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Charming eco-friendly pet furniture for your furry friends

The GARDEN FURNITURE CENTRE in West Midlands Birmingham is dedicated to upcycling and eco-friendly practices. You can find all you need for your outdoor furniture from dining tables and chairs to gazebos and patio heaters.

07 December, 2018

Don’t lose it, reuse it: 3 unique upcycled furniture items to inspire you!

When it comes to throwing out the junk, sometimes it leaves the question “what if you could re-purpose and re-use some of these?” Or what if you knew a good company like The Garden Furniture Centre in West Midlands who could help you upcycle? Upcycli…

03 December, 2018

7 tips for perfect living room arrangements

In the mood to change up your living room? Maybe you want to alter the furniture layout or make the space seem bigger? Regardless of what you are changing, the fact remains that the living room is the standard socialising space in any home, which mea…

02 October, 2018

A perfectly organised bathroom in one day

Your bathroom may not be the biggest or the most stylish, but with the right attitude it can certainly become the most organised. That’s the dream, isn’t it? To have a space that’s as clutter-free and functional as possible.

18 September, 2018

​Modern shelving ideas for any home

Like everything else in the interior design world, shelves have certainly evolved. While they were originally created as an organisational necessity meant to be hidden away, modern times have seen them come out of the closet (pun intended) and become…

17 September, 2018

​Your how-to guide for an industrial dining room

They say that history repeats itself. Thus, whichever is considered trendy and “in” will become so again, right? Correct! Just take a look at the interior design- and architectural industries over the last few years.

16 September, 2018

Get the right look with these bachelor pad ideas

When we talk about a bachelor pad we do not mean a space devoid of style and responsibility. After all, just because you’re a grown man who lives alone does mean that visual aesthetics need to go out the window.

15 September, 2018

The homify guide to choosing the best bed

Permanently tired? Suffering from pains and aches all over your body? Could be that your bed is the culprit, especially if it’s older than seven years. Even the best bed can deteriorate by as much as 70% within 10 years of being bought, yet it would…

29 August, 2018

Functional style: Our cleverest living room storage ideas

Having enough storage space will always be tricky, considering how we humans like to collect and gather throughout our lives. But decent storage areas are especially difficult in a home’s ‘public’ spaces, like the living room.

28 August, 2018

Weekend project: Update your living room

Where we host and entertain; socialise and relax; busy ourselves with various activities like reading, working, or just lounging and watching some TV – yes, we are obviously talking about the versatile living room, a space that is used so often, but…

27 August, 2018