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Modern stone ideas for gardens

Natural stone is such a wonderful material and has a variety of applications, but we think it always looks perfectly seated in your garden.Matching the surroundings so well, it offers texture, stunning tones and a real dose of organic style.

22 February, 2017

Modern garden fencing ideas

Garden fencing might not set your heart on fire yet, but when you consider what a great opportunity it presents for one-upping your neighbours, we think you'll start to get a little more excited about it! It's not just about getting one over on those…

21 February, 2017

Outdoor ovens and barbecues for patios

We don't know about you, but the first sunny and slightly warmer day that we experience has us running to the shed to think about barbecues. But this year we don't want to simply roll out a tatty old grill, we want to build a proper cooking station! …

19 February, 2017

​How to build a garden pergola

The change of the season is almost upon us, which means it’s only a matter of time before more and more people will start venturing out to take advantage of the warmer weather.

16 February, 2017

Modern ideas for British gardens

It might only be February but, let's be honest; we need to start thinking about our summer gardens now! Nobody wants to be in a rush to create a slice of outdoor paradise when the weather starts to warm up, so we wanted to show you some seriously coo…

16 February, 2017

Low-maintenance garden ideas

If you think a garden is defined by having a patch of perfectly manicured grass, think again! In increasingly busy times it's difficult to commit to maintaining a space that needs a lot of attention and not everyone can afford to hire a professional …

16 February, 2017

What must I know before building a garden room?

Garden rooms are a beautiful and handy addition to any outdoor space, but before you go hell for leather and build one, stop and read this article to ensure you've taken everything necessary into account first.

15 February, 2017

Pergola ideas for British gardens

If you've taken the time to design and build a beautiful patio in your garden, you want to get as much use out of it as possible, which is why a suitable cover is vital. We've taken a look at how landscape architects have sought to offer all-weather…

14 February, 2017

Modern outdoor fire designs

It might only be February but we're optimistic about a fantastic summer, so now's the time to start thinking about how you can make your garden more sociable and enjoyable. At the top of our must-have list for summer 2017 is a fabulous garden fire an…

14 February, 2017

Affordable wooden decking ideas

Do you ever look at gorgeous wooden decking and think you'd love something similar for your home, but wonder if you could afford it? Or if it could fit in your garden? Well, wonder no more as we've found a host of fantastic decking designs that are n…

13 February, 2017