​homify’s best grey bedroom ideas

A decade or so ago, a grey bedroom would have been considered slightly crazy. Beige and brown, sure, but grey? After all, it’s considered a grim and cave-like tone that’s meant to be used in conjunction with other more striking hues, right? Not anymo…

13 February, 2021

​9 perfect plants for the bedroom

As plants can provide freshness for every room of the house, it would be a huge unfairness to deprive your bedroom of a potted plant or two. After all, a bedroom plant brings greenness to your resting spot, which also helps to enhance relaxation leve…

12 February, 2021

16 space-saving, style-sparing small bedrooms that inspire

It can be downright frustrating trying to achieve visual excellence with very limited legroom. We are, of course, talking about the pain of trying to instil lots of style (and still include a decent amount of functionality) into small bedrooms, becau…

08 February, 2021

2021’s trends: 8 bedroom designs to copy

Here on homify we always aim to keep you in the style loop, such as sharing predicted trends. And it just so happens that our crew of professionals (which include expert Interior Designers /Decorators) have picked up some hints on bedroom designs tha…

04 December, 2020

7 vital rules for decorating your spare bedroom

While it’s definitely true that “there’s no place like home”, one can certainly try and recreate a welcoming, pleasing, and relaxing atmosphere for visiting guests. Especially those who intend on staying for a night or more.

23 November, 2020

10 things to include in your new guest bedroom

Receiving overnight guests means taking responsibility for their safety and needs. True, phrasing it like that takes some of the charm out of playing host, but you’ve got to think practical.

20 October, 2020

10 best interior design ideas for bedrooms in 2020

With the year slowly being on its way out (can we all agree that 2020 was NOT one for the record books?), we are starting to take stock of what we learned this year. Particularly with interior design ideas, as this is homify, after all!And as we look…

12 October, 2020

9 tiny touches that can enhance your bedroom design

Ever been impressed by a hotel room where seemingly everything (from the choice in carpet and bedside tables to the wall colours and lighting fixtures) was designed and placed perfectly? Ever wished you could have that same ‘wow’ effect in your own b…

31 August, 2020

Maintaining your wood floors (the right way)

The (interior) design gods have truly blessed us with the wonder of wood. From solid and engineered to reclaimed timber, there exists a world of wonder when it comes to furnishings, accessories, and entire structures made from wood.

16 July, 2020

Furnishing Accessories and Interior Decoration in Rome

Furnishing accessories have evolved from simple complements to protagonists of an interior. Those that were once considered decorative elements, perhaps to fill a space left empty by a piece of furniture, today are objects that give character and can…

03 December, 2019