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Window cleaning advice that really works

The household chores never seem to end but one task that is so easy to put off, maybe even forever, is window cleaning. If you aren't something of a glazing expert, there will be a huge number of questions that arise from tackling window grime includ…

15 February, 2018

​How to have a spick-and-span home all the time

Ever noticed how some people’s homes just seem naturally tidy and spotless 24/7? Here’s a secret: they’re not! They only look that way because the homeowners are committed to an organised lifestyle.

14 February, 2018

5 wardrobe season change errors to avoid at all cost

As the seasons change, you need to update and organise your wardrobe accordingly, but there are a number of errors that you really need to avoid! Any professional cleaner would be able to sort your clothes out in a jiffy, but when you're determined t…

28 January, 2018

10 tricks for cutting your ironing time in half

We all know that household chores can be an exceptionally time consuming endeavour, so if we told you that we could give you some top tips from professional cleaners for making your ironing less of a bind, wouldn't you be interested in them? Well, as…

26 January, 2018

​Best of 2017: 24 low-cost home improvement ideas

There always seems to be something that needs doing, fixing or updating around the house, whether it’s that dripping faucet in the bathroom, the crack in the kitchen backsplash, a new table runner for the dining room, or something else entirely (each…

22 December, 2017

7 ways to reduce your electricity bills

Now that the cold snap has hit in the UK, we are all starting to worry about our electricity bills going through the roof, as we turn the thermostat dials up and try to hunker down.

07 December, 2017

​Teaching your child to clean up

A toddler needs only a few minutes to turn his bedroom (or playpen, or your living room) into chaos, with toys and clothes strewn just about everywhere. It’s quite normal for children to make a mess when playing (it’s how they learn), but what’s not…

02 December, 2017

How to organise your household with the help of your family

It’s astonishing how one’s cleaning chores can skyrocket once a child enters the household. Add a few more children, and you’ve certainly got a recipe for an adult heading for a breakdown.

01 December, 2017

Dust mites: know your enemy!

If there's one household pest that you need to try and get rid of, it's dust mites! Any respected cleaner will tell you that dust mites are not something to simply shrug off and ignore, as they can actually cause serious illness for you and your fami…

29 November, 2017

​Do you know how to rid your home of pollutants?

Did you know that the air quality within homes can be more polluted than the outdoor air, even in the largest and most industrialized cities? Fortunately, there are things you can do to seriously improve your indoor air quality and make your home a h…

28 November, 2017