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Converting an attic into a bedroom

The space above your garage is ripe for a transformation and if you've never considered turning it into an extra bedroom before, you won't be able to think about anything else once you see this fantastic project! With the help of a talented architect…

22 February, 2017

​Building a small extension in the garden

When you’ve got it, flaunt it! That was the idea behind these homeowners’ choice to install a garden box on their property, which allowed them to make the most of the fantastic sea views.

21 February, 2017

How to build new garden fencing

Have you ever stopped to think about what an impact the right fencing can have on the façade of your home? If not, you might be undermining the natural beauty of your home and we've discovered an amazing transformation project that will prove it.

19 February, 2017

Wooden roof extension for a bungalow

Today’s project takes a look at a timber frame roof extension, commission by a private client to the professionals of Building With Frames. The client had a full SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels) extension on top of a masonry bungalow, which require…

16 February, 2017

Building wooden decking in the garden

Spring (and, ultimately, summer) is fast approaching, which will definitely see a resurgence in exterior socialising and entertaining. And what better way to enjoy some outdoor fun than by treating yourself to a fabulous new terrace?There is no denyi…

14 February, 2017

Updating a small old-fashioned home

Retro styling is all very well and good (and can look undeniably amazing), but there's a big difference between a deliberate homage and a simply neglected home. Unfortunately, today's project is the latter and looks to have been left in situ since ti…

13 February, 2017

Small balcony makeover

Few things are as fantastic as having a great, big garden where one can relax with some style and fresh air. But seeing as space is rather limited these days, the second best thing to have would be a balcony or terrace that also allows one to catch s…

12 February, 2017

Affordable small home renovation

Say what you will about space, but the fact remains this: the less there is of it, the easier (and cheaper) it is to do a makeover! And that certainly proved to be true once again with this project which saw a young couple take a big step forward – n…

11 February, 2017

Buying and renovating a rural home

Many of us (okay, make that ‘most of us’) dream of having much more space to make life a little bit more easier, not to mention glamorous. Some of us search for bigger homes, while others instead opt for renovations or extensions to increase our spac…

10 February, 2017

New build family home in Exeter

As we all know, a new home doesn’t just sprout forth overnight. Long before the foundation is laid, architects and designers start pouring their hearts and soul into drawing up plans for the new structure.

08 February, 2017