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16 British dining rooms that will make you want to spruce up yours

Have you ever thought that you'd like to give your dining room more of an interior designer look, but you don't know where to start? If you have, then this is definitely the article for you, as we've found some really beautiful spaces to take inspira…

02 April, 2017

How to host a high tea

The tradition of the high tea dates back to the early nineteenth century where Anna Russel, the Seventh Duchess of Bedford began the practice of hosting friends to a summery afternoon tea at Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire.

23 March, 2017

Fixing the family mealtime problem in your small home

Don’t have a big home, yet you relish the chance of tightening those family bonds? We understand the importance of family quality time (yes, we are so much more than home furnishing, pretty cushions and matching paint colours here on homify), which i…

27 October, 2016

Questions to avoid when you visit someone’s home

Nobody wants to come off as bored and uninteresting, right? That’s why we ask questions when in other people’s company, not only to show them that we notice our surroundings, but also that we take an interest and/or are curious in them as people.

17 September, 2016

Home walls design ideas for modern style

Sprucing up a place involves so much more than laying down a nice rug or dusting off those side tables. A lot of the time we focus so much on the furniture and décor pieces in a room that we completely overlook the elements that physically hold the r…

06 September, 2016

7 steps to a simpler home (and life)

Know what the keyword of any successful home design is? Simplicity. It needs to look effortless and straightforward, yet far from dull. It has to portray elegance and allurement, yet not bombard one’s senses with superfluous décor or unnecessary embe…

05 September, 2016

The BIG mistakes you (usually) make when decorating

There is something empowering and undoubtedly fun about decorating a room. Picking out colours for the walls, deciding which rugs to pick, and playing around with furniture placements – it’s like being in art class or playing house, albeit with a lar…

28 August, 2016

When you should clean what (and where) in your home

Good housekeeping involves significantly more than offering your guests a beverage when they stop by, or making sure the guest bathroom is stocked with toilet paper. If those teacups and toilet seat are filthy, don’t blame your guests if they don’t f…

26 August, 2016

Errors you MUST avoid when cleaning your home

Polishing the bathroom floor, ensuring those kitchen counters are gleaming, dusting the bookshelves in the study… just thinking about all the responsibilities that go into cleaning house is exhausting.

25 August, 2016

A 10 step guide to de-cluttering your home (and life)

Clutter has a nasty habit of creeping up on us. One day it’s only a magazine and a takeaway menu on the countertop, and suddenly it’s a horde of wrappers, stickers, unopened envelopes, the neighbours’ kittens, and goodness knows what else that are ta…

24 August, 2016