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​20 unique staircase designs

Staircases have quite a lot of responsibility – in addition to allowing us to travel upstairs (and back down), they also need to ensure adequate support and safety when being used.

09 December, 2017

How to do your own staircase maintenance

Staircases are exposed to a lot of wear and tear – or rather, walking and running and climbing and jumping, but you get the picture. However, with each little damage done to those surfaces, the chances increase of you or someone else getting hurt whi…

06 December, 2017

Hallway colour schemes that really pop

Any interior designer will be quick to tell you that the way you decorate your home's hallway has a huge impact and bearing on the rest of your house, which is why you can't risk getting it wrong! In particular, the colours you use on your walls will…

30 November, 2017

Alternatives to garages: wooden sheds

Not everyone has enough space or budget for a proper garage, but we all have the right to protect our autos and make the front of our homes look a little more orderly and tidy, so what can be done? Well, we think that a stylish and well-constructed o…

21 November, 2017

​30+ pictures of beautiful terraces

Imagine a beautiful terrace with comfortable loungers/chairs, a dining table in the centre, and a few potted plants in the corners, all enjoying a supreme view of the fresh surroundings – doesn’t that sound like the most ideal way to spend some time…

21 November, 2017

​11 wardrobe ideas for small spaces

Adding a closet or wardrobe to a room can be quite challenging, regardless of whether it’s the bedroom, the hallway, an existing dressing room or another space altogether. But seeing as this is homify, we’ve already dealt with that problem by collect…

18 November, 2017

​16 incredible floor-and-wall combinations for your terrace

For our homes’ inside spaces, we have quite a few options in terms of styling up those walls – think of beautiful wallpaper for a modern living room, or even wood-clad walls for a colonial-style dining room, for example.

16 November, 2017

​Let’s style up your entryway today

First impressions can be lasting, and although we can’t help you practice a firm handshake or a beautiful smile, we can definitely assist you with showcasing your house’s appealing side, especially that front entrance.

15 November, 2017

9 homes with terrific terraces to copy

A beautiful home is one thing, but if you add a striking, sociable and stunning terrace as well, you'll have something extra special. Architects know this and have been designing a fantastic range of properties with integrated terraces and we want to…

11 November, 2017

Heavenly hallway colours you need to consider

Any interior designer worth their salt (and consultation fee!) will tell you that your hallway is the key to making an incredible first impression on guests, while also setting the tone for the rest of your home, so it stands to reason that getting t…

07 November, 2017