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​How to create the perfect Feng Shui kitchen

When it comes to the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui, the kitchen remains exactly what it is to all of us in everyday life: the heart of the home. Feng Shui just goes a bit deeper and teaches us that the kitchen symbolizes health, abundance, an…

07 September, 2018

Time for a home update? Watch out for these remodel signs

If it’s not broke, don’t’ fix it. True, but sometimes we become so used to that broken thing that we start seeing it as normal. All the while, a fresh update is waiting around the corner to turn that broken space into something practical and stylish!…

03 September, 2018

​How to style your retro kitchen

Tired of stark-white cooking spaces? Then rejoice, for the retro kitchen is making a comeback! Yes, those colourful surfaces, rounded shapes, and vintage décor pieces that a lot of us grew up with are becoming trendy once again – as they say, history…

25 August, 2018

​The homify guide to choosing the best kitchen appliances

Renovating a kitchen involves far more than choosing new countertop surfaces and window treatment – after all, what good is the heart of the home without top-notch appliances? But with so many available styles, features and technologically advanced o…

06 August, 2018

​7 stylish steps to a minimalist kitchen

When it comes to the minimalist style, less is more. But what does that mean for the heart of the home (aka the kitchen), which is fast becoming one of the most popular socialising spaces in the modern home? After all, one can’t engage in lively conv…

28 July, 2018

​Kitchen countertop ideas: Which material is best?

Think that all kitchen counters are created equal? Not a chance! Just like appliances, your choice in kitchen countertops will massively impact not only how your kitchen looks, but also how it functions.

26 July, 2018

​Seeking a subtle yet stylish look? Try these grey kitchen ideas

There is undeniably something special about a white kitchen – that look of cleanliness, tidiness, and a welcoming glow that can make even the simplest task (like pouring tea) seem super glamorous.

08 July, 2018

​Remodelling? This is how to cut new kitchen costs

Planning a kitchen remodel? Then you’ve (hopefully) worked out those new kitchen costs to ensure your new culinary space doesn’t result in you having to sell a vital organ to afford it.

05 July, 2018

​Great-looking pastel kitchen ideas to try

Once a colour scheme that was strictly refined to babies’ nurseries, pastels have come a long way. Even though they are still a popular choice for children’s rooms, they have shown that they can be equally dashing when used for mature spaces like liv…

22 June, 2018

​The homify guide to planning kitchen extensions

Who doesn’t dream of their home’s heart (also known as the kitchen) being a spacious and welcoming area where one can not only cook and bake, but also dine, work and socialise? Fortunately, one doesn’t need to move home to achieve this, for kitchen e…

16 June, 2018