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​6 tricks to make low ceilings look higher

We all love large rooms with plenty of space; however, this is not a reality for all of us. And if you are not lucky enough to live in a spacious home, you often have to settle for low ceilings that make each room look narrower and smaller.

19 August, 2017

Hot right now: 8 decor trends you need to know about

Are you wondering which interior design trends has the longevity to still be popular and beautiful in years to come? Of course you are! You don't want to plump for a fashionable home scheme, only for it to look dated and naff within a few months, whi…

17 August, 2017

11 surprising things your home says about you

We hope it won't come as a surprise that the way you decorate and maintain your home says a lot about who you are, but just in case it is brand new information, we thought we should probably give you a heads up as to the impression certain aspects ma…

17 August, 2017

9 things interior designers absolutely hate

Before we get started, let's make one thing clear; your home is YOURS, so this is not a prescriptive list of dos and don'ts and more than that, every interior designer in the world has a fluid notion of trends and aesthetics, so we are simply looking…

16 August, 2017

12 British homes with jaw-dropping interiors

Envy might be one of the seven deadly sins, but we don't have a care in the world about admitting that we suffer from it! It's only natural that as we look at countless beautiful homes, we would start to get a touch of the old green-eyed monster, but…

15 August, 2017

9 wall colours you need to try in 2017

Even though we are already halfway through 2017, there is no reason why you can’t pick up this trend that kicked off the beginning of the year, is there? Sometimes transforming a room into something exquisite encompasses an entire makeover, including…

11 August, 2017

How to decorate your home so it never goes out of style

Your home is your castle, but the fact remains that decorating it can be a never-ending chore, if you allow it to be! While you'll love a scheme one day, the next, you might walk into your kitchen and decide that it's too cutesy, outdated or simply d…

09 August, 2017

10 little things that bring good luck to your home

You don't have to believe in luck, but what if you really can do a few things to draw more positive energy into your home? Wouldn't you want that? A lot of interior designers have used feng shui principles in order to create a more upbeat, happy spac…

07 August, 2017

14 budget ways to add some bling to your home

Have you ever wondered how certain homes just always look so well  put together and luxurious? More to the point, are you keen to emulate the look, without bankrupting yourself in the process? Well, we have a few top tips that will give you the inter…

07 August, 2017

5 clever ways mirrors boost your home's feng shui

Whether or not you actually believe in feng shui, the fact that many people do means that it must be at least worth a thought, right? Well, it's never been easier to experiment with a little spirituality, as you can embrace it simply through the styl…

01 August, 2017