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21 eye-candy back gardens to give you ideas

Do you ever look at your back garden and just feel a little disappointed? With so many incredible landscaping projects being completed these days, it's easy to feel as though your outdoor space doesn't quite come up to snuff, but we've found 21 beaut…

20 September, 2017

12 cheap ways to make your garden look like you hired a pro

We think that gardeners are worth their weight in gold, but you do need quite a bit of gold at your disposal to hire them! Because of that, we are always on the lookout for nifty tips that will help us to get the professionally curated garden look, o…

19 September, 2017

10 garden storage ideas you'll wish you'd known about before

We all know what a shed is, but let's be honest; they aren't for everybody! If you prefer a more contemporary garden aesthetic, or want to keep your storage a little more subtle, for example, the last thing you'll want is a ruddy great wooden shed ta…

17 September, 2017

​10 seating designs to make your garden more beautiful

From yellow plastic chairs to rattan furniture, one really is spoiled for choice in terms of additional touches to make a garden that much more appealing – and practical, of course.

14 September, 2017

10 marvellous garden additions for you to consider!

Sometimes, all a garden needs is a striking focal point to finish it off. Any gardener or landscape architect will tell you that! The real question is, however, what options are there in terms of pretty, durable and worthwhile additions to an already…

12 September, 2017

​10 great sun protection solutions for your garden

A comfortable seating spot in your garden is not enough, as protection from the sun is more important. After all, you don’t want to end up frying yourself while enjoying some fresh air, right? Besides, indulging in some coffee and cake is so much bet…

03 September, 2017

​10 reasons why you need a Zen garden

We’ve all heard or seen your typical Zen garden – a Japanese creation consisting mainly of gravel, stones and boulders. These, in their various styles that include curved shapes, have been around for centuries, originally created by Zen monks as part…

31 August, 2017

​The 10 most sensational stone garden pictures

When hearing the word “garden” what comes to mind? Green lawns, lush flower beds, old fruit trees, shrubs and bushes, perhaps? These images may very well spring to numerous people’s minds when imagining gardens, yet they’re not the only options.

27 August, 2017

16 ways to save your garden from our terrible weather

We're not wishing summer away, but you have to be realistic in the UK, as a few sunny days and suddenly, we are straight back into the dark and depressing days of autumn and winter! With that in mind, we wondered how professional gardeners seek to re…

23 August, 2017

Garden design: 12 brilliant modern ideas to copy

Giving your garden a stylish modern makeover might seem like a massive undertaking, especially if you aren't planning to hire a professional gardener, but we have some fantastic tips that will help you to focus on the motifs that really make a differ…

20 August, 2017