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The 80 m² family apartment that got a stylish new look

They say change is as good as a holiday, which is definitely one of the reasons why so many people opt for a makeover, remodel or renovation of their homes (in addition to changing trends and personal tastes, of course).

23 November, 2017

A home that oozes sophistication

It will never get old for us; discovering fabulous houses that have been designed and decorated to the highest standards possible and today, we're going to show you one that has really stuck in our memories.

22 November, 2017

​The gorgeous interiors of a Hammersmith house

We’re off to the capital (of England) today for our newest homify 360° discovery, and this one comes from London-based team GK Architects Ltd, who had the pleasure of being put in charge of this exceptional house in Hammersmith.

22 November, 2017

Rustic ruins that became a dream house

Our latest homify 360° gem comes to us from Christèle Brier Architechniques, interior architects in Tours, France. And the project they’re sharing with us is sure to inspire everyone, not only those interested in the rustic- and Mediterranean designs.

20 November, 2017

A bungalow with breathtaking lighting solutions

Have you been mooching along, assuming that bungalows have to be boring? We understand why, but have an amazing home to show you today that will blow that theory out of the water! Instead of old fashioned finishes and boring lighting in the one store…

19 November, 2017

The home that packs a real style punch

It's always eye-opening to look at what architects in other countries are creating for their clients, so when we were taking a leisurely look at what the Netherlands had to offer, we knew that this standout home needed to be showcased! With a dramati…

17 November, 2017

​A small flat that packs a big punch style-wise

We’re off to Poland for today’s slice of interior inspiration, and this one comes from Progetti Architektura, expert interior design firm in Warsaw, the country’s capital. And just like our title suggests, this prime portfolio piece might be small in…

17 November, 2017

​Modern, bright, and wonderful wood finishes: the must-see house

Our latest homify 360° discovery comes to us from João Boullosa, professional photographer in Porto, Portugal, who was fortunate enough to come into contact with this modern stunner.

11 November, 2017

​A world of elegance in a teeny tiny house

We’re off to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, for today’s homify 360° gem. And since this city is known for its centuries-old architecture and rich culture, it just makes sense that it should also flaunt some considerable interior design spaces, right?…

10 November, 2017

​A modern beauty to dream about

Our newest homify 360° gem comes from Sieckmann Walther Architects from Hamburg. The project that they’re sharing with us? A super modern, delightfully designed structure that places equal emphasis on modern style, sleek finishes, open spaces and a c…

08 November, 2017