The best home decorating secrets

Do you swoon while flipping through decorating magazines? Does your heart do a little pitter patter whenever an interior design programme comes on TV? Then you are clearly one of the millions of people worldwide who are in love with good home design.

15 February, 2017

What are the most common interior design mistakes?

It’s happened to all of us – you’re peacefully minding your own business in a shopping centre somewhere when all of a sudden you spot it: the perfect décor piece for your house! Of course you know it will look just perfect in your interiors, so you i…

13 February, 2017

"​Which non-permanent home upgrades work best?"

It goes without saying that we all want to live in beautiful homes—not only spaces that appeal to us, but that can make our guests and visitors also catch their breath. Feels great knowing that your taste in living room sofas (or bathroom colours,…

05 February, 2017

"What am I doing wrong when painting wooden furniture?"

It's all very well being told to upcycle some old furniture with a coat of paint, but if you've tried this previously and not achieved the result you were hoping for, you might not fancy trying again.

28 January, 2017

7 open wardrobes you could easily build in your home

Let's all enjoy a moment of total honesty and say that when it comes to wardrobes, bigger is better, right? We all have more clothes than we think and (even if it's secretly) we all know there's nothing nicer than having them properly hung, folded an…

25 January, 2017

Ideas for people who want better-than-average shelving

If we told you shelving could be exciting, fresh and eye-catching, would you believe us? We wouldn't blame you if you didn't because, after all, how brilliant can wall shelves be? Well, as it turns out, very! We've found a handful of really beautiful…

24 January, 2017

10 amazing wooden wardrobes!

If you want to add some extra style to your bedroom storage, you can't go wrong by choosing a wooden wardrobe. We were keen to see what styles people already have—whether shop-bought or custom creations from a talented carpenter—and we know you'r…

24 January, 2017

42 ideas of budget wardrobes that are easy to make

Do you ever look at your clothes storage and think it's woefully lacklustre? Even if you've made space in your bedroom for a large wardrobe, if you simply can't get your organisation on point, perhaps you should consider creating something custom and…

16 January, 2017

15 wooden furniture items your carpenter should copy

If you're consistently impressed by some of the fabulous wooden items you see here on homify, but think that you'd never be able to find something similar for your home, think again.

14 January, 2017

​Discover what your "inner designer" really looks like

Nobody ever said that interior designing/decorating is a walk in the park you can do while blindfolded. It goes hand in hand with searching online for inspiration, window shopping furniture and décor pieces that you think might go with your interiors…

13 January, 2017