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These home lighting blunders are easy to avoid

When it comes to home lighting you just plug some lamps in and you're done, right? Wrong! If this is how you think, you're almost certainly making some errors with your illuminations, but we're here to help you overcome them.

17 December, 2016

15 outdoor lighting ideas that'll make your home shine

Knowing how to add outdoor lighting to your home can be tricky. Do you opt for lashings of garden fairy lights? Are patio lamp posts a good idea? The questions go on and on, but we're here to answer them all in one helpful swoop.

06 December, 2016

​13 lighting ideas for a unique ceiling

We all know the importance of ensuring that a room is adequately lit up – but are you aware of your options when it comes to ceiling lights? Yes, a chandelier can make for a smashing focal piece while downlighters can ensure a sparkling ambience, but…

29 November, 2016

7 lighting mistakes you're almost certainly making

We're all guilty of silly little mistakes that leave our homes falling a little flatter than they should, but we don't want you to get your lighting wrong as that can become a big issue.

20 November, 2016

24 kitchens (you can copy) that shine like a diamond

Cabinets and worktops are all very well but, when it comes to finishing your kitchen off to perfection, any professional planner will tell you it's all about the lighting. You want a bright, usable space that feels fresh and clean, so skimping on the…

26 October, 2016

Things you should keep away from home

Isn’t being an adult fun? No bedtime, eating ice cream whenever you want, and no more having to ask parents’ permission if you want a friend to sleep over. Having said that, growing up also comes with its own set of not-so nice responsibilities – lik…

01 October, 2016

18 fabulous lighting ideas to brighten your home

Inside, outside, it's all the same when it comes to installing amazing lighting that will make the most of your home, which we think is an absolute necessity.We've been blown away by some of the beautiful lighting schemes adopted by designers on beha…

30 September, 2016

21 outdoor lighting ideas to make your home shine

Outdoor lighting is the perfect way to finish off both your beautiful home façade and a well thought out garden so, if you haven't illuminated your property yet, read on! We've found some stunning examples of how other people have lit their homes and…

22 September, 2016

​Make sure you sidestep these 8 decorating sins

Nobody’s perfect – even the most seasoned interior designer can sometimes hit a brick wall or discover that his/her decision about, for example, that window treatment may not have been the best choice.

19 September, 2016

Making your home look grown-up and sophisticated

So, you’ve recently moved into your first place – what fun! Or it’s been years since you moved out of Mum and Dad’s house, but you’ve now made the decision to inject some serious sophistication into your space.

16 September, 2016