So, doing both at the same time is sure to double the stress. The challenge in buying a house and selling your old one is that it’s unlikely to take place simultaneously.

05 February, 2023

6 Important Factors to Consider for Property Investment in Berlin

If you are investing in European property, Berlin ranks among the top three residential markets. But remember that property investment must be a smart financial decision that generates revenue or increases in value in the long term.

04 February, 2023

How to Find a Real Estate Agent: 7 Important Points to Guide You

When you live abroad and want to buy or sell property in Germany, one of the steps in the process is to find a reliable real estate agent. Unless you are fluent in German, an English-speaking real estate agent in Berlin, such as First Citiz Berlin, i…

02 February, 2023

Property Valuation in Germany: 5 Reasons to Hire an Expert

Are you in the market to sell a property in Germany? If so, property valuation is among the first steps you must undertake. The process is complex unless you are a real estate expert.

01 February, 2023

10 Marvellous Dual Floor Apartments that Take your Breath Away!

Nothing beats the peace and quiet of living alone in houses or apartments of dual floors. It means there is always enough space for your solitude even after having guests come over all the time.

07 January, 2023

10 Guidelines For a Quick Neat Cleanup

The best part about festive seasons is they start with organizing and also end with organizing. While you got to clean up to get in the festive mood, you have to go through that entire post-new-year celebratory hangover where you cure your hangover w…

20 December, 2022

5 Latest Trends in Interior Design | 2023 Design Trends

As the festive season is only a month away, it really doesn’t feel like the year is almost over! As if the entire 2022 happened in 3 days, and the festivities came unannounced! Well, no matter the quick pace of things, there is always something left…

02 November, 2022

5 Tips to Make Your Home Renovation a Breeze

Festivities arrive this year with a strange rush as if the entire year passed by within 3 days. While there is always an adrenaline pump getting excited with the sound of the Christmas bugle, rising commodity prices still make many people apprehensiv…

30 October, 2022

5 Home Security Tips That You Cannot Miss!

Increasing home security does not always mean you have to break the bank and invest a truckload of money! Misconceptions add to the clutter of confusion and that breeds anxiety.

23 October, 2022

5 Home Decoration Mistakes You Need to Avoid Right Away!

As the festive season approaches, 2022 will end with a host of mixed feelings. On one hand, there is positivity around the pandemic slowly dying down, while on the other hand, we are plagued by price rise and inflation all around us! In ironic times…

15 October, 2022