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Clever and creative ideas for the ultimate playroom

Dreaming of a space which your kids can call their own? It doesn’t have to remain a dream, as that’s what a playroom is perfect for. Having a space that stimulates young minds and imaginations, plus keeps active little youngsters busy, is a dream inv…

01 December, 2018

​Simple (yet stylish) nursery ideas

Hearing that you’re about to welcome a bundle of joy into your home can be some of the best (and stressful) news ever. So many ideas suddenly jump into your head, including the most obvious: Where are they going to sleep?Obviously your little one des…

21 March, 2018

Kids bedroom ideas that the whole family will love

If you're expecting a little one or already have kids, we know that you'll appreciate a handy resource of children's room ideas, as there are so many to choose from! When it comes to themes, colour schemes and small room ideas in general, there are l…

11 March, 2018

6 bunk bed designs that are nothing short of brilliant

Are you on the lookout for easy ways to get some awesome parent points from your kids? Then come with us now, as we have found some of the coolest and cosiest bunk beds ever! A simple way to make your childrens' bedrooms that bit more fun and ready t…

15 October, 2017

Clever ideas for those with small nursery rooms

Despite what you may hear from estate agents, growing your family doesn't necessarily mean you'll need to uproot and move into a bigger (probably more expensive) home. Sure, things will be a little cramped if your home didn't already have space-a-ple…

17 January, 2017

Choosing the right colour for your child's nursery

Decorating your child's nursery is no easy feat. Hoping to escape the standard pink or blue motif, many parents leap into the world of colour armed with little more than a whim and a prayer.

23 December, 2016

Clever storage solutions for every unruly kids' room

At it's very core, home design and storage needs to be functional but when it comes to adding a little organisation to your kid's room, any interior designer will tell you that keeping it fun is they key.

22 September, 2016

Questions to avoid when you visit someone’s home

Nobody wants to come off as bored and uninteresting, right? That’s why we ask questions when in other people’s company, not only to show them that we notice our surroundings, but also that we take an interest and/or are curious in them as people.

17 September, 2016

Home walls design ideas for modern style

Sprucing up a place involves so much more than laying down a nice rug or dusting off those side tables. A lot of the time we focus so much on the furniture and décor pieces in a room that we completely overlook the elements that physically hold the r…

06 September, 2016

7 steps to a simpler home (and life)

Know what the keyword of any successful home design is? Simplicity. It needs to look effortless and straightforward, yet far from dull. It has to portray elegance and allurement, yet not bombard one’s senses with superfluous décor or unnecessary embe…

05 September, 2016

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