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​Removing limescale and dirt from your shower – 6 tips!

Certain rooms in your house, like the kitchen and bathroom, are prone to other sorts of dirt and smudges because of their moisture-rich environments – and should you not be careful, it can become quite difficult to remove those stains (and then we do…

25 September, 2017

How to increase your home’s heat this winter

The chilly season is around the corner, and with the cold we’ll undoubtedly see rising heating bills or people flocking to the stores to update their heating systems which, of course, can also cost a pretty penny.

22 September, 2017

​Who knew you could wash these in your washing machine?

Life has definitely become so much easier thanks to a range of inventions, not the least of which is an ever-increasing collection of household appliances. But today we do not wish to bear tribute to the ones in the kitchen that enhance our culinary…

19 September, 2017

​What are the dirtiest things in your house?

When it comes to hobbies and activities to pass the time, we’re willing to bet good money that nobody will pipe up that they thoroughly enjoy cleaning. Sure, you get the odd individual here and there that claims washing dishes or mopping the floor “s…

18 September, 2017

20 home renovation blunders you really shouldn't make

We totally understand that taking on a home renovation project is exciting and inspires creativity like you never knew you possessed, but pull on the reigns just a little bit, or you might find yourself making a few critical errors! Architects and in…

16 September, 2017

​DIY: How to make your own concrete planters

Concrete objects definitely flaunt a certain charm, a raw feel that can usually be found in industrial designs. Often they are discovered in the form of unique plant accessories that will last a long time in your home or garden.

26 August, 2017

7 incredible materials to transform your walls

If you thought you had to choose between bricks or plaster for your walls, think again, as we've found a host of fantastic wall finishes that will add charm and style to any type of property! More than that, we've got something for every budget as we…

23 August, 2017

10 priceless pro tips to boost your home's kerb appeal

In a world where house prices have rocketed and everyone is concerned about getting on the housing ladder and staying on it, every little last thing that you can do to increase your home's value and appeal is vital, which is why we've taken a look at…

22 August, 2017

7 dazzling cleaning hacks that will make your life easier

If you could do just a few simple things to make your household chores schedule a hell of a lot easier to manage, you would, wouldn't you? Well, we've sat up and taken notice of the way that professional cleaners seek to make maintaining a dazzling h…

21 August, 2017

14 one-day makeover ideas to instantly transform your home

Why is that no matter how much time or money we invest into our homes, there is always that one room that simply never quite meets our expectations? Well, experienced interior designers know this pain, which is why so many of them have become adept a…

20 August, 2017