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21 Unique Corner Kitchen Designs to Copy

Kitchens are all about functionality and design. Corner kitchens, on the other hand, can seem awkward in design. But with the right setup, they're actually quite useful. In smaller homes, corner kitchens can help to maximize the space.

14 April, 2021

15 Kitchen Stools: Find Inpiration for All Kinds of Styles

Kitchen stools, or bar stools, aren't given the attention they deserve—they're part of the centerpiece of your kitchen! If you have an island, then your kitchen stools are even more central to the display.

25 March, 2021

15 Tiny Kitchen Ideas to Fall in Love with

A kitchen is an essential part of our home for entertainment, nourishment, and enjoyment. We spend time in our kitchen quite often, so it can be an annoyance when there isn't much space to work with.

17 March, 2021

​What to choose: a kitchen table or island?

Planning a kitchen makeover? Just feel like updating with a small touch here and there? Doesn’t matter, an extra prepping surface can go a long way in enhancing your cooking space’s functionality.

26 February, 2021

10 contemporary kitchen colour schemes to think about

It seems like a lifetime ago that kitchens generally only came in a handful of colours and styles, because the way people are choosing to decorate them now are as varied and exciting as the human mind will allow.

17 February, 2021

​How to separate the kitchen from the living room

Nowadays, an open-plan kitchen is nothing new. However, whether or not that kitchen and adjoining room enjoy an easy flow is another matter. But a kitchen that shares its space with a living room just offers so much potential, especially in terms of…

16 February, 2021

​10 ingenious sliding doors for your kitchen

The design of the kitchen has seen quite the change in the past few decades – where it used to be hidden out of sight and used only for cooking and washing up, it has now become one of the home’s prime socialising spots.

12 February, 2021

11 genius ways to use your awkward kitchen spaces

Regardless of whether you have a large or small kitchen, you will always find those strange little awkward spots that really usurp the whole aesthetic, or simply go to waste, if you're not careful.

09 February, 2021

​7 wall-cladding ideas for your kitchen

When comparing different wall surfaces for the kitchen, first consider a few things before you start shopping around: colour—will it go with the rest of the design? Texture—what will it add to the atmosphere? What will it do with light? Durabilit…

06 February, 2021

​Tiny cooking space? Try these narrow kitchen ideas

Very few people will step into a house or apartment and exclaim: “Yay, there’s a galley kitchen!”. But these tiny spaces, distinguished by their narrow layouts with parallel counters, are a fact of life for many urban dwellers.

05 February, 2021