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​How to make small back gardens super stylish

Some call it a curse, others a blessing. We are, of course, talking about small back gardens, but in this category also falls other tiny outdoor spaces like small terraces, miniature balconies and petite patios.

17 July, 2018

​14 garden furniture ideas to lure you outside

The temperatures have become warmer, the skies bluer, and sunny days are much more frequent (well, as much as they can be here in the UK). But still, here on homify we love spending time outdoors, especially when said outdoors are just as comfortable…

06 July, 2018

​Beautiful patio ideas: What to consider

Who doesn’t love it when a beautifully designed patio flows from the main house into the garden? So much style; so much space; so much potential! And let’s not forget that the right patio can definitely influence your home’s value for the better.

​Great garden ideas for backyard entertainment

Regardless of how big or small your yard is, chances are that you’ve thought about using it to host a smashing soiree every now and again. The great thing is that most backyard spaces have the potential to become a setting for a party, even if it’s j…

18 June, 2018

​7 fresh patio landscaping ideas to try

If you’re lucky enough to have a patio, balcony, terrace, porch or any other outdoor space, chances are you’ll want to make the most of it. And fortunately there exists a myriad of tips: which patio floors to pick, how to choose the best outdoor furn…

27 May, 2018

​The best small garden ideas

When it comes to yards, bigger isn’t always better. Small outdoor spaces can be just as enjoyable for relaxing and entertaining as larger ones. And although most of us here in the UK have small gardens, we here at homify have decided to change that l…

22 May, 2018

​Dormant lawn? This is how you bring your garden back to life

Nobody likes the sight of a neglected garden, especially one that’s located in the front of a house (bad for kerb appeal and first impressions, you know!). But there’s a difference between not giving a hoot about your yard/garden and not knowing what…

21 May, 2018

​7 different garden designs to help you find yours

Every so often one just needs to relax and unwind by spending some time with nature. But don’t fret, as we are definitely not suggesting that you pack up and go camping or hiking.

11 May, 2018

​homify gardening: Working with a planting plan

When we look back at history, we see that farming meant the difference between someone’s ability to simply survive off the land, and thrive off it. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that proper planning needs to be involved when planting crops…

01 May, 2018

​Clever and creative garden storage ideas

Storage, in general, seems like it’s always an issue. Doesn’t matter if it’s inside or outdoors, there either seems to not be enough storage spaces, or no functional (i.e. user-friendly) ways of storing tools, pillows, outdoor cookware, garden access…

03 April, 2018