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​The pros and cons of a sunken bath

Ah, the sunken bath – one of the most popular bathtub designs adorning the modern bathroom worldwide. Also known as a ‘drop-in tub’, a sunken bath may be sunk into the bathroom floor, or even a platform or deck which is specifically created for said…

20 September, 2018

A perfectly organised bathroom in one day

Your bathroom may not be the biggest or the most stylish, but with the right attitude it can certainly become the most organised. That’s the dream, isn’t it? To have a space that’s as clutter-free and functional as possible.

18 September, 2018

Easy colourful bathroom ideas anybody can try

Don’t get us wrong – we love neutral colour palettes in a home. It’s just that sometimes one does want a hint of colour for extra character. And after all, a touch of bright colour can still be inserted into a neutral-toned room without breaking down…

30 August, 2018

​Why you should have a minimalist bathroom

Imagine walking into a gleaming-white, uncluttered bathroom after waking up, not having to trip over laundry or search for that missing tube of toothpaste. That’s the dream, right? Is that what your current bathroom looks like, though? If not, then w…

16 August, 2018

​What you need to know when planning a bathroom

It was once a pure practical space; a room where one went to answer nature’s call and nothing more. But today, the modern bathroom has become a personal oasis and a place of relaxation that’s as privy to visual aesthetics as the living room, bedroom…

04 August, 2018

​Interior inspiration: 13 bathroom colour ideas

Who says an ordinary bathroom has to stay ordinary with a run-of-the-mill colour scheme? Just because it’s one of a home’s private spaces doesn’t mean it has to be neglected in terms of visual appeal, right? But here on homify, we understand that bat…

31 July, 2018

​Easy-to-copy tips for luxury bathrooms

Before we close off each day by retreating to a stylish bedroom that promises sweet dreams, we first need to cleanse off the day’s worries in the bathroom – and who says said bathroom can’t be equally stylish and inspiring? After all, just because we…

10 July, 2018

​Walk-in showers for small bathrooms: Clever design tips

Most of us have to make do with small, cramped-in bathrooms, which can mean those rushed mornings to get out of the house on time are nothing short of torturous. And if you’re also struggling with a speck of a bathroom, the last thing you’re probably…

20 June, 2018

​Stylish inspiration: Tips for making a dark bathroom work

Once upon a time, avocado green was the trendiest colour to bring into a bathroom, becoming quite big in the 70s. Thankfully, that trend has faded, yet it also seemed to make people scared of bringing anything other than light neutrals into a bathroo…

01 June, 2018

​9 easy bathroom decor ideas anybody can do

They say that change is as good as a holiday. True, but they also say that time is precious. So, how do we combine these two sayings to make one of the most visited rooms in any home (the bathroom, naturally) flaunt a fresh new look without wasting a…

14 May, 2018