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Bedroom articles, tips & information

21 modern bedrooms with dreamy decor ideas to steal

We're really enjoying seeing all the fantastic bedroom designs that fabulous interior designers are creating these days—so much so, in fact, that we thought it would be a lot of fun to show you 21 brilliant ones that really stood out for us! We wan…

15 June, 2017

The 10 things every modern bedroom should have

If you like having a prescriptive list of things to include in your home, so you know you are at the cutting edge of style and fashion, then you're in luck, as we have exactly that, right here! We're going to be focussing on what every modern bedroom…

11 June, 2017

12 budget decor tips for a thoroughly blissful bedroom

Come on guys, you know that your bedroom needs to be a haven of relaxation and comfort, with a good dose of style thrown in as well, but if you don't know how to marry all of these elements together, we have totally got your backs! It's easy to think…

28 May, 2017

The best (and worst) colours to paint your bedroom

Before we even get started, we want to state, for the record, that we think all of the bedrooms we are featuring here are utterly STUNNING and that the colour appraisals have come from a little pseudo-scientific research, so we are in no way making a…

24 May, 2017

10 ingenious ways to use the space under your bed

Do you remember the days when your mum would tell you not to stash things under your bed? Well, we're about to give you some top tips for using that space to the best effect, and you'll be pleased to know that you now CAN put things under there! A gr…

12 April, 2017

​12 heavenly bedroom ideas

Just because your bedroom is used for sleeping (amongst other things) does not mean you can get away with just a bland bed and a sad-looking table. After all, is there any better way to begin (and end) each day than with a super stylish bedroom that…

09 April, 2017

8 ways to get more space in a small wardrobe

Those pesky small wardrobes can be a real issue can't they? You need to get all your clothes and accessories inside them, but a few bulky sweaters can disrupt the whole flow, so what can you do? Well, we've been wondering that ourselves and have take…

15 March, 2017

Cheap bedroom makeover ideas

If your bedroom could stand to be a little less drab and a lot more fab, but you don't have much money to spend, fear not! We've found some great budget tips for revamping your space in a single weekend.

10 March, 2017

Common bedroom design mistakes

A badly designed bedroom will impact on your life so much more than you think, as you'll never feel totally relaxed and might experience disrupted sleep, which will impact on day-to-day life in a big way.

07 March, 2017

Common bedroom design mistakes

Isn't it easy to get so excited about designing yourself a new bedroom that you end up with a space that doesn't quite cut the mustard? It's almost impossible to figure out where you've gone wrong (unless you're a professional interior designer), whi…

05 March, 2017