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A Celebration of Concrete

Being one of the world's most vibrant and creative cities, it's only natural that São Paulo is home to amazing architecture. When visiting the city, a diversity of architectural styles are on display ranging from the European inspired Municipal Theat…

29 December, 2018

8 things to know about Swedish Death Cleaning

A name such as ‘Swedish Death Cleaning’ does sound quite ominous, sure, but its rewards are truly satisfying. Actually, it’s just a hostile-sounding name for the latest cleaning craze that is helping numerous households worldwide become much more clu…

23 December, 2018

The award winning architecture firm building quick modular homes

The project we are presenting to you today is simply fascinating. The house has been designed by the famous architect Filipe Saraiva and is a futuristic dwelling. The designer has founded an atelier known as the Arquitectos.

17 December, 2018

The Yellow Room: An interior gem by London’s Aorta

Our newest inspirational piece comes from London-based design studio Aorta. Known for being fully committed to creative designs and mesmerising interiors, Aorta provides a variety of services that are unique to every client and project.

16 December, 2018

A proper loft conversion: The costs and right professionals

In need of some extra space in your home? Ever considered building up instead of out? In many cases, a loft is a far better option than an extension, particularly when your garden / yard size won’t accommodate an add-on structure.

15 December, 2018

Portugal - Paços de Ferreira: The European Capital of Furniture

Here on homify we are proud of our ever-expanding collection of professionals. And today we’d like to introduce you to one of your all-time favourites: Alpha Details, interior designers in Paços de Ferreira, Portugal.

07 December, 2018

6 top interior design projects from Porto, Portugal

Are you familiar with the name Boragui Design Studio? Located in Porto, Portugal, Boragui Design Studio is an interior architectural firm consisting of a young and dynamic team bent on creating top-notch design solutions for all types of projects.

26 November, 2018

The Brescian professionals for marvellous metal furniture

Bookshelves made of steel and iron, perfect for a modern and industrial space, is one thing; metal bookshelves with intricate shapes, curvy angles and eye-catching designs is another, as they completely change and revitalise the space they’re put int…

25 November, 2018

The Lisbon home that’s mad about technology

We’re all familiar with those futuristic houses where walls turn into movie screens and lights switch on via voice command. But thanks to ingenious designers thinking outside the box, houses like that are no longer from the future – and today’s homif…

24 November, 2018

How to choose your living room furniture

As one of the prime social spaces in any home, the living room needs to really wow in terms of visual aesthetics. But don’t discount durability, especially if you regularly entertain and host social gatherings in your living room.

23 November, 2018