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Oriental rugs - everything you need to know about the newest decoration trend

To most of us, the idea of an Oriental rug takes us back to the olden days when visiting our grandparents’ homes, which added some colour and character to their living rooms and/or hallways.

23 October, 2017

​12 ideas for storing almost everything

As human beings, we tend to accumulate items and pieces throughout the years, which makes it quite easy to end up in a state of clutter. And of course we don’t always have the luxury to just add additional legroom to our homes to make room for those…

23 October, 2017

​3 Feng Shui basics you should know

The majority of us are all too well aware of what it’s like trying to make a comfortable living in a crowded, small and (often) poorly designed smaller space like a city apartment.

22 October, 2017

​How to warm up your home with layers

Already feeling the chill of winter? Even though gas heaters and fireplaces have their parts to play in the chilly season, there’s another way to ensure more heat for your home: layering your favourite décor accessories.

22 October, 2017

​An interior design for every star sign

Those of us who believe in astrology tend to take their star signs’ meanings and characteristics to heart, even going so far as to believe that, in some way, these can predict the future.

18 October, 2017

Amazing fireplace décor ideas to copy

A striking fireplace is a terrific addition to any home, but you don't always have to actually have a roaring fire as the central focal point! You might not have a chimney that is safe to use, or perhaps you just refer your reliable central heating.

17 October, 2017

​7 Feng Shui tricks to attract wealth into your home

Don’t stick with the belief that Feng Shui is just some sort of silly superstition, because there’s a reason why interior designers have been working alongside its principles for years.

14 October, 2017

How to look after wooden floors and keep them looking like new!

Real wood floors are such a striking feature in any home, but as soon as you incur some scratches and scuffs, the gorgeousness will be overshadowed by damage! Now that's a nightmare that nobody wants to deal with and any interior designer will cringe…

14 October, 2017

The Top 3 cost-effective flooring options for your home

We all seem to get so caught up decorating our homes that we can easily overlook one critical area; the floor! Imagine the horror of spending the lion share of your budget on paint and wallpaper, only to discover that you have a shoestring amount lef…

13 October, 2017

​10 reasons for designing a living room in beige

When it comes to the decoration of our bedrooms, we are free to take risks and break a few design rules, seeing as they are such private spaces. However, it’s different when it comes to living rooms.

12 October, 2017