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10 design tips to make your kitchen look more expensive

We understand that you wish the heart of your home (aka the kitchen) had a more regal, expensive look. We also understand that one’s design budget is not always as generous as one would like.

04 January, 2021

Pantone colour of the year 2021 – 30 ideas for Ultimate Grey and Illuminating in your home

Breaking away from the norm of announcing a colour of the year, Pantone has chosen a combination of two colours for 2021 – Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. While Ultimate Gray represents stability and dependability, essential for a strong foundation,…

11 December, 2020

How to get started on your indoor winter garden

We all know about the style power of potted plants and most of us are also aware that plants help cleanse household air and reduce pollutants. But have you gone so far as to research how to keep your home’s indoor air clean and clear during winter vi…

11 December, 2020

Light up your gloomy basement with these 10 tips

Any property with a basement already has heaps of room to spare, but in most cases that precious legroom goes to waste under mountains of dust and loads of clutter. Add to that the fact that most basements have no (or small) windows, and it makes the…

09 December, 2020

Upgrade your laundry room in 9 stylish steps

Your laundry room, like any other space in your home, certainly has design potential. Just because it’s a utilitarian space with specific functions doesn’t mean you can’t have some design fun with it.

07 December, 2020

2021’s trends: 8 bedroom designs to copy

Here on homify we always aim to keep you in the style loop, such as sharing predicted trends. And it just so happens that our crew of professionals (which include expert Interior Designers /Decorators) have picked up some hints on bedroom designs tha…

04 December, 2020

10 designer-approved ways to decorate with patterns

Patterns remain a fantastic way of adding character and detail to a space, especially when combined with the right colours. And best of all is that there’s absolutely no limit as to what can flaunt some eye-catching patterns, from curtains and carpet…

02 December, 2020

How to furnish your small flat: 9 designer tips

Turning a house (or a flat) into a home doesn’t have to be tricky; it all depends on how closely you abide by the sacred style rules of furnishing small spaces.And fortunately, we’ve gathered some tried-and-tested tips from some of our busiest Interi…

30 November, 2020

9 master bathroom must-haves

We know that, technically, the most crucial features of a bathroom are the toilet, sink, and a shower/tub. But, if we were to ask you to compile a list of special, additional features worthy of your master bathroom, chances are that you will end up w…

30 November, 2020

Interior designer secrets: Decorating your dining room

There’s something to be said for hosting/attending a grand dinner party. Especially if the setting looks like it’s been styled by a professional Interior Designer/Decorator with a keen eye for detail.

25 November, 2020