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Bedroom wallpaper styles for every home

It's not necessary to be a wall coverings expert to understand the value of choosing incredible wallpaper as an interesting, evolving and non-permanent home décor material and thanks to a serious uptake in popularity, the styles to choose from are, e…

15 March, 2018

A perfect bedroom style for every star sign

There's nothing wrong with injecting a little fun into your decorating and while professional interior designers are unlikely to recommend using your zodiac sign as a starting point, it could be interesting! We can see this being a really unique and…

09 March, 2018

20 breathtaking ideas for small bedrooms

A small bedroom can seem like a huge hurdle to your interior design dreams, but it really isn't, if you can think more outside the box and get imaginative. Professional interior designers have mastered the art of working miracles within a small space…

09 February, 2018

​The beauty of IKEA: 10 bedrooms to inspire you

Even though the bedroom is one of the most private rooms in the entire house, that doesn’t mean that it can be neglected in terms of beauty. In fact, seeing as it’s the space where you go to every day to recharge and relax, it needs to have a certain…

08 February, 2018

​Your bedroom furniture: what you need to know

Bed? Check! Bedside table(s)? Check! How about a rug, headboard and dresser? Are these elements really that important? What if they take too much space?Yes, styling up a bedroom is not only about how many scatter cushions to add, as practicality also…

04 February, 2018

​Which bedroom does your star sign want?

Gemini, Pisces, Aries… doesn’t matter which astrology sign you were born under, we’ve got them all today! And yes, your particular sign is linked up with a certain bedroom designed in a particular way.

31 January, 2018

​20 bedroom ideas to inspire your inner designer

Has it ever happened to you that you look around your bedroom and feel that there’s something missing? Something unique that pulls the entire room together? Something elegant and stylish?If so, then consider today’s article tailor-made for you, as we…

28 January, 2018

10 IKEA-filled bedrooms you'll be inspired by

If you want to give your home a stunning revamp but your budget is a little tight, IKEA is a great port of call for all your new furniture needs! Yes, you'll have to assemble it yourself, but as long as you add the right accessories, you can get a ch…

27 January, 2018

​7 beautiful (and low-cost) ideas for your bedside tables

When it comes to furniture pieces, there are ones that are essential, and others that aren’t that important, yet are also used as decorative pieces. Bedside tables most definitely belong in the latter category.

27 January, 2018

​Which bedroom design suits your personality?

Each person is unique, with his own thoughts, wishes and dreams. This, obviously, means that each person has his/her own personality and personal style, and that needs to shine though when it comes to their private space – and what could be more priv…

25 January, 2018