9 Living Room Ideas to Make Your House Look More Luxurious

The living room is the first area where a visitor will be entertained. As a result, having a shabby-looking living room is not a good idea. It doesn't matter how big your living room is because size isn't the most important factor.

20 January, 2022

Employment Challenges In The Architecture Field (For Employees And Employers)

When it comes to renovating an apartment, redesigning a room, or even building a new house from scratch, it is vital to hire a good architect. There are many things to consider when planning even a single room makeover.

12 January, 2022

How Can I Improve My Boiler’s Efficiency?

According to close to 15% of the carbon emissions in the UK coming from the way we heat our homes, ensuring your boiler is energy efficient will help fight the climate crisis.

24 October, 2021

5 Tools you need for Home Renovation

If you have decided it is time to proceed with important home renovations, then you will need the right tools to do so. Ask anyone in the construction industry, and they will tell you that having the necessary tools is not optional.

30 April, 2021

11 Beautiful and Unique Doors to Install in Your Home

If you're interested in installing a unique piece in your home, why not consider installing a beautiful new door? It's not often that you see intricately designed doors, which is why a piece like this can make such a huge impact on your home.

10 March, 2021

​Clever tricks to save money on your home extension

Dreaming of a bigger bathroom? How about finally getting that spacious art studio or dining room you’ve always wanted?Adding an extension to one’s home is definitely cause for celebration – that is, if there is any money left over afterwards to buy s…

25 February, 2021

Beginner's guide to converting your loft into a room

In most cases, people who require more space opt for an extension into the garden; this can be a great way to increase kitchen space, add a home office, or enjoy a beautiful dining room that the occupants have always dreamed about.

22 February, 2021

"​How can I plan and cost my single-storey extension?"

Improving the functionality and style (not to mention visual appeal) of one’s home can take many forms. It can be as simple and quick as repainting a wall or adding a few potted plants to the porch, or it can be a project that involves much more time…

21 February, 2021

​Here’s how to extend and remodel your terraced home

It’s no secret that a lot of UK houses are terraced (about a quarter of them, actually). And although there can be minimal space in which to extend, creative home design ideas (or a simple remodelling project) can transform your existing layout into…

19 February, 2021

The best tricks for rooms without windows

Spaces without windows are nothing unusual. Often it is the bathroom, the dressing room or a converted cellar, yet it’s still not a major problem if the interior layout is appropriate.

18 February, 2021