The Complete Guide to Buying Cheap and Efficient Tumble Dryers

Nowadays, cheap tumble dryers stand out as fundamental pieces to simplify anyone's daily routine. This guide aims to guide readers in smartly choosing economical tumble dryers, providing efficiency without compromising the budget.

19 November, 2023

Renew your Hallway with 21 Strange but Useful Tips

If you are an adventurer in the world of decoration, you have come to the right place. We have fused creativity with a meticulous analysis of aesthetics to offer you 21 unusual but surprisingly effective ideas to beautify your hallway or hall at home.

26 October, 2023

7 Smart Ideas for Cheap Ways to Renew your Bathroom

It’s human to get bored of walking into the same bathroom every day. Who doesn’t want change, especially in home or bathroom décor? After all, change is the only constant! But you can’t always get what you want.

25 November, 2022

Mylands' 2023 Colour of the Year and 5 Inspirations That Abound!

Thanks to Gen Z’s, the mighty vigour of the colour pink is back! The colour has almost single-handedly absorbed all kinds of misogyny over the years, as popular culture rebuked the shade for being very ‘feminine’.

20 November, 2022

Know When to Clean your Bathroom | 5 Quick Bathroom Cleaning Tips

In a world of chasing deadlines and anxious meetings, weekends become the primary seat of reflection and relaxation. Lazing around the home all day and doing nothing becomes the natural course of response.

09 November, 2022

10 Ceiling Lamps & Lights of Different Trends

Now is the time to bring home the lights and give your home a brand new appearance as the festive season knocks with new occasions every day! The Ganesh puja is followed by the Durga Puja, and Laxmi is yet to come, and the festival of lights deserves…

18 October, 2022

5 Inspiring and Dazzlingly Beautiful Bathrooms to Take Your Breath Away!

Bathrooms and bedrooms should have the same modicum of comfort. Always! I am no architect, but I am a human, nonetheless. While I know very little about design, I understand quite a bit about what one’s needs and comforts may be.

09 August, 2022

6 Bathroom Renovation Inspirations That Fit Anywhere | Bathroom Remodelling Ideas

I have been shifting places for the last 20 years! Simply because I am a traveller. I keep swapping my home from this mountain to that, and has built many homes in diverse places!Yet, there is one element of parity which I have always tried to live u…

17 July, 2022

8 Inspirations For Your Nautical-Style Bathroom

Who doesn’t love a nice little accommodation spot by the seaside? The sound of seagulls, the soft crashing of the waves, the light breeze… so many enticing elements are brought to us by the ocean, it’s no wonder that nautical-themed interiors are so…

05 July, 2022

15 Beautiful Bathroom Tiles Decoration Ideas to Make a Statement

Whether on walls or floor, bathroom tiles are perhaps one design element in the bathroom that gets noticed instantly as one steps in. Tiles can singlehandedly make or break the bathroom décor.

20 May, 2022