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​10 ingenious sliding doors for your kitchen

The design of the kitchen has seen quite the change in the past few decades – where it used to be hidden out of sight and used only for cooking and washing up, it has now become one of the home’s prime socialising spots.

05 February, 2018

​7 ways to enjoy a more comfortable home

Clean up your room; wash the dishes; change the light bulb in the hallway – these are phrases uttered in just about every household in the world on a daily basis. And although a lot of us have become like robots in terms of just doing actions for the…

31 January, 2018

​Let’s focus on sliding doors

It’s a fact that a simple sliding door can make any room feel bigger and much more spacious – perhaps even more modern, if that’s what you’re going for. We also love the fact that there are designers and builders that focus exclusively on sliding doo…

16 January, 2018

​Beautiful walls: 13 cladding ideas

A nice, fluffy sofa in the corner; a decent chandelier dangling from the ceiling; and a beautiful rug on the floor – done! Unfortunately, this is the thought process of far too many people when playing interior designer, as they overlook one of the m…

14 January, 2018

​6 things in your home that speak of your personality

It’s quite impossible to get to know the true character of someone by just looking at them (unless you’re psychic, of course). However, there are a few elements scattered about your home that tell much more about you as a person than you might think.

12 January, 2018

​13 beautiful ideas for cladding your walls

How many of us disregard the importance of our homes’ walls (we’re talking about beauty and style now, not the fact that our roofs would come crashing down if there weren’t any walls to support them)? Far too many of us think a splash of paint here a…

24 December, 2017

​Beautiful alternatives to the classic bathroom tile

It’s been quite a while since the bathroom was seen as the ‘hidden’ space in a house; true, it still possesses a certain privacy about it (for reasons which are clear to all), yet it’s become known as a more open space these days, especially when it…

03 December, 2017

​Beat the boring look: stylish ceiling designs

Wallpaper, beautiful paint, some framed paintings, a credenza with a stylish lamp – yes, there are numerous options in which we can give a boring old room some glamour, but how many times do we allow that glamour to extend upwards towards the ceiling…

01 December, 2017

​The “always and never” guide to hardwood floor maintenance

Personal taste aside, nothing quite comes close to a beautiful hardwood floor styling up a living room / hallway / bedroom / just about any other space you can think of. But of course with great beauty comes great responsibility: What kind of polish…

29 November, 2017

​Lighting tips for your halls and foyers

It’s a sad fact that far too many people still view lighting in corridors, hallways, foyers and stairwells as simple little fixtures that aren’t really required. Really? How does a wall sconce next to a staircase differ from one in the kitchen, for e…

29 November, 2017