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​How to paint your walls like a pro

Wall painting is quite the popular project, both for novice DIYers and veteran home renovators. What could be easier than smearing some paint onto a wall, right? Well, while wall painting can be pretty painless, we do recommend doing proper planning…

20 May, 2018

​8 Ways You Can Add More Value to A House

Far from being just shelters from the elements, our homes are also investments. Thus, when it comes to the age-old question “how can I increase my house’s value?”, almost everyone jumps up to listen to the answer.

09 May, 2018

​The right (and easy) way to de-clutter your life

Understand this: interior beauty has nothing to do with clutter. Interior designers and decorators are what you seek to style up your home; to rid your house of clutter, you need a positive attitude and a devotion to regular de-cluttering.

04 May, 2018

​How to get rid of stuff in every room in your home

We all have a little “junk” taking up valuable space in our homes (some definitely more than others). And yes, we do know that our homify guide to help you get rid of stuff in your home is not the first one ever written, but it still doesn’t diminish…

02 May, 2018

​How to do proper spring cleaning in one day

The weather is getting warmer and our energy levels are rising – yes, spring is on its way! But in addition to making plans for socialising outdoors, we also need to factor in that all-important chore that awaits us all every year: spring cleaning.

10 April, 2018

Tips for reducing heat loss in a home

There are countless professionals out there that understand not only the devastating effect that heat loss can have on a home, but also how to tackle it, but so many homeowners are still in that dark, or, in the COLD.

05 April, 2018

How to create the perfect cleaning schedule

Though it might not sound terrifically exciting to sit down and draw up a cleaning schedule, UK homeowners, just like any others around the world, need to be considerate of the fact that buying a property brings with it a certain level of responsibil…

04 April, 2018

The homify guide to dealing with damp

Damp is a serious problem that many homeowners will face, but understanding exactly what it is, what causes it and, most importantly, how it can be tackled is critical. Regardless of whether a home will be lived in forever or, potentially be sold at…

21 March, 2018

Moving house? Then bookmark this checklist!

Swapping an existing property for something newer, bigger or just different is a huge life milestone and can be fraught with upset and organisational hurdles, which is why it's so important to crate a comprehensive and easy to work through moving hou…

13 March, 2018

Window cleaning advice that really works

The household chores never seem to end but one task that is so easy to put off, maybe even forever, is window cleaning. If you aren't something of a glazing expert, there will be a huge number of questions that arise from tackling window grime includ…

15 February, 2018