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3D visualisations: The future of design

Professionals like architects and interior designers know that drawing, crafting and designing are just other means of communicating—and, in this sense, communication between professional and client.

28 February, 2021

Designer interview: Iris Floor from Pure & Original

It is that time of the year when most of us look at new ways to improve ourselves, aka New Year’s Resolutions. But while we can’t assist you with boosting your health levels, we can serve to inspire you in case your 2021 plans include transforming yo…

03 January, 2021

Luxury Chandelier: Brilliant bathroom lighting

When it comes to lighting designs, Luxury Chandelier is jam-packed with detailed fixtures and various designs. Based in London, this lighting store is committed to providing additional dazzle to any space, regardless of size or style.

23 November, 2020

The Majorca holiday home in sunny Spain

London-based 4D Studio Architects and Interior Designers is known as an expert entity when it comes to premium architectural / interior design projects. With upmarket houses as its speciality, the award-winning 4D Studio is made up of experienced and…

07 October, 2020

Powerful Photographic Panels to Decorate the Interiors

In this Ideabook we will get to know the work of Sandro Santioli, a renowned Italian landscape and interior photographer, and the evocative pictures he shot in different places in the world, which are now turned into powerful decorative panels for re…

23 September, 2020

6 ways to make your small bathroom look BIGGER

4D Studio is a leading interior-design firm specialising in architecture and interior splendour. Although the company is committed to deluxe, upmarket homes, its collection of experienced professionals bring a world of wonder to each and every projec…

20 September, 2020

New bedroom lighting ideas by Luxury Chandelier

Thanks to Luxury Chandelier, adding stylish illumination to indoor (and outdoor) spaces has become not only so much easier, but also more fun. That is due to these professionals’ incredible commitment to excellence and functionality, regardless of th…

19 September, 2020

The fresh new multi-unit apartment designs in Croydon

From Durban-based Imagine Architects (Pty) Ltd, a property design and –development company, comes today’s inspiring piece. Consisting of professional architects, this firm always pulls out all the style stops when it comes to its speciality: upmarket…

16 September, 2020

Six 5-minute decluttering tips for your home

4D Studio is a residential architectural and interior design firm located in London. Committed to high-end spaces and eye-catching designs, this award-winning company consists of talented and passionate architects and interior designers who all share…

27 August, 2020

The terrific TIVOLI lighting collection

Londoners, especially those who are committed to first-class style and illumination, need no introduction when it comes to Luxury Chandelier. This London-based company, whose main mission is elegant (and super practical, obviously) lighting designs a…

14 August, 2020