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Furnishing & decoration articles, tips & information

10 ways to get more space without moving house

If your home is compact to the point of making you consider moving, wait for just a minute, as we might have some easier solutions for you in this article! Ask any interior designer and they'll tell you that smart storage, clever use of space and a b…

22 April, 2017

5 unexpected things happy people have at home

You might think that the happiest people in the world have the most opulent homes, maintained to within an inch of their lives and kept spotless. But in actual fact, studies have shown that what happy people really embrace might surprise you! Ask any…

21 April, 2017

We took 7 interior design tricks from one beautiful British home

It's great to be able to look at a slew of houses and pick up some tips for our own homes, but when you come across one fabulous property which gives you all the know-how you need, isn't that so much better? That's what happened here, as this home is…

17 April, 2017

14 budget-friendly home makeover ideas on any schedule

Has your home seen better days, but you don't have the money or time to invest in a full redesign? Well, you might not need to! Interior designers know that when it comes to upgrading your home, a few small changes can be just as effective as a total…

15 April, 2017

How to make your home so comfy you'll never want to leave

Having a super stylish home is one thing, but for a space that makes you really question if you want to leave in the morning, it's all about comfort and cosiness. Ask any interior designer and they'll tell you that a home which seems to envelop you i…

13 April, 2017

12 tricks to make your rented home feel like yours (without annoying the landlord)

If you're fed up of reading tips that don't apply to you because you rent your home, then we've got your back! We know that whether you own your house or not, you want where you live to be an accurate reflection of who you are and your tastes, but wh…

12 April, 2017

14 homes with brilliant bi-folding doors

When you want to open your home up to the garden and create a stunning dialogue between the interior and exterior spaces that you have access to, there is only one option; bi-folding doors! Not only do these fantastic glazing variations offer style a…

07 April, 2017

5 uniquely British design features we all secretly love

Do you ever get the feeling that other countries view our interior design choices as a little… funny? Perhaps everyone thinks that we favour regal décor that wouldn't be out of place in a palace, but in actual fact, the things that we hold most dear…

05 April, 2017

12 homes which prove that shabby chic is the trend you need

Every year we see new trends coming to the forefront of interior design, but there is one that seems to be standing the test of time—and that's shabby chic. Popular because it works in every room, from bathrooms through to kitchens, it's amazing be…

31 March, 2017

15 easy DIY ideas to make your home more special

We've all got a crafty DIY side to us. If only we could think of some fun and easy home improvement projects to complete in order to zing up our homes and up the cute factor a little bit.

27 March, 2017