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​Working with colour: Yellow living room ideas

When it comes to picking out tints for a room’s colour palette, yellow isn’t always one of the first choices – such a pity, really, when one considers its versatility and visual appeal.

14 July, 2018

​Visual space: Working with furniture for a small living room

It’s a struggle that the majority of us are all too familiar with – trying to cram our worldly possessions into a tiny space while aiming to achieve that unique balance between practicality and style.

09 July, 2018

​A fresh look: homify’s green living room ideas

We humans have long been programmed to be attracted to the colour green. In primitive times, we searched for green to show us when water was nearby, meaning there wasn’t any danger of starvation.

21 June, 2018

​How to choose the right tables for small spaces

It doesn’t matter if you have a modern, open-plan layout which combines your kitchen, dining- and living areas, or a more traditional home where all these spaces are closed off – you will require at least one table in one of these rooms.

13 June, 2018

​How to plan the right living room layout

Just bought a new home? Renovating your current house? Doesn’t matter – that living room of yours will require a practical layout to help make it one of the most sociable spaces.

06 June, 2018

​Working with colour: Grey living room ideas

Magnolia may have been a hit in the 1980s, but grey is undoubtedly the colour of choice for this millennium (so far, at least). And it’s not that difficult to see why!Even though grey is primarily known as a ‘cool’ colour (technically it falls within…

16 May, 2018

​What are the best calming colours for your home?

Think that the colours of your living room’s scatter cushions, hallway rugs, bedroom linen and other rooms are simply there to add style and visual substance? Think again! Not only are they a direct reflection of your personality, but they also influ…

06 May, 2018

Small living room ideas that create HUGE potential

Coming up with small living room ideas, cosy or otherwise, can be incredibly tricky, especially when so many interior design magazines seem to focus on generous spaces that are easy to work with! That's why we've created this guide; to showcase some…

14 April, 2018

​The homify guide to creating a cosy living room

When hosting a get-together with friends and family members, we so often use the living room as the main gathering point. Ah, but the living room is also the number one spot where we go when we don’t feel like entertaining and socialising, when we wi…

27 March, 2018

Living room ideas that will bring our your inner interior designer

We love checking out both new and classic living room decorating ideas. The lounge is the most frequently used space in the home, which means that the look, feel and usability factors need to be addressed with the utmost urgency.

12 March, 2018