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How to host a high tea

The tradition of the high tea dates back to the early nineteenth century where Anna Russel, the Seventh Duchess of Bedford began the practice of hosting friends to a summery afternoon tea at Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire.

23 March, 2017

The 5 pieces of IKEA furniture your home NEEDS!

It's no secret that IKEA plays a huge role in millions of homes around the world, but how do you stop yourself from getting lost in Markethall when you only need the basics? Well, you take our list of the five items that your home needs and stick to…

16 March, 2017

Making wooden furniture look better

Do you ever look at upcycled furniture projects and wonder if you should have a go? Well, you should! Ask any interior designer and they'll tell you that the upcycling trend isn't going anywhere for a long time so, if you have a creative side, you sh…

13 March, 2017

IKEA furniture hacks

IKEA furniture is amazing as it's such good value for money and the range of styles available means that however you've decorated your home, there will be a range to suit you. There is, however, another reason why IKEA furniture has become so popular…

10 March, 2017

How to decorate a small room

Size matters, yet a lot can be achieved with very little. We are, of course, talking about small rooms and how the right approach to décor and design can ensure the end result is not only functional, but also super fashionable.

06 March, 2017

Wooden room dividing screen ideas

Wooden screens seem to be enjoying some kind of renaissance, potentially because open-plan homes are fast becoming so popular. Whatever the reason for their surge in appeal, we love them! Offering an easy way to divide a space, they don't shut out na…

04 March, 2017

Ways to disguise IKEA furniture

Before we even start this article, let's get one thing straight: we love IKEA! This is in no way us bashing the great value and simple styling IKEA has become synonymous with. Rather, it's us giving you some top tips for making your furniture choices…

04 March, 2017

Wooden wardrobe ideas

It always seems strange to us that so many people love buying clothes without paying much attention to their wardrobe. A key piece of furniture in any bedroom, they not only need to effectively look after your garments, but also look good and work wi…

25 February, 2017

The best home decorating secrets

Do you swoon while flipping through decorating magazines? Does your heart do a little pitter patter whenever an interior design programme comes on TV? Then you are clearly one of the millions of people worldwide who are in love with good home design.

15 February, 2017

What are the most common interior design mistakes?

It’s happened to all of us – you’re peacefully minding your own business in a shopping centre somewhere when all of a sudden you spot it: the perfect décor piece for your house! Of course you know it will look just perfect in your interiors, so you i…

13 February, 2017