​8 tips to remember when constructing a modular home

Modular homes are fast becoming a trendy thing, and before we proceed any further, we need to establish what exactly a modular home is. A modular home is simply a prefabricated house that is partitioned into several sections known as ‘modules’ (or ‘p…

15 October, 2017

​Three one-storey homes (with floor plans)

Choosing the right house is a big challenge: it requires adequate preparation, important factors like property costs and location, and, of course, size and functionality. Every element needs to suit the needs of our family.

05 October, 2017

​8 materials perfect for exterior façades

It’s true that most of us deem the interior beauty of a house more important. But there is one exception in the form of your external façade which is conceived as the shell of a building.

02 October, 2017

​11 sensational houses with lots of glass

Houses coated in large amounts of glass always look so extravagant. Because of the extra high windows, natural lighting can penetrate unhindered and fill the room with dazzling brightness.

07 September, 2017

​Unique living spaces: 20 cool houses with flat roofs

Hardly any other type of architecture is as timeless and modern as a flat-roof house. It is therefore no wonder that they are experiencing a comeback in architecture. Whether they are copying the famous Bauhaus designs or coming up with innovative ne…

05 September, 2017

​19 modern house entrances you'll love!

Here on homify, our articles intend to show you time and again how each house can be unique its own way – it only depends on the finishing touches. One of these touches includes the way in which a house’s front entrance is styled up, as we all know h…

24 August, 2017

​10 clever house floor plans to inspire you

Whoever builds a one-family house or a modern apartment must definitely work off a floor plan prior to starting any building or renovating. This house floor plan can be a drawing or a computerized image of the spatial conditions.

20 August, 2017

​Before and after: 5 extreme house transformations

Rebuild everything completely or just do a decent makeover – this is definitely a question that many owners of old and outdated houses/buildings have asked themselves. Of course many other factors apart from personal preference influence the final de…

15 August, 2017

​The perfect colour palette for your façade

Your house’s exterior appearance speaks volumes about not only your living space, but you – remember the importance of first impressions? That also comes into play when picking out the paint colours for your façade, which is why careful consideration…

12 August, 2017

9 reasons for burglars to choose your home

Home invasion is a big concern these days and it leaves many people asking the question why me?. We don't ever want you to be in the position where you are picking up the pieces after a burglary and wondering what you did to deserve such a huge lif…

06 August, 2017