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25 ideas for stylish and functional kitchen islands

For any modern eat-in kitchen a beautiful kitchen island is a must-have. If you're looking inspiration or ideas for your own project, look no further.

19 February, 2018

7 things to think about when installing a modular kitchen

Thinking of putting together a modular kitchen? We've got the ultimate checklist for you.

19 February, 2018

​7 elements you MUST have in your kitchen

A coffee machine; a dishwasher; brightly coloured cloths hanging in a neat row next to your sink… we all have that certain something that we need in our kitchens, and this differs from person to person (and household to household).

11 February, 2018

​11 kitchens that prove red is right!

There’s nothing quite like a vibrant red to style up a space or furniture piece, and today we blend this vivacious colour with the ever-loving kitchen to introduce some striking style.

09 February, 2018

​6 trendy colours for a kitchen wall that wows!

Marvellously modern; stylishly Scandinavian; creatively contemporary… doesn’t matter which style you choose for your kitchen, there’s one element that all of them have in common: colour.

07 February, 2018

​10 ingenious sliding doors for your kitchen

The design of the kitchen has seen quite the change in the past few decades – where it used to be hidden out of sight and used only for cooking and washing up, it has now become one of the home’s prime socialising spots.

05 February, 2018

10 contemporary kitchen colour schemes to think about

It seems like a lifetime ago that kitchens generally only came in a handful of colours and styles, because the way people are choosing to decorate them now are as varied and exciting as the human mind will allow.

31 January, 2018

​8 kitchen decor mistakes to avoid

If we don’t learn from our mistakes, we are doomed to repeat them. Sounds quite ominous, but here on homify we always like to keep it positive, which is why, for today’s piece, we are not only listing 8 of the most common mistakes encountered when de…

29 January, 2018

​10 modern kitchens with inspirational ideas

As the heart of the home, the kitchen needs to be both practical (it is a working zone first and foremost) and stylish – it is, after all, where we tend to socialise while cooking, baking and experimenting with brand-new recipes.

24 January, 2018

​8 kitchen rules never to forget

Sure, designing and decorating a kitchen can be quite the fun project, but let’s not forget that one can also get carried away very easily. And of course, as the heart of the home, your kitchen needs to flaunt a certain look and level of functionalit…

23 January, 2018