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Behind this door lies a dream modern British home

London and Oxfordshire-based architectural firm HollandGreen takes charge of today’s homify 360° discovery: a beautiful (but rather dilapidated), large Oxford townhouse that had been left empty and in a bad state of disrepair for a number of years, l…

27 July, 2017

This renovated Georgian home is an absolute treat inside

Our homify 360° gem for today comes from London and Oxfordshire-based architectural team HollandGreen. The project they’re sharing with us? A full renovation and extension that was implemented onto a stunning listed home that flaunts an eye-catching…

26 July, 2017

This industrial chic garden extension will blow you away

Imagine the following scenario: Your London house has a very small yet finely tuned garden extension which acts as a home office. You feel the need to indulge in a little more space with a stronger connection to your beautifully lush backyard garden.

26 July, 2017

This simple terraced home is a different world inside

Join us today as we set off to Utrecht, Netherlands where professional firm EVA Architects share one of their prime portfolio pieces with us: a super stylish apartment that takes its commitment to cleanliness and space quite seriously.

25 July, 2017

This overlooked home got a clever glass extension

London-based team MW Architects bring us our newest homify 360°, which focuses not on an entire house, but instead a simple little backyard conservatory attached to a modern-day family home – complete with a double-curved, self-reciprocating, stresse…

25 July, 2017

The beautiful Battersea townhouse with a lofty surprise

Professional firm PAD Architects brings us today’s homify 360° gem, which sees a beautiful Battersea townhouse set within the Battersea Park Conservation Area undergo an extensive refurbishment in order to treat the client to some more light-infused…

24 July, 2017

Beyond this door lies a truly stupendous Georgian home

A humongous country house that hasn’t been renovated for over half a century? Sounds like quite the challenge to us, and yet that is exactly the brief that was delivered to professional design firm Latham Interiors, whose clients requested that their…

24 July, 2017

A detached family home's room-by-room remodel

Our newest homify 360° highlight details one fabulous house refurbishment in Dorchester Gardens that, of course, not only provided new space and potential, but also heaps and heaps of copy-worthy style! Apart from a full-on makeover, an extension and…

23 July, 2017

Yes sir! A converted school house full of hidden delights

Bath-based interior design firm Latham Interiors is in charge of today’s homify 360° discovery, which is a very interesting double-height space that showcases the contemporary side of this expert team’s capabilities.

23 July, 2017

This ordinary 1930s semi hides a surprising new interior

Professional home-building firm Power 2 Build Ltd in London is at the head of today’s homify 360° gem, sharing one of its prime portfolio projects with us. This particular one deals with the full refurbishment, extension add-on and loft conversion im…

22 July, 2017