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DIY articles, tips & information

Money-saving tricks from real people (that really work!)

Any interior designer will tell you that buying and decorating a home is a costly affair, so saving money wherever possible has to be a good idea, right? The only question is, do you know where to start? We've found some real-world money-saving tips…

20 April, 2017

14 simple crafting projects that will impress your guests

We all think that we have an inner crafting genius inside us, so it's time to unleash yours with some simple but effective project ideas that will have friends and family demanding that you set up a production line on order to supply them with wonder…

14 April, 2017

9 decluttering secrets from professional organisers

Professional cleaners and organisers must have the tidiest homes in the whole of the UK, and we NEED to know how they do it! Try as we might, we simply can't ever seem to capture the same levels of organisation and neatness that they do—until now! …

10 April, 2017

8 draught-busting solutions to seriously cut your costs

Ask any eco-designers and they'll tell you how vital it is to get your home as energy efficient as possible, which is why we're going to give you a host of top tips for minimising draughts in your home.

08 April, 2017

6 tricks to keep your home fresh and clean - always!

The battle to keep a clean and tidy home can be one that feels never-ending or doomed to failure, but we're here today to make sure that doesn't happen to you! It's actually a lot simpler to maintain a fresh and hygienic home than you might think, as…

04 April, 2017

10 tricks to clean your home using only what's in your cupboard

Cleaning your home might not be the most exciting thing you'll ever do, but there's also a bigger issue to take into account; the fact that it isn't usually very eco-friendly! Professional cleaners are constantly looking for ways to carry out their t…

03 April, 2017

10 fast and affordable home upgrades

It's all very well finding out about some super cool, interior-designer lead changes that your home could benefit from, but what if you have limited time and budget constraints to work to? Don't panic, as we've come up with a go-to guide of quick, ch…

28 March, 2017

15 easy DIY ideas to make your home more special

We've all got a crafty DIY side to us. If only we could think of some fun and easy home improvement projects to complete in order to zing up our homes and up the cute factor a little bit.

27 March, 2017

15 absurdly easy kitchen DIYs that only look expensive

Your kitchen is a space that can always benefit from a freshen up or even some simple upgrades that keep it looking modern and expensive. So how would you like a handful of amazing DIY tips that will leave your kitchen looking a million dollars? Neve…

27 March, 2017

44 pallets ideas you can directly copy

You must know by now how much we love a bargain hack and we don't think many DIY projects are as impactful or easy and low-cost as creating pallet furniture. You might think that pallets are only good for making outdoor items, but we've found a host…

27 March, 2017