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​How to make a room look bigger - The homify guide

There will always be small houses, apartments, and rooms. It then makes sense that there will always be people who occupy said small spaces. Some do so because of budgets, others by choice, as they are tired of taking care of larger areas and prefer…

19 May, 2018

​How to choose a modern bookcase

Out of all the furniture you’re ever going to buy, perhaps none will be as useful as the modern bookcase. Not only are these prized pieces used to organise your favourite novels and magazines, but they also serve as a place to display art, décor acce…

17 May, 2018

The homify guide for choosing minimalist furniture

There’s more to the minimalist design than meets the eye. You might look at a minimalist living room and think ‘stark’, yet a minimalist will see ‘simple’. Where you may see ‘cold’, minimalists will see ‘sleek’.

20 April, 2018

​The homify guide to decorating on a budget

Here at homify we firmly believe that everyone deserves beauty in their lives. That’s why we always go the extra mile to bring our readers top-notch décor- and design tips to help them enjoy beautiful homes.

07 April, 2018

​Brilliant ideas for bedside tables

Clutter will find a way to infiltrate our lives, unless we resort to clever measures to keep it at bay. But don’t think that this is only true of the ‘working’ and ‘socialising’ areas in our homes, like the kitchen and living room, for the bedroom ha…

01 April, 2018

​Feng Shui says: How your entrance area should look

Want your home to make a stylish first impression? Who doesn’t? That’s why we’re looking at what Feng Shui tells us about styling up home entrances – which of these ones would you never have thought of?

08 March, 2018

19 simple cabinets that your carpenter can build on a small budget

Here are some easy-to-build wardrobes that your can replicate at home.

26 February, 2018

​The beauty of IKEA: 10 bedrooms to inspire you

Even though the bedroom is one of the most private rooms in the entire house, that doesn’t mean that it can be neglected in terms of beauty. In fact, seeing as it’s the space where you go to every day to recharge and relax, it needs to have a certain…

08 February, 2018

​Your bedroom furniture: what you need to know

Bed? Check! Bedside table(s)? Check! How about a rug, headboard and dresser? Are these elements really that important? What if they take too much space?Yes, styling up a bedroom is not only about how many scatter cushions to add, as practicality also…

04 February, 2018

14 wardrobe ideas you HAVE to consider

When it comes to maximising your bedroom storage and organising your clothing, choosing the right wardrobe is absolutely imperative, but do you know how many different styles there are? You might be picturing a traditional freestanding wooden cabinet…

03 February, 2018