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How to Design the Outdoor Garden of Your Dreams

Have you been looking to add a bit of much-needed personality to your home? Do you plan on having guests over for food and drinks? Perhaps your property is in need of a long-awaited facelift.

23 December, 2021

16 stylish garden fence ideas you'll want to try

When the weather is beautiful and the sun is out, it's natural to want to get to work in the garden. We can focus on making our lawn, flowers and plants look beautiful! Yet, there is one element that we often don't give enough thought or attention to…

25 February, 2021

​"How much will it really cost me to install a patio?"

Lots of people daydream about sprucing up their house’s exterior look, and more often than not, those dreams include adding a stylish patio. This add-on is definitely great for entertaining and socialising, not to mention enhancing your home’s look a…

24 February, 2021

​What do I need to know before building a garden room?

Extra garden space is always a nice-to-have, but not all of us plan to fill up that legroom with prize-winning daffodils or a water feature. Some people are most interested in how to build a garden room, which is a most versatile option as it can be…

24 February, 2021

​14 garden furniture ideas to lure you outside

The temperatures have become warmer, the skies bluer, and sunny days are much more frequent (well, as much as they can be here in the UK). But still, here on homify we love spending time outdoors, especially when said outdoors are just as comfortable…

23 February, 2021

Garden fencing for nosey neighbours in stylish ways

Is there anything worse than planning to spend some time out in your garden, only to see your neighbours peering over or twitching their curtains? Well, we aren't willing to stay indoors just because everyone else is a nosey parker!That is what inspi…

16 February, 2021

13 first-class British front gardens with ideas to steal

In case you don't already know, your front garden plays a vital role in the first impressions made by your home as a whole. It's no use spending a wealth of time on painting your wooden trim and choosing the perfect front door if your landscaping is…

16 February, 2021

14 garden privacy solutions to avoid nosey neighbours

Whatever you do in your garden, you probably don't want your neighbours or passers-by being able to see in while you do it. So, have you given some thought to your privacy and how to maintain it? We looked at some seriously stylish ways landscape arc…

15 February, 2021

homify’s best ideas for a gravel garden

When hearing the word ‘gravel’, most of us tend to imagine driveways. Of course this is correct, yet there are so many other ways in which this varied and versatile material can be used – including spicing up your garden.

12 February, 2021

27 ideas for making your small back garden super cosy

A small back garden can actually be a fantastic commodity when it comes to creating a cosy and beautiful space. It makes sense when you think about it, as the less space you have to worry about, the more you can hone in on a prescribed style and get…

11 February, 2021