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Your Top 10 Bathroom Trends For 2022 | Bathroom Inspirations

Life as we know it has changed! The pandemic and working from home brought that about for us. With the increase in time spent at home, it has led to us expecting more from each space we live in, including our bathrooms.

19 January, 2022

​The dos and don'ts of picking bathroom mirrors

When it comes to bathroom décor, the simple mirror is the one element that receives far less attention that it deserves. After all, you use your mirror in the bathroom every single day, don’t you? It is a critical element for grooming, yet is also on…

26 February, 2021

​Adding an en-suite bathroom? Here’s what you should know

The dream for most of us is to have an en-suite bathroom that allows scampering between bed and bath (or toilet, or sink) to become so much quicker and easier. Fortunately, creating an en-suite (doesn’t matter if you prefer ‘en suite’, ‘ensuite’ or ‘…

08 February, 2021

5 ultimate ensuite bathroom ideas to copy

An ensuite is more than just a handy idea; it's an opportunity to really go to town with a personal and private haven of ablutions and tranquillity! Essentially, all those great ideas that you had for your main bathroom that never saw the light of da…

19 January, 2021

The bathroom as one of the most important home spaces

If you ask families what their favorite room is in their house, most will say the kitchen. But, the most important room in the house? Your bathroom. The bathroom is possibly the most used in your home, as it’s usually the first room you enter when y…

11 December, 2020

9 master bathroom must-haves

We know that, technically, the most crucial features of a bathroom are the toilet, sink, and a shower/tub. But, if we were to ask you to compile a list of special, additional features worthy of your master bathroom, chances are that you will end up w…

30 November, 2020

​The pros and cons of a sunken bath

Ah, the sunken bathtub – one of the most popular bathtub designs adorning the modern bathroom worldwide. Also known as a ‘drop-in tub’, a sunken tub (similar to a sunken shower) may be sunk into the bathroom floor, or even a platform or deck which is…

30 October, 2020

Furnishing Accessories and Interior Decoration in Rome

Furnishing accessories have evolved from simple complements to protagonists of an interior. Those that were once considered decorative elements, perhaps to fill a space left empty by a piece of furniture, today are objects that give character and can…

03 December, 2019

Interior Design and Restyling of the B&B Navona Grand Suite in the Heart of Rome

Contemporary details blend with a revisited classic style and the charm of ancient Rome in two wonderful accommodation facilities in the heart of the Eternal City, thanks to the skilful renovation conducted by Alberto Cerracchio and Adina Berti of th…

14 October, 2019

7 bathroom trends for 2020 to copy right now

Been dreaming lately about giving your bathroom a new look? Well, hold it right there, as we are about to save you so much money while also keeping your bathing / showering space super in vogue.

13 October, 2019