The best (and worst) bathroom flooring ideas

Beautiful faucets; a spacious shower; sufficient storage areas; adequate lighting and ventilation… these are all important elements to consider for the perfect bathroom. However, when it comes to picking out flooring options, we have more to keep i…

06 November, 2018

​The homify guide to the best flooring for bedrooms

‘Hard-wearing’ is the key term when picking out flooring options for areas in our homes prone to heavy traffic, like hallways and living rooms. For the kitchen and bathroom, it’s vital to go with a floor surface that can withstand a lot of spills and…

24 October, 2018

​Interior ideas: Choosing internal doors

Value your privacy in your home? Not too keen on including every single room in one vast layout? Then you’re definitely going to require some interior doors!Since the dawn of building, internal doors have been dividing rooms, and with increased suppl…

24 September, 2018

​Modern shelving ideas for any home

Like everything else in the interior design world, shelves have certainly evolved. While they were originally created as an organisational necessity meant to be hidden away, modern times have seen them come out of the closet (pun intended) and become…

17 September, 2018

Interior design expert Jennifer Ghatan talks about her work

Jennifer Ghatan has built an extensive career creating high-end residential projects in both the US and the UK. A New York native, her firm JKG Interiors London is outfitted to take a project from the initial concept through to completion inclusive o…

31 August, 2018

Functional style: Our cleverest living room storage ideas

Having enough storage space will always be tricky, considering how we humans like to collect and gather throughout our lives. But decent storage areas are especially difficult in a home’s ‘public’ spaces, like the living room.

28 August, 2018

​What to know about removing internal walls

It’s no secret that, when it comes to renovating properties, the simple removal of one or two interior walls can make all the difference in the world. What was once two or three separated areas can now become one spacious layout, like an open-plan ki…

23 August, 2018

​Extra space and style: homify’s best loft room ideas

Apart from extensions, loft conversions are the best way to gain more interior space and functionality. Regardless of whether you require an extra bedroom, a study, or a play space for the kiddies, a loft extension is sure to be worth the effort and…

12 July, 2018

Working with colour: Decorating with beige

When it comes to the colour family, beige is seen as a trusty friend; that dependable tint one can always add to any surface of any room (from the bedroom and hallway to the living room and kitchen).

11 July, 2018

​How to protect hardwood floors

If you ask people what’s the most popular architectural feature they desire most for a house, chances are great that they’ll say hardwood floors. Not surprising, considering the timeless, classic, warm, inviting, and traditional look they flaunt.

25 June, 2018