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​The best bedroom colour ideas for a trendy look

We all know how colour can dramatically change a room’s appearance, but did you know that it also affects your mood? Colour psychology teaches us that our heartbeats, stress rankings and even hunger levels can be influenced by the main colour palette…

15 June, 2018

​Unique bedroom wallpaper ideas

You may be under the impression that wallpaper is severely outdated when it comes to interior design. So, here comes homify, where we always approach any design task (from choosing out countertop materials for kitchens to styling up entryways) from a…

12 June, 2018

​The homify guide on how to clean a mattress

I just makes sense that a surface on which we sleep every night will also harbour its fair share of dust, germs and mites. And even though the thought of a dirty mattress will cancel any chances of sweet dreams, it’s a fact of life that our mattresse…

30 May, 2018

​What are the best calming colours for your home?

Think that the colours of your living room’s scatter cushions, hallway rugs, bedroom linen and other rooms are simply there to add style and visual substance? Think again! Not only are they a direct reflection of your personality, but they also influ…

06 May, 2018

​Simple and stylish box room ideas

It’s not the size that counts, it’s what you do with it… Yes, even the tiniest of cramped spaces can still be turned into a must-see room with the right design touches, and that includes that oh-so small bedroom you retreat to at the end of each day.

16 April, 2018

​Brilliant ideas for bedside tables

Clutter will find a way to infiltrate our lives, unless we resort to clever measures to keep it at bay. But don’t think that this is only true of the ‘working’ and ‘socialising’ areas in our homes, like the kitchen and living room, for the bedroom ha…

01 April, 2018

Brilliant built-in wardrobe ideas for any bedroom

Built-in bedroom wardrobes offer a fantastic solution to the common problem of getting enough storage in a bedroom, without encroaching on all of the precious space contained therein.

31 March, 2018

Bedroom lighting ideas that guarantee to dazzle

It's not hard to find exceptional bedroom lighting ideas, which will transform any boudoir into something of a space worthy of a glossy editorial, but understanding why the right lighting is so critical will really help the process.

27 March, 2018

Bedroom wallpaper styles for every home

It's not necessary to be a wall coverings expert to understand the value of choosing incredible wallpaper as an interesting, evolving and non-permanent home décor material and thanks to a serious uptake in popularity, the styles to choose from are, e…

15 March, 2018

A perfect bedroom style for every star sign

There's nothing wrong with injecting a little fun into your decorating and while professional interior designers are unlikely to recommend using your zodiac sign as a starting point, it could be interesting! We can see this being a really unique and…

09 March, 2018