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10 steps to the perfect rustic kitchen

When it comes to choosing the perfect style for the heart of your home (aka the kitchen), there is a myriad of options to consider. But today we’d like to focus on an old favourite: the rustic style.

14 November, 2018

​Get your home in the holiday spirit with our Christmas decoration ideas

‘Tis the season to be merry, and nothing screams “Christmas” like an abundance of decorations. After all, this is the one time of the year when we can go really big with colourful ribbons, dazzling ornaments and a wide array of twinkling lights, both…

13 November, 2018

homify’s best window dressing ideas

If windows are the eyes of a home’s soul, then what does that make window dressing? Very important, we’d say! Unfortunately, far too many homeowners deem window treatment as an afterthought, choosing instead to splurge on other items like sofas, wall…

08 November, 2018

​The homify guide to decorating a white bedroom

Who says an all-white space is unpractical? Imagine it as a perfectly blank canvas just waiting for it to add your personal style – exciting, definitely, but also a bit daunting.

01 November, 2018

​Ideal interiors: Working with light grey paint

There’s a lot more to grey than simply being the colour that’s perfectly in-between black and white. Thousands of different grey hues exist, each with its own unique look and style (and name, like Cloud, Fossil, Charcoal, Anchor… ).

31 October, 2018

​How to correctly (and stylishly) wallpaper your living room

When it comes to design tools to style up your interiors, wallpaper has been packing a punch since 1785. That was the year when Christophe-Philippe Oberkampf invented the first machine for printing coloured tints on sheets of wallpaper.

26 October, 2018

​homify’s best grey bedroom ideas

A decade or so ago, a grey bedroom would have been considered slightly crazy. Beige and brown, sure, but grey? After all, it’s considered a grim and cave-like tone that’s meant to be used in conjunction with other more striking hues, right? Not anymo…

23 October, 2018

Are you guilty of these 8 bedroom design mistakes?

We all know the importance of ensuring the right seating for a living room, the right-sized table in the dining area, and adequate lighting for a gloomy hallway. But what do these three spaces all have in common? They are on public display to guests,…

01 October, 2018

Everything you need to know before choosing a floor rug

We’ll get straight to the point: floor rugs are prime pieces that impact all rooms, like the bedroom and living room, and even those ‘in-between’ areas like entryways and hallways.

30 September, 2018

​Your how-to guide for an industrial dining room

They say that history repeats itself. Thus, whichever is considered trendy and “in” will become so again, right? Correct! Just take a look at the interior design- and architectural industries over the last few years.

16 September, 2018