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​Making your existing storage more space-efficient

We understand the pain and frustration that goes hand in hand with a shortage of space. It’s not like you can miraculously conjure up new space or storage areas in your home, is it?Or can you? Seeing as this is homify and we are always up for a chall…

19 January, 2017

10 brilliant and simple kitchen ideas (you'll thank us for)

Want to make a huge statement with your kitchen (and improve its functionality) without investing too much time, effort or money? Then we have 10 amazing ideas for you! Kitchen planners already know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to upping…

18 January, 2017

Ideas that'll inspire you to have a modern rustic kitchen

Did you read the title of this article and raise an eyebrow because you can't see how rustic and modern styles can be married together? If yes, prepare to be blown away by the amazing spaces kitchen planners have been creating! We think these two dis…

17 January, 2017

9 ingenious tips for saving money in your kitchen

Kitchens are the heart of any home, but it's surprising just how much money they can drain away if you're not careful. Naturally, kitchen planners are au fait with all the handy tricks that help save money in your cooking space, so we honed in on 9 o…

15 January, 2017

5 really handy organisation ideas for your kitchen

Organising a kitchen so that it works as efficiently as possible doesn't have to be a headache if you have some simple rules in place, which is exactly what we're going to give you today.

13 January, 2017

9 practical and stylish ideas for your modern kitchen

When it comes to creating a functional and beautiful modern kitchen, it feels like kitchen planners have all the secrets up their sleeves. However, we've been paying attention to what they're doing in a bid to let you in on all the top tips.

11 January, 2017

12 kitchen errors you make (and how to avoid them)

Decorating a kitchen seems so deceptively straightforward, doesn't it? You choose some cupboards you like, a good wall colour and a worktop that ties it all together, and you're done… or so you might think.

10 January, 2017

7 unusual ways to make your modern kitchen better

If you're a keen amateur cook and love spending time in your kitchen, you probably notice all the little details you wish were slightly different, or those areas that perhaps fall a little flat.

09 January, 2017

5 clever ways to separate your kitchen from other rooms

When you've embraced a more open-plan scheme in your home design, you might live with it for a while and then long for a little bit of segregation, especially in terms of your kitchen.

06 January, 2017

​5 ways to divide your kitchen from the rest of the home

Times are changing, and we’re not just talking about the seasons. Evolution in architectural designs, as well as trends coming and going, have moved away from every room in the house having a select purpose (such as two living rooms: a formal one for…

04 January, 2017