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This dingy London home was utterly transformed for £70k

When was the last time you looked at your yard (either the front or the back) and thought to yourself: “wow, this is just perfect”? Well, if you’re not 100% satisfied with how your house’s exterior spaces have turned out, stay tuned for today’s ‘befo…

25 May, 2017

A breathtaking kitchen extension in London

Today’s ‘before and after’ piece comes to us from Gullaksen Architects from London. Their project? A new rear extension to an existing house where the new family kitchen opens up most delightfully onto the exterior garden.

10 May, 2017

The Camden prefab penthouse with a difference

When it comes to the evolution of architecture, prefab houses definitely deserve special mention. The way in which these specialised buildings cut construction costs and –times in half (sometimes even more) is really something to note, which is why s…

09 May, 2017

A £14k garden renovation to blow your mind

They say history tends to repeat itself – well, as long as history is something beautiful to enjoy, we have no problem with that. However, once things get a bit outdated and tedious, it’s time to call in some professional help to set things right (an…

07 May, 2017

The miraculous makeover of a drab Greenwich living room

Here on homify we just love it when an old and outdated space gets reborn as something sleek, stunning and super stylish – that is why we devote such eye-catching gems to our ‘before and after’ segments, like the one we are about to share with you no…

06 May, 2017

A busy Richmond family's amazing kitchen upgrade

Today’s ‘before and after’ segment takes a look at how a dull, outdated and very, very cluttered kitchen in a family home got a second chance in life thanks to the creative thinking of Laura Gompertz Interiors Ltd, expert kitchen-planning firm in Lon…

29 April, 2017

A cute and affordable 20m² patio

No reason to fret if your “garden” back home is nothing more than a few metres of dirty ground, loose floor tiles and a plant that looks like it gave up on living last century – there’s always hope!Case in point, today’s little makeover project (helm…

24 April, 2017

This 1950s house gets a beautiful new look

They’re found everywhere, regardless of location – beautiful old houses that, once upon a time, used to flaunt a striking and quite stylish look, yet today look haggard and way past their heydays.

23 April, 2017

How to build a simple sunken garden

So, what is a sunken garden? For those who aren’t in the loop, it is a formal garden set below the main level of the surrounding ground.But don’t be surprised, because gardening below ground level is not a new concept.

17 April, 2017

This Cornish home gets a new extension (and a garden box!)

Today on homify 360°, we take a look at the fabulous new look of a home in St Mawgan that treated itself to some new space via two means: an extension and a garden room, both of which provide striking views of the surrounding gardens/landscape.

14 April, 2017