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Stile e Interior Design Italiani a Londra

Stile e interior design italiani sono tra le massime eccellenze del Made in Italy nel mondo: per questo Libro delle Idee ci spostiamo a Londra per conoscere il lavoro progettuale dell'architetto milanese Marco Braghiroli e del suo studio Prestige Arc…

What makes Turkish rugs great? How you can read the design of a Turkish rug

Rugs are timeless and beautiful rustic pieces that can instantly turn a room into a gorgeous space. Rugs are also versatile providing charm in a classic design or a zest for the finer things in life in a more contemporary setup.

08 March, 2019

The kitchen colours for 2019

As one year comes to a close, the next is ready and waiting – but what does the next 12 months spell for us in terms of interior design trends? More specifically, what is expected for our kitchens?Fortunately, our trend experts and interior designer …

31 December, 2018

Easy DIY Christmas decorations

Christmas is undoubtedly a special time of year, but some of us really go overboard with décor and details – thousands of flickering lights, dancing reindeer, laughing Santas, glowing elves dangling from ceilings…

25 December, 2018

Pantone Colours: homify’s favourites for 2019

In addition to commencing new resolutions at the start of every year, the 1st of January also affords us the opportunity to re-imagine our homes’ styles. But what good is a renovation or style-up project if it is not considered trendy?That’s why we t…

22 December, 2018

The 2018 trends for Christmas decorations

‘tis the season to get jolly with Christmas decorations! And even though we’re sure all our devoted readers are right on trend with interior looks and styles, holiday décor is definitely another trend to take note of.

20 December, 2018

homify’s best purple bedroom ideas

We all know how elegant and serene grey can be. And there’s nothing more graceful and classic than white and its many off-white hues. But don’t overlook purple just yet. Thanks to a multitude of different purple tints (each with its own unique style…

11 December, 2018

The homify guide to decorating a green bedroom

A lot of people instantly connect the colour green with feelings of jealousy or sickness. But don’t let that put you off if you’ve recently been wondering about turning the most private and restful room in your entire home – the bedroom – into a fres…

09 December, 2018

9 vital elements to include in your farmhouse kitchen

As the heart of the home, one needs to be quite careful when selecting furnishings and accessories for the kitchen. But regardless of style or design, the kitchen is meant to make all feel welcome.

08 December, 2018

Creative ways to use wood as home décor pieces within your home

The team at WOODLOVE specialises in creating finely crafted pieces of home décor made from pure wood and rock. The wood includes but is not limited to pine variants, and Yakisugi to name a few.

06 December, 2018