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25 ways to make the most of your small home (part two)

We hope you tuned in for yesterday's part one of this series, as we're finishing up with another 12 fantastic tips for making more of a small home. We can't all have the wealth of knowledge that professional interior designers do, but with a little o…

23 January, 2017

12 life-changing laundry tricks (you wish you knew ages ago)

Few words conjure up as much fear and trepidation as these two: laundry day. For most households, this term goes hand in hand with images of bundles and bundles of clothing requiring separating, the search for laundry pins, the mystery of where the f…

22 January, 2017

25 ways to make the most of your small home (part one)

Hey, all you small homeowners! Don't waste time wishing your house bigger. Instead, just love the space you have and make more of it.Interior designers are amazingly talented at making small homes look, feel and function like far bigger properties an…

22 January, 2017

14 decorative fireplaces that'll make your home cosy

A gorgeous fireplace can finish a room to absolute perfection, but do you know what style would work best in your living room? You honestly won't believe how many different varieties there are these days, so we found some of the most eye-catching to…

21 January, 2017

10 professional secrets that will modernise your home

If you're always on the lookout for tips and tricks that will help to quickly modernise your home, look no further! We've discovered all the nifty techniques interior designers use to inject some contemporary vibe into even the most outdated homes an…

21 January, 2017

​10 great colours to paint your small living room walls

Isn’t playing interior designer great? You get to choose from decorations, furniture, patterns and so much more to spruce up your spaces – but, of course, this also comes with responsibility, like knowing which colours to pick when you want a room to…

21 January, 2017

Clever ideas to help create space in your small home

We've said it before and we'll say it again, a small home does not have to be a big problem.We understand that finding space for all your belongings can turn into a nightmare if you don't own a mansion, but all you need to do is embrace some clever s…

20 January, 2017

​10 ideas that prove bricks are ideal for interior décor

When it comes to new and inspiring ways to decorate interior spaces, there is an entire world of choices before us which includes colour, pattern, style and, of course, materials.

20 January, 2017

These 8 materials will make your home look fantastic

Do you love making a big impact with your interior design choices? And how about trying new, exciting or just unusual finishes? If you answered yes, then this is definitely the article for you!We scoured our archives to find some of the most beauti…

17 January, 2017

10 great ways to decorate walls (you never thought of)

There was a time when you had two choices for your walls; paint or wallpaper. Fortunately, things have moved on and now you're spoilt for choice! Interior designers have been experimenting with new and unusual materials for years and we've found some…

17 January, 2017