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​6 linear kitchens that are pretty perfect

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have gigantic homes, which means a bit of creativity is required when it comes to interior furnishings, décor and layouts. And that becomes even more crucial for the practical spaces, like the kitchen, as nobody…

16 November, 2017

12 kitchen top cabinet designs to seriously covet

The cabinets you choose for your kitchen can really make or break a project, but your top ones are SO much more important. Think about it for a minute and you'll realise that lower cabinets can be hidden by islands and counters, but those top cupboar…

15 November, 2017

10 ways to upgrade your kitchen this weekend

Giving your kitchen a makeover doesn't have to be a long and drawn out process, if you follow our advice! In fact, in just one short weekend, you could totally transform the look and feel of your space, without even needing to spend a whole heap of m…

09 November, 2017

How to paint kitchen cabinets

Want to give your kitchen a stunning new look? Then we bring good news today: you don’t need to spend a fortune! You only need to know your facts in terms of painting those kitchen cabinets (which can also make for a fun DIY project if you don’t feel…

08 November, 2017

​The 6 biggest mistakes we make in the kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen is often taught to us by our parents, who in turn learned it from theirs. But even though the advice comes from a good place, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the end results are correct.

05 November, 2017

​13 stylish ideas to decorate your kitchen

We all know how important it is that our homes should reflect our personal tastes and styles, but that doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to decorate a space, particularly not when it should also be 100% practical.

02 November, 2017

​20 breakfast bars perfect for your kitchen

We all know that any kitchen is, first and foremost, a working zone. But we are also aware that, when styled appropriately, a kitchen can become the socialising hotspot of a home, luring friends and family members in to partake in its social ambience.

01 November, 2017

10+ pictures of modern kitchens

The kitchen, also known as the heart of the home, is where all the magic happens – and we don’t just mean secret ingredients for prize-winning recipes, but also that cosy, welcoming atmosphere where friends and family can gather and socialise for hou…

30 October, 2017

Tips for keeping your fridge sparkling clean

The busier your home, the harder it is to keep your fridge organised, tidy and smelling great, but we have some super tips for you that will definitely help you make the task a lot simpler.

22 October, 2017

​20 kitchens you cannot miss!

It does sometimes happen that a kitchen is integrated into another area, resulting in an open-plan layout where it shares its space with another room, in most cases a living- or dining room.

20 October, 2017