​How to easily build an affordable BBQ in your garden

Depending on the weather conditions, an al fresco evening of socialising with friends and family can be a fantastic way to have some fun, not to mention enjoy great food and drink.

18 January, 2017

Clever ways to change everything you own with paint

Do you know what we love more than anything else? A cheap and easy to use product that can instantly change up a tired or old-fashioned item! That's exactly why we adore paint.

12 January, 2017

22 New Year's resolutions for your home (you can actually keep!)

It's all very well promising yourself that you're going to eat more healthily and imbibe a little less in 2017, but why set yourself such unattainable goals when your home offers a wealth of totally doable potential? We're talking about tackling all…

02 January, 2017

The five very best home improvement tips of 2016

We know we've inundated you with top home improvement tips in 2016, but there's no harm in taking a look at the top five, now that we're heading into 2017. We look forward to tackling interior design disasters with fresh vigour and feel sure all of t…

01 January, 2017

Small and easy repairs you can actually do yourself

Who needs a professional around the house? Well that depends on what you need done, obviously. Experts are definitely the go-to persons to call if you need a major task completed like tearing down a wall, re-wiring the entire kitchen, or building new…

01 January, 2017

25 home improvement ideas under £100 (part two)

We kicked things off yesterday with part one of this guide, so we return today with part two. We found another 12 fantastic, low-cost home improvements that you could tackle in a weekend and we know you're going to be unable to resist having a go at…

31 December, 2016

25 home improvement ideas under £100 (part one)

Home improvements never seem to end and can become a costly endeavour, unless you have a host of handy tips that will cost you under £100! You know we love telling you all about the easy DIY projects that will make your home look phenomenal without r…

30 December, 2016

18 fixes for every home's most annoying problems (part two)

Here we are with part two of our fabulous guide to eradicating all those annoying little flaws in your home, and we have another nine fantastic solutions for you to enjoy. Yes, you could call out a handyman, but given how much that could cost you, is…

29 December, 2016

​"How can I fix those annoying squeaks in my home?"

A rumble here, a noise there – hearing sounds coming from your house is completely normal, seeing as it’s made up of a multitude of materials, wires, piping, etc. Either that or your house is haunted.

29 December, 2016

18 fixes for every home's most annoying problems (part one)

It doesn't matter how perfect your interior design scheme is, how much you clean or how you upgrade your home, they ALL have little niggly issues that seem impossible to deal with, until now! We think we have really honed in on some of the most seemi…

28 December, 2016