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11 things you definitely need for an organised hallway

Your hallway might be an untapped organisational haven, if you're simply using it as a transitional area for your home—which is why we want to show you some must-have additions that will transform it into something so much more useful! Every interi…

21 June, 2017

3 old garages get a new lease of life

A garage can be a handy addition to any home—just ask your architect! - but in terms of being put to great use, these fantastic extra elements are often woefully underused. Sure, you can store a lot of junk in there, or your car, but in terms of op…

30 May, 2017

9 heavenly decor styles for your hallway

Choosing the right decor style for your hallway can seem like a tricky task, as you want to get the right balance of aesthetics and practicality. But, having done our research, we think we've honed in on some of the most eye-catching and amazing opti…

27 May, 2017

13 fabulous carpet runners for soft and stylish stairs

Carpet is one of those steadfast home additions that look great in any house, regardless of how classic or how contemporary it is. And if there's one spot that it always adds comfort, style and functionality, it's on your stairs! Ask any interior des…

25 May, 2017

13 entrance hall ideas your guests will admire

It's no secret that your entrance hall is the first impression that you home's interior makes on guests—and you!—when you walk through the door. But how can you make it something really special? You probably don't want to blow your budget on what…

21 May, 2017

17 flooring ideas for your home's entrance and hallways

When it comes to choosing the right flooring for your home entrance or hallway, you have to consider two things; aesthetics and hardiness! Being such high-traffic areas, you can't be installing pretty but flimsy floor coverings—but don't start fret…

08 May, 2017

The 5 things you need for a perfect home entrance

Your entrance hallway is the first impression that your home's interior makes on guests, but more than that, it's the space you walk into after a long day at work, so you need it to be something pretty special! Ask any interior designer and they'll t…

25 April, 2017

14 hallway storage solutions to keep your home in shape

It's no secret that hallways seem to collect a lot of debris and clutter, but, with some simple storage solutions, you can keep these valuable areas clear and free and looking amazing! Ask any interior designer and they'll tell you that a tidy and we…

11 April, 2017

Ways to brighten dark corridors

Corridors and hallways have a tendency to be a little overlooked. This is probably because they're often dark and small or narrow, but we want you to get on board with some cool ideas that will help make  more of these wasted spaces in your home.

12 March, 2017

Ideas for decorating entrance halls

Have you ever wondered how you can put your home's best foot forward from the get go? Well, the answer is to have an attention-grabbing entrance hall. The first impression your home will make on guests, and the first space you walk into after a long…

11 March, 2017