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​The homify guide to easy dinner party decoration

Most of us love to socialise, yet not all of us are born to host a party. In addition to the stress of ensuring all guests are having a perfect time, a host also needs to juggle hundreds of little things when it comes to organising a get-together.

​How to protect hardwood floors

If you ask people what’s the most popular architectural feature they desire most for a house, chances are great that they’ll say hardwood floors. Not surprising, considering the timeless, classic, warm, inviting, and traditional look they flaunt.

25 June, 2018

​Create a focal point with an exposed brick wall

Until the middle of the 20th century, lots of buildings and exterior walls were constructed with bricks due to their strength, durability and easy installation process. Sometimes these bricks were covered with plaster to ensure a smoother appearance.

​Interior DIY: How to measure carpet

Nothing beats a good ol’ hardwood floor, but sometimes one wants a softer underfoot sensation. And for those instances, we resort to lovely carpets for our homes.But whether you are considering installing those carpets yourself or just want to have a…

14 June, 2018

​Interior inspiration: Finding colours that go together

Ever walked into a room and immediately felt that something was ‘off’ about the space? We are not talking about feeling a ghostly presence, but rather homeowners who wanted to play interior designer, yet didn’t get it right at all.

29 May, 2018

​How to paint your walls like a pro

Wall painting is quite the popular project, both for novice DIYers and veteran home renovators. What could be easier than smearing some paint onto a wall, right? Well, while wall painting can be pretty painless, we do recommend doing proper planning…

20 May, 2018

​8 Ways You Can Add More Value to A House

Far from being just shelters from the elements, our homes are also investments. Thus, when it comes to the age-old question “how can I increase my house’s value?”, almost everyone jumps up to listen to the answer.

09 May, 2018

​The right (and easy) way to de-clutter your life

Understand this: interior beauty has nothing to do with clutter. Interior designers and decorators are what you seek to style up your home; to rid your house of clutter, you need a positive attitude and a devotion to regular de-cluttering.

04 May, 2018

​How to get rid of stuff in every room in your home

We all have a little “junk” taking up valuable space in our homes (some definitely more than others). And yes, we do know that our homify guide to help you get rid of stuff in your home is not the first one ever written, but it still doesn’t diminish…

02 May, 2018

​How to do proper spring cleaning in one day

The weather is getting warmer and our energy levels are rising – yes, spring is on its way! But in addition to making plans for socialising outdoors, we also need to factor in that all-important chore that awaits us all every year: spring cleaning.

10 April, 2018