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DIY articles, tips & information

7 simple upgrades that boost your home's value

When it comes to undertaking a few home improvements, you need to know the difference between the things that will add value, or just cost you money for nothing more than a cosmetic facelift.

28 May, 2017

How to clean your house in under an hour

If we told you that it is perfectly possible to get your home clean and sparkling in just one hour, you'd want to know how, right? Well, we are going to tell you! Ask any professional cleaner and they'll tell you that the secret to a perpetually clea…

20 May, 2017

13 storage solutions you can actually make yourself

If you don't think that storage is anything to get excited about, think again, as there are a host of amazing projects out there that would be so much fun to complete, if you can make the time and source the right materials! We want to take a moment…

18 May, 2017

DIY: 14 cheap and easy ways to improve your garden or terrace

Now that summer's arrived in the UK, we're all scrabbling around trying to think of ways to improve our gardens for little or no money and not too much effort either.Well, call us your gardening gurus as we've come up with some fantastic suggestions…

11 May, 2017

How to remove those stubborns stains from your sofa

It doesn't matter how careful we are, or how many rules we put in place about no food and drink on the living room sofa, there always seems to be a stain that simply slips through the net, doesn't there? It's such a shame, especially if you have inve…

08 May, 2017

20 home organisation tricks that take less than 5 minutes

Who doesn't want a tidy and organised home that runs like a well-oiled machine? The only problem with this, is that it can seem to take forever to clean, tidy and get everything in order, especially high traffic areas such as hallways, which almost n…

07 May, 2017

The 10 dirtiest things in your home (that you SHOULD be cleaning)

Apart from professional cleaners, we can't think of anyone that actually enjoys the household chores that seem to take up so much time, so how about we fill you in on the dirtiest things in your home that you need to clean? It could save you precious…

06 May, 2017

24 interior design hacks you need to know (part 2)

Here we are, with part two of our sneaky guide to all the secrets that interior designers use to make clients' homes so amazing and boy oh boy, have we saved some of the best tips for now! You don't need to invest in expensive design training to see…

05 May, 2017

9 totally free ways to give your home an upgrade

Free is faultless, as they say, and today, we're going to prove that beyond any doubt! Ask any interior designer and they'll tell you that small changes can make a big impact on your home—and if they're easy AND free as well, what's not to love abo…

04 May, 2017

13 painting secrets the pros don't want you to know

We're not trying to out professional painters and decorators of their job, we promise, but there are some top tips that they might not want you to know. And, being that we can't keep a secret, we're going to tell you all of them today! Painting furni…

03 May, 2017