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​The beauty of IKEA: 10 bedrooms to inspire you

Even though the bedroom is one of the most private rooms in the entire house, that doesn’t mean that it can be neglected in terms of beauty. In fact, seeing as it’s the space where you go to every day to recharge and relax, it needs to have a certain…

08 February, 2018

​Your bedroom furniture: what you need to know

Bed? Check! Bedside table(s)? Check! How about a rug, headboard and dresser? Are these elements really that important? What if they take too much space?Yes, styling up a bedroom is not only about how many scatter cushions to add, as practicality also…

04 February, 2018

14 wardrobe ideas you HAVE to consider

When it comes to maximising your bedroom storage and organising your clothing, choosing the right wardrobe is absolutely imperative, but do you know how many different styles there are? You might be picturing a traditional freestanding wooden cabinet…

03 February, 2018

​5 Feng Shui tips to cleanse your home of negative energy

Heard of Feng Shui? Most people have! It’s that ancient Chinese belief system with prescribed guidelines for placing furniture, appliances and accessories in a certain way to enable the flow of energy in a space, like the home.

01 February, 2018

​10 designs that use neutral colour palettes to perfection

We have so many options in terms of colours: cool naturals, warm earth tones, soft and tranquil pastels… And not to hate on a specific area of the colour wheel, but the truth is that there is something irresistibly alluring about a neutral colour p…

27 January, 2018

​19 examples of furniture saving space

Problems with space in your home? Join the club! But before you pick up a sledgehammer to tear down a wall, maybe you need to look at your choice of furnishings (and we don’t necessarily mean buying smaller chairs and tables).

21 January, 2018

​6 mistakes to avoid when decorating your bedroom

Ah, the bedroom – our most intimate space in the entire house where we go to at the end of each day to rest and recharge. For this reason, it is important to make it into a pleasant and comfortable environment, a task that is not always easy in curre…

20 January, 2018

​20 ideas to spruce up your living room

The living room: the space where you invite your guests to sit down and join you for a cup of tea (or glass of wine) and a chat. Of course the living room can also be the room where you enjoy some quality time with your thoughts and/or a good book in…

15 January, 2018

​13 decorating mistakes guests never comment on

It’s always nice to have friends/relatives over, as there’s something special about entertaining guests. Yes, you might be “in charge” when it comes to hosting a gathering in your house, but that doesn’t mean that your guests stop thinking for themse…

23 December, 2017

​How to style up your home in 2018 according to your star sign

With the Zodiac’s planets and constellations in constant motion, that means having to keep up with all the latest happenings and predictions that pertain to our star signs – and the birth of a new year is no exception.

20 December, 2017