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​Be the best host ever with these guest bedroom ideas

Most of us host overnight guests from time to time – family from out of town, colleagues spending the night, etc. And while a friendly attitude is vital, a beautifully designed spare bedroom also goes a long way in making your guests feel welcome.

09 August, 2018

Too hot to sleep? Try this!

A nice summery day with warm sunshine is one thing; but night-time temperature that’s too hot to sleep is entirely something else. And if you’ve been tossing and turning trying to get some shut eye recently, you’re not along.

08 August, 2018

​The homify guide to cosily warm interiors

We know what you’re thinking – winter is still a few months away! True, but when we say “warm interiors”, we not only mean tips and tricks for raising your home’s indoor temperature, but also ways in which you can make the look of your home feel cosy…

29 July, 2018

​Interior inspiration: What colours go with navy?

We are all familiar with navy – the darkest blue in its true form that appears almost black. (Interesting fact: Navy gets its name from the uniforms of the British Royal Navy and is associated with uniforms, dress clothing and other traditional sarto…

27 July, 2018

​9 easy ways to make a house a home

Before we dish out our easy tips, first realise one thing: a house is not necessarily a home. Without getting too technical, a house refers to the actual, physical structure that provides shelter; a home can be any building, location or space which o…

25 July, 2018

Working with colour: Decorating with beige

When it comes to the colour family, beige is seen as a trusty friend; that dependable tint one can always add to any surface of any room (from the bedroom and hallway to the living room and kitchen).

11 July, 2018

​Visual space: Working with furniture for a small living room

It’s a struggle that the majority of us are all too familiar with – trying to cram our worldly possessions into a tiny space while aiming to achieve that unique balance between practicality and style.

​14 garden furniture ideas to lure you outside

The temperatures have become warmer, the skies bluer, and sunny days are much more frequent (well, as much as they can be here in the UK). But still, here on homify we love spending time outdoors, especially when said outdoors are just as comfortable…

06 July, 2018

​The homify guide to small bedroom furniture

One of the most important parts about interior design is arranging furniture – doing it correctly is an art form, as any seasoned interior designer/decorator will tell you. However, that doesn’t mean that the rest of us can’t attempt to play with fur…

24 June, 2018

​How to choose the right tables for small spaces

It doesn’t matter if you have a modern, open-plan layout which combines your kitchen, dining- and living areas, or a more traditional home where all these spaces are closed off – you will require at least one table in one of these rooms.

13 June, 2018