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A garden transformation that defies belief!

With Christmas over and done with, it's time to start turning our attention to those lovely outdoor spaces that need a little love and attention ahead of summer! Ask any professional gardener and they'll tell you that there really isn't any better ti…

01 February, 2018

​Before and after: the sad terrace that became a cosy oasis

Most of us are all too well aware of what comes with a small terrace or balcony – a cramped lifestyle and ugly designs. However, that doesn’t have to be the case, as today’s homify 360° discovery so elegantly reminds us via its colours, patterns and…

17 November, 2017

​Watch a 1970s house get a stunning new look

Here on homify we are always super excited when an old, outdated space gets a second chance in life, which is why we regularly check out ‘before and after’ projects – like today’s one, which comes from Dwell Design, an architectural firm in Fareham.

15 October, 2017

A Towcester family's spectacular garden makeover

Another day, another glorious makeover that show us how fantastic the end result can be should you make use of the right tools, thinking cap and, of course, professionals. And this transformation project comes to us from Jane Harries Garden Designs i…

19 August, 2017

The impressive transformation of this neglected garden

Glasgow-based experts Decking Design Limited, who specialise in landscape designing, deserve praise for this expertly renovated space: a back yard that had become horribly neglected and needed a new look asap.

13 August, 2017

Before & after: this bare garden's stunning makeover

Question: What do you do after moving into a new house on a new estate and decided that you are in the mood for a garden that beautifully extends your home? And you want this as soon as possible? Well, you could always do what these clients did; they…

10 August, 2017

This overgrown garden gets an amazing new look

Gardens! There are times when we all threaten to just pave over them with some concrete and have done with it, but don't let your frustrations prevent you from having a really charming outdoor spot! If you don't believe us that you should hang in the…

15 July, 2017

The mind-boggling makeover of this drab 70s home

Our ‘before and after’ piece for today focuses on a family home that was built somewhere in the 1970s, which means one thing only: it’s a bit outdated.Yup, and that is exactly why the professionals over at 2KN Architekt + Landschaftsarchitekt in Kref…

12 July, 2017

This new Surrey home gets an amazing traditional look

Location, location, location – that saying certainly rings true when it comes to property, and today’s little discovery once again proves that.The project? The creation of a traditional Arts and Crafts-style home for clients who, after living in mode…

10 July, 2017

This tired 70s home gets a knockout new look

Yes, it is indeed time for another ‘before and after’ segment here on homify – our regular readers will definitely know by now how much joy and excitement these makeover projects bring us, seeing as they remind us how hard work and creative planning…

08 July, 2017