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14 quick ways to upgrade your living room this weekend

We all know that weekends are prime DIY opportunities, so if you keep wandering into your living room and thinking that you'd like to give it a spruce up, when you have the time, we've got a handful of fantastic ideas for you to consider, right here!…

18 September, 2017

​How to separate the kitchen from the living room

Nowadays, an open-plan kitchen is nothing new. However, whether or not that kitchen and adjoining room enjoy an easy flow is another matter. But a kitchen that shares its space with a living room just offers so much potential, especially in terms of…

16 September, 2017

9 ways to upgrade your living room for less than £100

What is it about £100 that makes it seem like such a reasonable amount of money? In terms of interior design, it's a drop in the ocean of what you can easily spend, reinventing a space, but we think that we've found some brilliant ways to update a li…

16 July, 2017

6 things to banish from your living room right now

If you want to get the perfect living room, there are a few things that any interior designer will tell you that you need to REMOVE! Yes, we said remove, not add, as in a bid to get that balance of pretty, cosy and relaxing, a few of us are adding wa…

30 June, 2017

21 cheap but cheerful living room decor ideas

When it comes to giving your living room a little decor boost, easy and cost-effective ideas are key! That's why we've taken a look at how fantastic interior designers add in a bucketload of serious style to their clients' spaces, without having to u…

31 May, 2017

Living room layout ideas you won't have tried before

It's super easy to get your living room looking and functioning well, isn't it? Well actually, no, it isn't! It's not just a case of popping a television and a sofa in there, which is why we are going to show you some of the more unusual ideas that i…

23 May, 2017

9 nifty ways to add seating to your living room

Ever wondered how you can squeeze more seating into your living room, without drowning out all the space? We have! That's why we decided to take a look at how amazing interior designers get all the sitting potential possible into even the smallest of…

15 May, 2017

8 smart ways to make your small living room a style giant

Small living rooms don't need to be devoid of accessories or style in order to look as big as possible. If that's what you thought, prepare to have your eyes opened to all the possibilities that a petite lounge has to offer.

08 May, 2017

13 neutral living rooms that prove simple is best

When you hear the word 'neutral', what comes to mind? If it's boring interior design, then we are here to eradicate those negative thoughts, as, for a living room that feels cosy, stylish and timeless, you can't go wrong with a neutral colour scheme!…

19 April, 2017

​10 UK living rooms we seriously wish were ours

We all need to take a breather every now and again, whether it’s to enjoy a cup of tea, a chat with a friend or just a short amount of time to stop whatever we’re doing and lose ourselves in something else.

31 March, 2017