Interior architecture


​10 ideas that prove bricks are ideal for interior décor

When it comes to new and inspiring ways to decorate interior spaces, there is an entire world of choices before us which includes colour, pattern, style and, of course, materials.

20 January, 2017

​Making your existing storage more space-efficient

We understand the pain and frustration that goes hand in hand with a shortage of space. It’s not like you can miraculously conjure up new space or storage areas in your home, is it?Or can you? Seeing as this is homify and we are always up for a chall…

19 January, 2017

16 rooms with stairs that will amaze (and inspire) you

With open-plan living becoming ever more popular in recent years, there are a plethora of homes out there which no longer relegate staircases to the hallway. But how can you make them work in a main space without looking too structural or as though t…

16 January, 2017

​12 life-improving designs for your home's laundry area

We are all aware of the importance of a house having a functional side in addition to a beautiful one. After all, our homes are where we live, which goes hand in hand with daily tasks like cooking, cleaning and working.

16 January, 2017

15 ways you can separate your rooms with style

When it comes to dividing your space with style, nobody wants just a plain old plastered wall these days. So we thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the more unusual methods being used by professional interior designers.

15 January, 2017

​Easy ways to make your home the envy of your friends

We all want to live in beautiful spaces, right? A striking living room, an eye-catching kitchen, and a garden to die for… don’t these sound so nice? Part of the appeal of having a beautiful home is watching other people react to it, especially when…

15 January, 2017

​"What are the first steps I should take to convert my loft?"

Decided to try out a loft conversion to gain an extra room and up the value of your home? Hold on a minute before you start picking out paint colours – you need to find out exactly what this conversion will involve and how it will affect the design o…

14 January, 2017

13 unique ways to divide your rooms (without building walls)

If you've created a wonderfully open, free-flowing home, the last thing you want to do is start reinstating walls in a bid to cordon off specific areas, so we found some amazing room dividing techniques to show you.

07 January, 2017

What are the most practical ways to heat my home?

Knowing how to properly and effectively heat your home can make all the difference, especially in terms of your energy bills, so we thought we'd give you a helping hand. All of these tips will be common knowledge for heating professionals, but what a…

07 January, 2017

​5 ways to divide your kitchen from the rest of the home

Times are changing, and we’re not just talking about the seasons. Evolution in architectural designs, as well as trends coming and going, have moved away from every room in the house having a select purpose (such as two living rooms: a formal one for…

04 January, 2017