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5 mistakes to always avoid in your home entrance

Decorating your home entrance correctly can be something of a minefield. You want to get the balance between style and function spot on but, at the same time, need to let a little of your personality enter the equation as well.

12 January, 2017

10 beautiful hallway ideas that will amaze your guests

Creating a home entrance that really wows guests can seem like a tricky task, especially when you want to retain the functionality of the space. So, we observed what some of the top interior designers have been doing for their clients and discovered…

05 January, 2017

Inspiring ways to make your hallway beautiful (and memorable)

A stunning home is all very well but if your hallway falls flat, so will all your other rooms. As the first space that greets you as you walk through the front door, you need to tap into the potential of your hallway by adding buckets of style and, w…

25 December, 2016

​15 stylish entrance ideas we suggest you copy

To make guests feel truly welcome, you need to abide by a set of certain criteria: a friendly smile, a firm handshake or hug, an offer to take their coats, a tour of your home, and the offering of a beverage.

20 December, 2016

​Which common hallway pitfalls have you fallen into?

When it comes to DIY interior design, entryways and hallways are quite possibly the easiest spaces available, yet often turn out to be the most overlooked. Hallways are the unsung heroes of your home – they link up the various rooms, which means it’s…

19 December, 2016

homify's Hallways of The Year 2016

When we start doing our roundups of the year, you know we're deep into December! You can literally set your calendar by us and today we're bringing you our top pick of hallways that staggered us throughout 2016.

15 December, 2016

How to arrange your hallway? 12 inspirational ideas

Your hallway is such a fantastic space, especially in terms of making a wonderful first impression on guests, so don't let it go to waste. Interior designers the world over recognise the importance of creating an impactful, welcoming space that envel…

08 December, 2016

Really simple ideas for a really impressive entrance

It pains us to say it, but so many of you aren't making the most of your home entrance. We don't understand why when it's the first glimpse into your style that guests see, and a warm welcome for you at the end of a long day.

02 December, 2016

​12 hallways to make you say "Why didn't I think of that?!"

As the entryway of your house is the first interior space that guests see, it is rather crucial to pay special attention to it. Even though most of your home improvement budget might go to new living room sofas or garden features, we still recommend…

26 November, 2016

​12 straightforward ways to better organise your hallway

Want to make a good impression? Unfortunately we cannot advise on people skills, but we do know how you can wow your guests via cleanliness and décor – which brings us to the mother of all first impressions: your entryway.

11 November, 2016