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10 decorating ideas to add romance to your bedroom

Valentine's Day is the perfect chance to add some romantic touches to your bedroom's decoration.We've got 10 ideas to help you set the perfect romantic mood.

12 February, 2018

​15 entrance hall table styles to inspire you

First impressions are key, and no other space in the entire house makes such a grand first impression as the entrance hall. But how do we know which elements to put more emphasis on? Well, we’ve done our homework, and apparently a table or sideboard…

12 February, 2018

​10 small changes to make your home more beautiful

Instilling some beauty into your home doesn’t always have to take up loads of time and cost load of money – well, it does if you’re renovating the entire kitchen or adding a rear extension, for example, but that is not what we want to focus on today.

10 February, 2018

Valentine's Day gifts for him & her by IKEA

Another year, another Valentine's Day—and we've got just the thing to turn your home into a perfect little love nest.If Valentine's is the highlight of your year or if you're just a huge IKEA fan, you'll want to head down to your nearest store and…

09 February, 2018

​11 kitchens that prove red is right!

There’s nothing quite like a vibrant red to style up a space or furniture piece, and today we blend this vivacious colour with the ever-loving kitchen to introduce some striking style.

09 February, 2018

10 ways to adopt the shabby chic look

Ask any amazing interior designer and they'll tell you that shabby chic aesthetics are most definitely here to stay! Because of this, you might like to know how you can tap into the look, without going the whole hog, at least to start with, so we've…

08 February, 2018

​8 budget-friendly ideas for a splendid dining room

You may use it every day for every meal, or simply for elegant dinner parties when old friends and important business associates drop by – we are, of course, talking about the dining room.

08 February, 2018

​6 trendy colours for a kitchen wall that wows!

Marvellously modern; stylishly Scandinavian; creatively contemporary… doesn’t matter which style you choose for your kitchen, there’s one element that all of them have in common: colour.

07 February, 2018

​The bathroom trends for 2018

2018 is already in full swing, but luckily it’s not too late to get on board with trends that are considered “hot” for the rest of the year. So, if your bathroom has been looking a bit dull lately, that’s probably because it’s outdated.

07 February, 2018

​18 modern living rooms to fall in love with

Out of all the rooms in the home, the living room is probably the one that gets the most love and attention when it comes to designing and decorating. After all, it is the space where we relax after a long day; where we host get-togethers with friend…

06 February, 2018