Everything you need to know before choosing a floor rug

We’ll get straight to the point: floor rugs are prime pieces that impact all rooms, like the bedroom and living room, and even those ‘in-between’ areas like entryways and hallways.

30 September, 2018

​Cut the costs with these energy-saving tips

These days we are all doing what we can to stretch our budgets. And in this modern age where “going green” is the new trend, energy-saving tips and tricks to use less water, for instance, have become the norm.

28 September, 2018

​The homify guide to black walls

There are no prizes for guessing why white walls are so popular – because they help to visually open up spaces of all sizes and make them seem larger and lighter. Plus, it’s always easier matching your home’s furnishings and décor with white (or off-…

27 September, 2018

​The interior magnificence of the Chelsea Townhouse

Marco Braghiroli, an Italian architect from Milan, is the founder and managing director of Prestige Architects Ltd, who is our expert team in charge of today’s homify 360° discovery.

26 September, 2018

​The traditional side extension in Cunningham Place

Our latest homify 360° discovery comes from online architectural firm Resi. From extensions to refurbishments, Resi is ensuring that modern-day homeowners achieve their dream designs and spaces much easier and quicker.

25 September, 2018

​Interior ideas: Choosing internal doors

Value your privacy in your home? Not too keen on including every single room in one vast layout? Then you’re definitely going to require some interior doors!Since the dawn of building, internal doors have been dividing rooms, and with increased suppl…

24 September, 2018

​The modern, sun-filled Zurich apartment

London-based 4D Studio Architects And Interior Designers is in charge of our newest homify 360° inspirational piece. With a commitment of turning dreams into reality, this studio ensures top-notch results for all their clients thanks to the contribut…

23 September, 2018

​The Adler Extendable Table from London's IQ Furniture

To achieve the next step in lifestyle philosophy, look to your home’s furnishings and décor – and for that, we recommend IQ Furniture, the furniture and accessories specialists in Amersham.

22 September, 2018

Choosing materials for patio surfaces

Styling up your outdoor space involves significantly more than deciding on garden benches. When it comes to patios the materials are vital, and not just for appearance’s sake. Obviously your patio surfaces need to be practical in addition to aestheti…

21 September, 2018

​The pros and cons of a sunken bath

Ah, the sunken bath – one of the most popular bathtub designs adorning the modern bathroom worldwide. Also known as a ‘drop-in tub’, a sunken bath may be sunk into the bathroom floor, or even a platform or deck which is specifically created for said…

20 September, 2018