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​Get the look: homify’s best blue living room ideas

The single word “blue” provides no hint about the seemingly countless tints available from this primary colour. Deep, moody hues like cobalt and peacock; light and summery tones named arctic and sapphire; and then, of course, the myriad of options we…

05 September, 2018

​8 design ideas for traditional living rooms

A lover of vintage designs? Not keen on all-white, too-sleek schemes that show up in so many modern spaces? Sounds like a classic/traditional style is more up your alley. One thing we can say for traditional/classic designs: they sure weren’t shy abo…

02 September, 2018

Weekend project: Update your living room

Where we host and entertain; socialise and relax; busy ourselves with various activities like reading, working, or just lounging and watching some TV – yes, we are obviously talking about the versatile living room, a space that is used so often, but…

27 August, 2018

​Interior inspiration: Choosing a coffee table

Happy with your sofas? Very impressed with your choice of window treatment and wall colours? So then, what’s left for your living room? How about a coffee table?A coffee table is one of the very last pieces picked for a living room, only after you’re…

26 August, 2018

​Get the look: our best summer living room ideas

We may be in the last stages of summer, but that certainly doesn’t mean our homes’ interior looks have to start layering up for winter now! On the contrary, what better way to celebrate the (still) enjoyable weather than giving your living room a de…

15 August, 2018

​The homify guide to an open-plan living room

Modern times have certainly influenced trends in the architectural- and interior design industries, and perhaps the best evidence is the fact that open-plan layouts have become the norm.

03 August, 2018

​Our favourite, easiest tips for a colourful living room

There is definitely something about a neutral colour palette; the way in which those creams, off-whites and beiges make a room seem bigger and more open and elegant. But let’s be honest: every once in a while most of us dream of splashing around vibr…

24 July, 2018

​Working with colour: Yellow living room ideas

When it comes to picking out tints for a room’s colour palette, yellow isn’t always one of the first choices – such a pity, really, when one considers its versatility and visual appeal.

14 July, 2018

​Visual space: Working with furniture for a small living room

It’s a struggle that the majority of us are all too familiar with – trying to cram our worldly possessions into a tiny space while aiming to achieve that unique balance between practicality and style.

​A fresh look: homify’s green living room ideas

We humans have long been programmed to be attracted to the colour green. In primitive times, we searched for green to show us when water was nearby, meaning there wasn’t any danger of starvation.

21 June, 2018