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​6 brilliant bed frames for a unique bedroom

Thanks to clever designers thinking out of the box, there are numerous choices when it comes to furniture and décor pieces – sofas, tables, wall-art items, lighting fixtures…

04 December, 2017

These tips will guarantee you a more relaxing bedroom

We know that you all want a fantastic, beautiful and unforgettable bedroom, but don't get caught up so much in the final aesthetic that you simply forget to attend to the real function of the space.

02 December, 2017

Trendy flooring ideas for your bedroom

You don't need to save all the really cool and trendy touches for your public rooms, such as guest-ready living rooms, as your boudoir will definitely appreciate a little fashionable flooring! More than that, who really wants a bland main bedroom tha…

27 November, 2017

​How to get the most out of your small bedroom

Most of us are familiar with small bedrooms that, once a bed is placed in there, are pretty useless in terms of space. And that also includes very little potential in terms of design and décor.

19 November, 2017

​Low-cost tips and tricks to style up your bedroom

Change brings opportunity, which is probably why trends and personal taste continue to evolve. Of course that means that our homes must also be subject to the occasional makeover or style-up, even if it’s as simple as changing your modern living room…

14 November, 2017

​20 ideas to style up your bedroom right now

If you have no idea where to start when it comes to giving your bedroom a new look (or even just an add-on here and there), then consider today’s piece just for you. These 20 ideas, although they look simple, are sure to put a stylish new spin on any…

10 November, 2017

​20 style tricks for a small bedroom

Think that you can get by with a neglected bedroom just because it’s small? Think again! Our bedrooms are so much more than the rooms where we place our beds – they are visual representations of our personalities and styles; they are the spaces that…

09 November, 2017

Cosy bedroom ideas you'll definitely want to copy!

A snug, cosy and romantic bedroom is never a bad thing and given how much we love spending time hunkered down in our duvets, we assume you're the same, so we want to to give you some top tips for getting the cosiest bedroom possible.

06 November, 2017

​15 ideas to turn your small bedroom into a magazine spread

Think that you need lots and lots of legroom to turn even the smallest bedroom into a super stylish space? Think again! Today we turn that notion upside down and douse it with a good amount of style (and colours, textures, fabrics, décor, etc.

06 November, 2017

​26 bedroom designs for daydreaming

We know that it’s fun to dream about new designs for your home, and when it comes to dreaming, what room can be more appropriate than the bedroom?Thus, let’s scope out these 26 bedroom designs (flaunting a delicious variety of styles, colours, patter…

25 October, 2017