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Kitchen articles, tips & information

10 design tips to make your kitchen look more expensive

We understand that you wish the heart of your home (aka the kitchen) had a more regal, expensive look. We also understand that one’s design budget is not always as generous as one would like.

04 January, 2021

Want to design your own kitchen island?

As kitchen islands are the epitome of a functioning and stylish cooking space, it’s little to no wonder that more and more of them are showing up in private kitchens across the world.

08 December, 2020

20 small open-plan kitchen ideas (to improve yours)

Can an open-plan layout really work in a small space? Will a tiny kitchen be able to function perfectly and still look amazing stylish while sharing its space with a dining zone? The answer to both questions is YES! We know we sometimes focus on larg…

25 November, 2020

​The open-plan kitchen: How to make it work

Open-plan layouts have become quite the trend, and it’s not only because they are super functional (think about how easily they combine different spaces, ensuring more legroom to squeeze in more furnishings, more décor, and more guests!) – they also…

16 November, 2020

9 golden rules of colouring your open plan layout

In today’s modern age, the open floor plan layout is on the rise – and with good reason, considering the abundance of benefits it brings us. It’s great for entertaining when you want everybody together, and it allows you to keep an eye on the kids as…

09 November, 2020

​These 8 are the best kitchen colours to paint

When it comes to kitchen colours, conventional wisdom tells us that warm neutrals and bright tones are the best choices. How so? Because these (and it’s been scientifically proven) make both the cook and diners feel more comfortable – and if there’s…

15 October, 2020

Create your own cosy kitchen in 10 steps

We all know the importance of a home’s heart (aka the kitchen) and how it needs to be practical and stylish, etc. But how do you achieve a welcoming look? How do you implement a style that lets people want to explore your cooking space?Well, accordin…

09 October, 2020

9 kitchen shelves to show your carpenter

Gone are the days when a home’s kitchen was a secluded, hidden-away spot meant for cooking and baking (and a host of other household duties), but not socialising. Yes, it is pretty impressive how far the heart of the home has come, considering that (…

26 August, 2020

How to bring the country style into your kitchen

While the country design style is in no way fresh or groundbreaking, it has certainly been enjoying renewed popularity with seemingly everyone scrambling to give their homes, especially kitchens, some country charm in one way or another.

12 April, 2020

7 Smart ideas for your small kitchen

Not all of us have been blessed with large, sociable kitchens where friends and family can flock to keep the busy cook (whether that be you or someone else in your household) company.

01 March, 2020