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​20 striking garden fountains for your home

No two gardens need to be alike – just like indoor spaces (whether it be a bedroom or kitchen), each garden has its own unique style and layout, not to mention size and location.

03 February, 2018

​17 small pools perfect for small patios and gardens

Most of us, when envisioning a swimming pool, see a great big design taking up lots of space in a yard or garden. However, that doesn’t have to be the case, for there are so many wonderfully designed splash pools that don’t need a lot of legroom to f…

18 September, 2017

​Small but stylish: 6 mini pools

Who says that you need a large plot, plenty of space and a big budget to enjoy the dream of your own pool? Even a few square metres and limited budget can help create a great splashing spot at home.

17 August, 2017

15 minimalist living rooms that you'll wish were yours

If your idea of a minimalist living room is a white space with no furniture, prepare to have your perception totally changed! We've found some beautifully unfussy yet still cosy lounges to show you todays, each of which has been curated by a talented…

08 August, 2017

22 mini-pools that would look brilliant in your garden

It's wonderful to be able to cool down in your garden when summer comes into full swing in the UK! However, not every garden has enough space to install a large  swimming pool.

11 June, 2017

10 cheap raised pools to fit any patio

Swimming pools have long been a luxury home addition that many people see as a sign of opulent living, but there are ways and means of making this fun and decadent home improvement a little more accessible to everyone.

27 September, 2016

Before and After: The Pursuit of Pool Perfection

A house with a pool is the dream for so many of us yet you can come across properties that have the facility but in such a drab and uninspired way that it actually becomes something of a nightmare.

23 April, 2016

Top 10 - The Best Indoor Pools in the UK

We usually try to bring you some inspirational homes on a Saturday, to really spur on any weekend build plans you might be working through but this weekend, with the weather starting to get a little warmer, we thought it might be fun to dive into the…

09 April, 2016

Forget the gym and get fit at home!

Don't wait unit January to make a new year's resolution to get fit, especially not when it can be so easy to get started in your own home! From budget fitness hacks through to tailored solutions installed in spare rooms, we have lots of great ideas f…

24 November, 2015

Bold baths and bath screen ideas

At the end of a hard day, most people like to enjoy a nice relaxing bath. What could be better than knowing a newly decorated bathroom with a bath screen to ensure your experience is as private and splash free as possible! Locking the bathroom door i…

11 October, 2015