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Sneaky cleaning tricks for every functional room in the house

Have you ever noticed that certain items of furniture or fixings in your most-used rooms always seem to get either damaged or really gungey? We have and more than that, we've realised how irritating it is trying to sort them out and get them clean, w…

20 November, 2017

Is your home flu-proofed?

Of course a flu vaccine goes a long way in banishing those unwanted germs from your life, but there are still a few tips and tricks you can pull to ensure those bugs don’t come near your home, especially if someone in your household gets sick.

19 November, 2017

​Get these 7 scary cleaning tasks done in a jiffy

Let’s be honest: some cleaning tasks are grosser than others. While not all of us relish the chance of spending an entire day cleaning, most of us would rather dust behind the sofa than wash the dishes.

14 November, 2017

​The 7 best ways to clean windows and glass surfaces

We’re not trying to make house-cleaning fun (for most of us it’s similar to torture), but once in a while you stumble upon a hint or a trick that makes that dreaded task of wiping/sweeping/washing just a tad easier, especially if the results (i.e.

13 November, 2017

​Winter is coming – get your plumbing pipes ready!

It’s not enough to stock up on firewood and crank up the radiator; other parts of your house also need to prepare for winter, including your household plumbing, seeing as freezing temperatures can cause leaks and breaks in the home.

11 November, 2017

How to paint furniture

Shabby chic styling has been popular for a while now, but if you haven't tried your hand at some upcycling and painting yet, that's a great thing as you can benefit from our experience, mistakes and top tips! Interior designers have been quick to pro…

10 November, 2017

How to paint kitchen cabinets

Want to give your kitchen a stunning new look? Then we bring good news today: you don’t need to spend a fortune! You only need to know your facts in terms of painting those kitchen cabinets (which can also make for a fun DIY project if you don’t feel…

08 November, 2017

​12 tricks to ensure some extra shine in your home

Nobody likes cleaning day, but apart from hiring a professional cleaner who actually likes to get rid of dirt, we have no choice. But of course cleaning day doesn’t have to come with the usual amount of blood, sweat and tears, as there exists many wa…

06 November, 2017

​10 everyday home habits that are costing you money

Just because you’re used to doing something doesn’t mean that it’s the best course of action – or that you can’t change it. And when it comes to today’s economic climate, we all need to do our parts to stretch our budgets a bit, right? Ever wondered…

05 November, 2017

​7 great tips to help you save water at home

It’s a fact that most of us see water as just another substance that we get to enjoy in abundance and whenever we want – after all, it’s so easy to open a tap and see it streaming out, right? Wrong! Water is fast becoming scarcer and scarcer, and the…

03 October, 2017