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29 Lovely Ways to Display Photos and Art in Your Home

Displaying photos in our home is a great way to bring warmth and personalisation to a room. No matter which room you choose, photographs can make a major impact on the interior design.

19 April, 2021

Homes Through The Eras - Tudor, Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian

Now that professional interior design is clocking over 100 years old, there is no better time to look into the history of this revolutionary craft. Over time, changing home design developments reflected the trends of the era.

15 April, 2021

21 Unique Corner Kitchen Designs to Copy

Kitchens are all about functionality and design. Corner kitchens, on the other hand, can seem awkward in design. But with the right setup, they're actually quite useful. In smaller homes, corner kitchens can help to maximize the space.

14 April, 2021

Transparent Furniture Style Guide: 14 Trendy Ideas

Have you ever wanted a truly unique piece of furniture in your home? Sometimes it's the more unusual pieces that can make the most sense in our home. Transparent furniture is a great way to give a home a more modern look and 'trick the eye' into seei…

05 April, 2021

15 Kitchen Stools: Find Inpiration for All Kinds of Styles

Kitchen stools, or bar stools, aren't given the attention they deserve—they're part of the centerpiece of your kitchen! If you have an island, then your kitchen stools are even more central to the display.

25 March, 2021

15 Tiny Kitchen Ideas to Fall in Love with

A kitchen is an essential part of our home for entertainment, nourishment, and enjoyment. We spend time in our kitchen quite often, so it can be an annoyance when there isn't much space to work with.

17 March, 2021

A Guide to Mid-Century Style Furniture + 14 Ideas

If you think of 'vintage', the word 'mid-century' might not come to mind. But mid-century furniture is a great way to get a vintage look in your home, and some of the style has even been modernized.

12 March, 2021

11 Beautiful and Unique Doors to Install in Your Home

If you're interested in installing a unique piece in your home, why not consider installing a beautiful new door? It's not often that you see intricately designed doors, which is why a piece like this can make such a huge impact on your home.

10 March, 2021

3D visualisations: The future of design

Professionals like architects and interior designers know that drawing, crafting and designing are just other means of communicating—and, in this sense, communication between professional and client.

28 February, 2021

14 homes with brilliant bi-folding doors

When you want to open your home up to the garden and create a stunning dialogue between the interior and exterior spaces that you have access to, there is only one option; bi-folding doors! Not only do these fantastic glazing variations offer style a…

28 February, 2021