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12 examples of minimalist and modern kitchens done right

Spaces decorated with a very subtle look, such as in the modern or minimalist styles, often get a bad rap. However, there is a big difference between a room decorated with self-control and one that is devoid of any character.

16 January, 2020

Clever cooking: 7 advantages of L-shaped kitchens

Think of the L-shaped kitchen as the jewel in modern-day kitchen layouts. It can flaunt any design under the sun (contemporary, rustic, Asian… ); it doesn’t require a lot of space (it makes the most of its available legroom); plus, it makes for much…

06 December, 2019

Furnishing Accessories and Interior Decoration in Rome

Furnishing accessories have evolved from simple complements to protagonists of an interior. Those that were once considered decorative elements, perhaps to fill a space left empty by a piece of furniture, today are objects that give character and can…

03 December, 2019

8 ideas to enhance your kitchen’s luxuriousness

With certain areas, it’s quite easy to create a refined and luxurious style, especially with leisure zones like living rooms. But when it comes to utilitarian areas that are more focused on functionality than visual appeal, a lack of style is usually…

17 November, 2019

Interior Design and Restyling of the B&B Navona Grand Suite in the Heart of Rome

Contemporary details blend with a revisited classic style and the charm of ancient Rome in two wonderful accommodation facilities in the heart of the Eternal City, thanks to the skilful renovation conducted by Alberto Cerracchio and Adina Berti of th…

14 October, 2019

9 small rustic kitchens you are sure to love!

The word “rustic” gets thrown around quite a bit. It is used to describe anything from farmhouse decorations to a Tuscan-style villa. But what does it really mean? Does your house need to resemble a vintage log cabin in order to be considered truly r…

06 October, 2019

Interior Design and Restyling with Handcrafted Ceramics and Customised Decorations

The studio Arte dell’Abitare (Art of Living), founded by Alberto Cerracchio and Adina Berti, has been active for more than 30 years. It takes care of every single phase of interior design projects, restyling and restoration, including the conception,…

14 August, 2019

Sustainable Wooden House in Palermo

A project that focuses on sustainability and constant dialogue between structure and nature, designed by architect Alessio Lo Bello for the construction of a small and modern rural house along the northern coast of Sicily, between Palermo and Cefalù.

Modern Semi-Detached House in Palermo: Project Winner of the 2018 Selinunte National Award 2018

The landscape and the territory surrounding a house are fundamental elements, which must not be forgotten but, on the contrary, must be enhanced. Creating a common thread that combines the style of the house with the nature that hosts it, is not alwa…

The kitchen colours for 2019

As one year comes to a close, the next is ready and waiting – but what does the next 12 months spell for us in terms of interior design trends? More specifically, what is expected for our kitchens?Fortunately, our trend experts and interior designer …

31 December, 2018