Learn Some of the Best Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

The major reason why having stores where you can store things in your home is always a good idea is to prevent making your home look too cluttered, to give appropriate space, and to avoid making your home look disorganised.

21 January, 2022

14 Stunning Cottages to Escape From the Urban Life

We've all had that feeling of wanting to get away, but we often don't have a place of our own where we can get away. Have you ever considered buying your own cottage in the UK countryside so you'll always have a place to relax? Yes, that's right — co…

25 May, 2021

Homes Through The Eras - Tudor, Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian

Now that professional interior design is clocking over 100 years old, there is no better time to look into the history of this revolutionary craft. Over time, changing home design developments reflected the trends of the era.

The real pros and cons of buying an ex-council home

Thanks to rising house prices and interest rates, more and more people in the UK are struggling to get on the property ladder, but many professionals in the property industry, including estate agents, have noticed something of a buying trend developi…

08 February, 2021

​10 clever house floor plans to inspire you

Whoever builds a one-family house or a modern apartment must definitely work off a floor plan prior to starting any building or renovating. These house floor plans can be drawings or computerized images of the spatial conditions.

26 November, 2020

External house cladding: What are your options?

Want to give your home’s exterior surfaces a fresh new look? Apart from painting the walls, cladding is another great option that can instantly change the appearance of your house’s façade – yes, it might take longer and the costs are a bit higher, b…

17 November, 2020

​8 materials perfect for exterior façades

It’s true that most of us deem the interior beauty of a house more important. But there is one exception in the form of your external façade which is conceived as the shell of a building.

29 October, 2020

10 important characteristics of modern home design

One doesn’t have to look far to find examples of modern home designs. But with technology developing at the speed of light, modern homes are becoming more and more user-friendly – especially since professional Architects, Interior Designers/Decorator…

13 October, 2020

Green designs: 13 ways to embrace sustainable architecture

With global warming on a lot of people’s minds, more and more are seeking out ways to embrace eco-friendly living. And this includes not only homeowners, but also various professionals in the industry like Architects, Landscape Designers, etc.

29 September, 2020

10 things to look for when house hunting

Being in the market for a new home means shopping around until you find what you like. But of course you need to be committed to not only finding the perfect new home, but also to notice anything that might be wrong with the properties you are viewin…

29 August, 2020