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​How to have a more practical home

Just because you have adequate legroom in your living room or your kitchen storage is acceptable doesn’t mean it can’t be better, right? There’s always another way in which you can arrange your book collection or set up your cooking utensils to not o…

22 November, 2017

​6 smashing ideas to style up walls

Yes, we know that you’re probably thinking that with paint, wallpaper and hanging a few portraits, you’re pretty much covered in terms of beautiful walls. But while we’re not discounting these aforementioned methods, did you know there exists so many…

21 November, 2017

18 storage solutions for small homes

Not enough room? Who hasn’t had that problem, whether it’s a bathroom, living room or hallway that presents issues with inadequate legroom for furnishings, a too-small layout for storage, etc.

20 November, 2017

​11 wardrobe ideas for small spaces

Adding a closet or wardrobe to a room can be quite challenging, regardless of whether it’s the bedroom, the hallway, an existing dressing room or another space altogether. But seeing as this is homify, we’ve already dealt with that problem by collect…

18 November, 2017

​Winter is coming – get your plumbing pipes ready!

It’s not enough to stock up on firewood and crank up the radiator; other parts of your house also need to prepare for winter, including your household plumbing, seeing as freezing temperatures can cause leaks and breaks in the home.

11 November, 2017

​11 tips for decorating the walls of a small house

A lot of space presents lots of potential in terms of décor and design, yet that does not mean you don’t have to at least try for a bit of beauty if your house is on the smaller side.

09 November, 2017

​20 great examples of plaster walls

Plaster walls (and ceilings) just have a certain way of evoking a historic look and tradition, in addition to being fine examples of excellent craftsmanship and artistic designs.

07 November, 2017

​14 wall coverings that will inspire you to do the same

For those who are under the impression that paint is your only choice when it comes to styling up your walls: your worlds are about to change! Because thanks to clever designers and builders/architects who like to think outside the box, numerous opti…

03 November, 2017

​10 tips to make your closet more practical

It’s a fact that a messy environment has a direct effect on our moods, and it’s not positive. Can you imagine struggling to smile and concentrate while having to dig your way through a cluttered space (regardless of whether it’s the kitchen, living r…

01 November, 2017

​20 ideas for beautifying your home’s entrance

We all know the importance of a first impression, and of course that doesn’t only ring true when it comes to meeting new people, but also when those people meet your house for the first time.

26 October, 2017