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homify’s best ideas for a gravel garden

When hearing the word ‘gravel’, most of us tend to imagine driveways. Of course this is correct, yet there are so many other ways in which this varied and versatile material can be used – including spicing up your garden.

02 December, 2018

​Garden landscaping ideas: Planning your garden from the start

With winter about to drop, very few of us are busy with garden landscaping ideas. However, it’s only a matter of time before the chilliness evaporates and sunshine and green grass return – and when that happens, you don’t want to be caught with no pl…

09 November, 2018

Your perfect summerhouse: What to do (and not to do)

There is just something lavish and lucrative about a cosy summerhouse located in a garden. Even if it’s just an ordinary, traditionally built little structure that’s not too big, having access to a summerhouse immediately tells everyone that you have…

07 November, 2018

​homify’s best garden edging tips and ideas

To make a garden come to life (visually speaking) we have a host of options to consider: the types of plants and flowers we’ll be planting, the layout and style of our garden, and accessories such as water fountains and benches.

30 October, 2018

​Great-looking gardens: Gardening in August

The changing of seasons is what adds to the excitement of gardening; however, when it’s that weird, peculiar time when one season hasn’t really ended, yet the following one has already started creeping up, that’s when gardening can become a bit…

17 August, 2018

​8 garden lighting ideas to shine up your outdoors

Just because the sun has set for the day doesn’t mean your social life has to. Here in the UK we are especially greedy whenever we are gifted with a fair-weathered day, so we do what we can to prolong those al fresco occasions.

02 August, 2018

​9 front garden ideas anybody can try

Not blessed with green fingers? Not all of us are, but fortunately you don’t need to be a professional with all things garden related (or hire a fancy landscape architect) to give your yard the style factor it needs.

01 August, 2018

​How to make small back gardens super stylish

Some call it a curse, others a blessing. We are, of course, talking about small back gardens, but in this category also falls other tiny outdoor spaces like small terraces, miniature balconies and petite patios.

17 July, 2018

​14 garden furniture ideas to lure you outside

The temperatures have become warmer, the skies bluer, and sunny days are much more frequent (well, as much as they can be here in the UK). But still, here on homify we love spending time outdoors, especially when said outdoors are just as comfortable…

06 July, 2018

​Beautiful patio ideas: What to consider

Who doesn’t love it when a beautifully designed patio flows from the main house into the garden? So much style; so much space; so much potential! And let’s not forget that the right patio can definitely influence your home’s value for the better.