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How to Choose Windows For Your Homes? Big or Small? 5 Simple Tips!

It is all about personal choice, they said! And rightfully so. But often you may have to think of your surroundings before you go for your own choices. Often you need to make negotiations between your desires and what can be achieved under given circ…

02 May, 2022

6 Precious Easter Colours to Brighten Up Your Home

The colours of Easter are the brightest and the most jubilant. High energy, steaming winds rustling through the leaves, the arrival of the much-awaited summer, all of it leads to vibrance running through all the rooms of your home.

28 March, 2022

How to Increase the Value of the House: 8 Creative Inspirations

This piece is not only about the real estate mongers or those in the arena of estate transactions. This post is for anyone who wants to consistently build up over their sweet home and cumulatively increase its value over years.

22 March, 2022

7 Décor Ideas for Small Terraces and Balconies

Those of us living in the city know all about how precious space is, and how anything from a small balcony or a fire escape can add some extra legroom which, in turn, can be transformed into something practical and eye-catching.

17 March, 2022

Getting the lowdown on garage conversions

Garage conversions are absolutely exploding in terms of popularity right now and it's hardly surprising. A simple and common sense way to access untold amounts of useful extra living space, a garage conversion is likely to cost far less than packing…

23 February, 2021

Simply the best stair carpet styles

Stairs might not always seem ripe for transformation, but interior designers beg to differ and are keen to showcase the many varieties of stair carpet designs that can turn a perfunctory architectural inclusion into a chic focal point in its own righ…

23 February, 2021

Choosing materials for patio surfaces

Styling up your outdoor space involves significantly more than deciding on garden benches. When it comes to patios the materials are vital, and not just for appearance’s sake. Obviously your patio surfaces need to be practical in addition to aestheti…

18 February, 2021

17 flooring ideas for your home's entrance and hallways

When it comes to choosing the right flooring for your home entrance or hallway, you have to consider two things; aesthetics and hardiness! Being such high-traffic areas, you can't be installing pretty but flimsy floor coverings—but don't start fret…

17 February, 2021

​10 great ideas for terrace flooring

Great weather definitely goes hand in hand with spending time outdoors, especially when it comes to a beautiful terrace or patio enticing one to take in some fresh air outside.

17 February, 2021

​How to pick hallway colours

It happens far too often that a home’s hallway gets overlooked, which is quite surprising, considering the important role it plays. After all, isn’t a hallway the perfect opportunity to add to a house’s style in terms of colour, pattern, texture, fur…

15 February, 2021