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7 home decor styles that are back in a big way

Who doesn’t like a good throwback to days gone by in the form of furniture and décor items, whether it’s a vintage dresser popular in the 1930s or some crunchy orange shag carpeting our parents raved about in the 1970s? Well, history sure does repeat…

07 July, 2017

14 borderline-genius storage solutions you'll want to try

Getting the right storage for your home can be an uphill task—especially if you have a small gaff or awkward spaces to accommodate. But, we've found some utterly inspired solutions to show you today! By taking a look at how talented interior design…

24 June, 2017

The IKEA items we all want (and most of us already have!)

It's inevitable that IKEA furniture finds its way into home design by our top designers and decorators. This is wonderful because IKEA is budget-friendly and can be incredibly versatile and of course, very beautiful.

14 June, 2017

TV storage ideas to take your living room up a gear

If you don't really like the idea of your television or entertainment technology being a standalone feature of your living room, you need to be thinking about installing an entertainment centre that really brings everything together! Interior designe…

09 May, 2017

12 homes with utterly ingenious storage solutions

We don't think it's groundbreaking news that every home needs a full compliment of clever storage solutions that contribute to a tidy, organised and easy-to-use living space, but do you know what you can try in your house? Bookshelves aren't anything…

06 April, 2017

44 pallets ideas you can directly copy

You must know by now how much we love a bargain hack and we don't think many DIY projects are as impactful or easy and low-cost as creating pallet furniture. You might think that pallets are only good for making outdoor items, but we've found a host…

27 March, 2017

​How to personalise your home via colours

Each one of us has a favourite colour, a certain shade that shows up more in our lives. And why shouldn’t we? Colours are fun and your choice of hues definitely sets you apart from the person next to you.

25 March, 2017

How to host a high tea

The tradition of the high tea dates back to the early nineteenth century where Anna Russel, the Seventh Duchess of Bedford began the practice of hosting friends to a summery afternoon tea at Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire.

23 March, 2017

​How to paint your outdoor furniture

Any DIY project needs to be approached with a certain amount of thinking involved, seeing as there are always a bunch of things to consider. But once temperamental weather gets added to the mix, that thinking-list suddenly becomes quite longer.

18 March, 2017

The 5 pieces of IKEA furniture your home NEEDS!

It's no secret that IKEA plays a huge role in millions of homes around the world, but how do you stop yourself from getting lost in Markethall when you only need the basics? Well, you take our list of the five items that your home needs and stick to…

16 March, 2017