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14 shower doors that would transform your bathroom

This might seem like a strange statement, but how much is your shower door really doing for your bathroom? Have a think about it and you'll realise the door you choose for your shower enclosure can really make or break a beautiful space and we think…

22 January, 2017

10 small modern bathrooms (you'll wish were yours)

Bathrooms are so often forgotten about in terms of adventurous interior design and we want to change that by showing you some amazing spaces we think you'll love. Before you start thinking none of these will be suitable for your home because you've b…

20 January, 2017

15 small wood and stone bathrooms (you will love!)

Small bathrooms can be incredibly stylish if you use the best materials to create a feeling of fresh ambience and we don't think there are many better combinations than natural wood and stone.

18 January, 2017

10 new practical ways to create your unique bathroom

If you regularly look at beautiful bathrooms and think yours could stand a little modernising or improving, then this is the article for you. We don't want to see you standing by while your boring bathroom brings you down, so we've taken a look at so…

10 January, 2017

How to make your small bathroom feel like a 5* hotel

Unlike the kitchen or living room, the bathroom is a space that we tend to… well, hide. Seeing as it is one of the most personal and private areas in a house, it makes perfect sense that we don’t want to offer our guests a seat on the toilet and in…

09 January, 2017

These are your most common bathroom mistakes

Have you ever wondered why your bathroom doesn't feel quite as stylish as you'd like it to? Well, you might be making a common mistake that's leading to you feel that way. So, we've rounded up your most frequently made errors and tell you how sideste…

08 January, 2017

15 ideas for improving your gross bathroom ASAP

A naff bathroom can really take its toll on you, especially if you don't have the time or funds to undertake a total overhaul. But fear not, as we've found some super ways to up the style factor of a tired bathroom without breaking the bank! Bathroom…

05 January, 2017

12 cleaning tricks you'll wish you known about ages ago

Having a clean and well-maintained home is quite vital – not only to impress guests, but also for your own health and safety. After all, who really wants to eat in a dusty kitchen or sleep in a bedroom with grimy walls? Ewww!But having said that, we…

03 January, 2017

homify's Small Bathrooms of The Year 2016

You love them, so here we are with another roundup of what we loved the most in 2016 and today we're looking at small but impactful bathrooms. Proving that a small space is nothing to sniff at, bathroom designers went above and beyond over the last 1…

22 December, 2016

​This is how to clean your bathroom in under 10 minutes

It’s happened to most of us: you’ve invited over some company (either friends you’re very relaxed with or some people you’re still trying to impress, like in-laws or new colleagues), yet the problem is you’ve completely forgotten about it – and they’…

16 December, 2016