Modern fireplace designs to finish a room perfectly

A striking and functional fireplace is a wonderful way to finish any space, particularly a living room, but with so many incredible ideas to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start, which is why this guide has been created.

11 April, 2018

​What you need to know to create a home library

The Roman scholar Marcus Tullius Cicero said, If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. Here on homify, we wholeheartedly agree! And even though we have focused on stunning gardens before (and will do so again), today we ded…

11 April, 2018

Kitchen wallpaper designs that are undeniably delicious

Kitchens are not only a practical necessity in a house, they also offer a wealth of opportunity to add in some seriously personal style touches and one element that is always given a lot of thought is how the walls are finished.

10 April, 2018

​How to do proper spring cleaning in one day

The weather is getting warmer and our energy levels are rising – yes, spring is on its way! But in addition to making plans for socialising outdoors, we also need to factor in that all-important chore that awaits us all every year: spring cleaning.

10 April, 2018

Entryway ideas to add extra oomph to a home

It's no secret that an entrance hallway is where a home's first impression is either made or broken, but so many people seem to undervalue entryway design. Throughout the UK, there's a plethora of foyers simply wallowing in unexciting finishes and bo…

09 April, 2018

​How you can create the best feature wall

The well-known feature wall became a trend in the 1990s, when just about every home renovation show and interior designer started using this decorative idea to create a focal point in an otherwise bland room.

09 April, 2018

Simply the best stair carpet styles

Stairs might not always seem ripe for transformation, but interior designers beg to differ and are keen to showcase the many varieties of stair carpets that can turn a perfunctory architectural inclusion into a chic focal point in its own right.

08 April, 2018

Stylish home office ideas to consider copying

Dreaming up perfect home office design ideas doesn't have to be a struggle, if functionality is maintained as the main focus and anyone choosing to work from home should be well equipped with a practical mind that will naturally lend itself to the jo…

07 April, 2018

​The homify guide to decorating on a budget

Here at homify we firmly believe that everyone deserves beauty in their lives. That’s why we always go the extra mile to bring our readers top-notch décor- and design tips to help them enjoy beautiful homes.

07 April, 2018

Reasons to consider a shower bath combo

Designing a bathroom always throws up a myriad of issues and chief amongst them is getting the proportions and functionality just right. Professional bathroom designers make it all seem so easy, but for those people that can't afford to hire one or s…

06 April, 2018

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