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Beautiful Area Rug Designs By Italian Designers That Will Floor You

The dream décor of your home is pulled together and uplifted with the elegant touch of the rug. Whether it's your living room, dining space, bedroom or even the bathroom, the selection of rug can make a big and bold statement, providing fineness and…

11 November, 2021

Elegant Leather Containers With Lid For Wardrobe Organisation By Italian Designer

Organising the bedroom cupboards or walk-in wardrobes and keep them clean and organised is an art that is not hard to master. It’s normal to struggle with storage of the out-of-season clothing or the seasonal clothing which comes out during Halloween…

07 October, 2021

Astonishing Acoustic Photograph for Artistic Display On Office or Home Walls

Photography has a universal language. It is an art that doesn't need a word for expression. While it is a simple expression captured through a child's random click, it is also limitlessly complex with a creative play of lights and colours painted on…

01 October, 2021

16 Popular and Fun Decorations for Playrooms

Sprucing up your home for your children can seem a daunting task — how to create a safe space that can entertain your child while also facilitating creativity and learning? First off, no matter how old your little one is, it's best to find decor with…

08 May, 2021

29 Lovely Ways to Display Photos and Art in Your Home

Displaying photos in our home is a great way to bring warmth and personalisation to a room. No matter which room you choose, photographs can make a major impact on the interior design.

19 April, 2021

14 homes with brilliant bi-folding doors

When you want to open your home up to the garden and create a stunning dialogue between the interior and exterior spaces that you have access to, there is only one option; bi-folding doors! Not only do these fantastic glazing variations offer style a…

28 February, 2021

How to choose the right off-white paint

Of all the colour choices available to us, white is the one that remains a timeless classic. Loved by painters and interior designers, white ensures a perfect blank canvas to make those additional hues, textures and motifs come to fabulous life.

24 February, 2021

​10 great colours to paint your small living room walls

Isn’t playing interior designer great? You get to choose from decorations, furniture, patterns and so much more to spruce up your spaces – but, of course, this also comes with responsibility, like knowing which colours to pick when you want a room to…

22 February, 2021

​Simple and stylish box room ideas

It’s not the size that counts, it’s what you do with it… Yes, even the tiniest of cramped spaces can still be turned into a must-see room with the right design touches, and that includes that oh-so small bedroom you retreat to at the end of each day.

20 February, 2021

Where's the best place to put a TV in my small room?

How and where you mount your television has a big impact, especially in a small room, so we have come up with 30 great ways to make your media station sparkle. Sometimes, it's about how you decorate the space around your TV and then again, how you ac…

20 February, 2021