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An apartment that stuns with unusual design touches!

We all want our homes to be accurate reflections of who we are and what our individual style is, but it's shocking how many of us give in to a more understated aesthetic, just because we think we should or maybe even because we assume that family hom…

14 February, 2018

An amazing loft and garage conversion to admire

It's easy to forget that not everybody wants an integrated garage. In fact, there must be numerous homes that could actually use more internal space and today, we are going to show you one such property that has been dramatically altered to lovely ef…

12 February, 2018

A house in harmony with the natural world

Balancing a building with its surroundings is no easy task, which is why talented architects and landscape gardeners are worth their weight in gold. Today, we want to show you a wonderful luxury contemporary home that has perfectly integrated with th…

11 February, 2018

An incredible home with a Mediterranean twist

Stunning family homes are a constant source of inspiration for us here at homify and we've found one to show you today that has taken themed styling to a whole new level of imaginative! Created by a team of phenomenal architects, this modern Mediterr…

10 February, 2018

​The modern home with artistic touches

London-based pros Space Group Architects are at the helm of today’s homify 360° piece, and this discovery comes with a most interesting backstory… It all started with a Grade II listed building in East London that required a new look and some additi…

06 February, 2018

A very modern family home (with floor plans)

If you've been perpetually searching for your perfect family home, you might like to consider actually commissioning an architect to design your dream abode for you! That way, you'll get everything you want and need, without having to compromise on a…

06 February, 2018

​The picture-perfect villa with beautiful views

We’re off to Budapest for our latest homify 360°, and if you were expecting an old, crumbling structure, then sorry to disappoint, for this design is one of the most modest, stylish and envy-inducing ones here on homify.

05 February, 2018

A small home with massive functionality

If you've been labouring under the misconception that a micro home can't offer you the functionality and practicality that you need, alongside a hearty dose of comfort, prepare to think again! We've found a terrific home that has been expertly design…

05 February, 2018

​Before and after: A house from the 70s gets modern

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and as trends are fleeting, that means that something which is considered stylish today might be out of fashion tomorrow (well, probably not that quickly, but you know what we mean).

04 February, 2018

​A modern dream villa to brag about

Our homify 360° discovery for today takes on a luxurious feel, as it’s a modern-style villa with all the required bells and whistles for a lavish and super relaxing lifestyle (and that includes the eye-catching swimming pool in the back yard).

03 February, 2018