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Bedroom articles, tips & information

homify’s best purple bedroom ideas

We all know how elegant and serene grey can be. And there’s nothing more graceful and classic than white and its many off-white hues. But don’t overlook purple just yet. Thanks to a multitude of different purple tints (each with its own unique style…

11 December, 2018

The homify guide to decorating a green bedroom

A lot of people instantly connect the colour green with feelings of jealousy or sickness. But don’t let that put you off if you’ve recently been wondering about turning the most private and restful room in your entire home – the bedroom – into a fres…

09 December, 2018

Choosing your bedroom carpet

Considering that your bedroom floor is the first space your feet touch in the morning and the last surface in the evening, we’re going to be blunt and proclaim that it’s quite an important area in your home! Thus, why would you not want to put some t…

06 December, 2018

7 handsome, practical and masculine men’s bedroom ideas

When we start talking about men’s bedroom ideas, it’s very easy to resort to clichés: navy linen, charcoal walls, leather headboards… and although these are all neat ideas, there’s no reason why two men need to have bedrooms that look very similar…

04 December, 2018

​The homify guide to decorating a white bedroom

Who says an all-white space is unpractical? Imagine it as a perfectly blank canvas just waiting for it to add your personal style – exciting, definitely, but also a bit daunting.

01 November, 2018

​The homify guide to the best flooring for bedrooms

‘Hard-wearing’ is the key term when picking out flooring options for areas in our homes prone to heavy traffic, like hallways and living rooms. For the kitchen and bathroom, it’s vital to go with a floor surface that can withstand a lot of spills and…

24 October, 2018

​homify’s best grey bedroom ideas

A decade or so ago, a grey bedroom would have been considered slightly crazy. Beige and brown, sure, but grey? After all, it’s considered a grim and cave-like tone that’s meant to be used in conjunction with other more striking hues, right? Not anymo…

23 October, 2018

Are you guilty of these 8 bedroom design mistakes?

We all know the importance of ensuring the right seating for a living room, the right-sized table in the dining area, and adequate lighting for a gloomy hallway. But what do these three spaces all have in common? They are on public display to guests,…

01 October, 2018

Everything you need to know before choosing a floor rug

We’ll get straight to the point: floor rugs are prime pieces that impact all rooms, like the bedroom and living room, and even those ‘in-between’ areas like entryways and hallways.

30 September, 2018

The homify guide to choosing the best bed

Permanently tired? Suffering from pains and aches all over your body? Could be that your bed is the culprit, especially if it’s older than seven years. Even the best bed can deteriorate by as much as 70% within 10 years of being bought, yet it would…

29 August, 2018