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17 brilliantly simple ways to brighten up a boring patio

Don't you go lamenting the woes of having a dull patio or terrace, as there are so many simple ideas that you can put into practice, in a bid to brighten them up and make them a worthy focal point of your outdoor space! Ask any professional gardener,…

15 August, 2017

Wooden decking: 14 cool and creative ideas to copy

A wooden terrace is always a stunning addition to a garden, any landscape architect will tell you that, but knowing which style to embrace can be the really tricky part! Luckily for you, we have found a host of gorgeous aesthetics that we know will a…

05 August, 2017

14 jaw-dropping garages that'll leave you in a spin

If you can't see why garages are anything to get particularly excited about, we're about to show you! Don't simply think of these phenomenally handy spaces as somewhere to ditch your car or hoard junk, as they not only up the security factor of your…

31 July, 2017

18 brilliant ideas for a breathtaking entrance hallway

Your entrance hall is the calling card of your home and really sets the tone for the rest of your property. When a guest walks through your door, what they see will give them all the information they need to make a judgement as to your taste and styl…

25 July, 2017

10 stonking patio ideas you really shouldn't miss

An outdoor terrace is a wonderful addition to a garden and can really finish an outdoor space off perfectly, while giving you a built-in spot for admiring all of your gardening endeavours.

16 July, 2017

9 stunning home entrances that will utterly seduce you

Your entrance hallway should be thought of as the calling card of your home! It makes the first impression on new guests, is the initial space you walk into after a long day and really sets the tone for your entire interior design scheme, so it's vit…

03 July, 2017

16 simple ideas for a magazine-worthy patio

Having a terrace is one thing, but knowing how to make the most of it is quite another! We've been scouring for some of the best terrace makeover and maintenance tips out there, as decreed by talented landscape architects, and we think we've honed in…

02 July, 2017

15 perfect patios with practical ideas to copy

We all want a gorgeous patio, but other than some flagstones and furniture, do you know what you should be considering for your design? We do, because we've found 15 patios that are nothing short of amazing, and, just to give you some ideas for your…

29 June, 2017

11 things you definitely need for an organised hallway

Your hallway might be an untapped organisational haven, if you're simply using it as a transitional area for your home—which is why we want to show you some must-have additions that will transform it into something so much more useful! Every interi…

21 June, 2017

3 old garages get a new lease of life

A garage can be a handy addition to any home—just ask your architect! - but in terms of being put to great use, these fantastic extra elements are often woefully underused. Sure, you can store a lot of junk in there, or your car, but in terms of op…

30 May, 2017