Building the ultimate man cave

They say a man's house is his castle. This might be true, but what do they call a man's room? A man cave, of course. A sanctuary away from the rest of the house and the rest of the world, a place to spend time alone, or to hang out with mates.

13 June, 2018

​How to choose the right tables for small spaces

It doesn’t matter if you have a modern, open-plan layout which combines your kitchen, dining- and living areas, or a more traditional home where all these spaces are closed off – you will require at least one table in one of these rooms.

13 June, 2018

​Unique bedroom wallpaper ideas

You may be under the impression that wallpaper is severely outdated when it comes to interior design. So, here comes homify, where we always approach any design task (from choosing out countertop materials for kitchens to styling up entryways) from a…

12 June, 2018

​Why you should decorate with neutral colours

All of us have heard the term “neutral colours” at one time or another – it especially gets thrown around in the interior design- and architectural worlds quite a lot. But do you really know what defines neutral colours or why they are important? If…

11 June, 2018

​Minimalist interior design: Why it’s good for you

Home is where the heart is. True, but what if your home is making you stressed out and/or sick? Nobody wants to walk into their house at the end of a tiring day just to feel their anxiety levels rise, right? But even though we clean and scrub regular…

​First impressions: homify’s best hallway storage ideas

What is the first space your guests see when entering your home? Granted, a neat front garden and clean front porch are vital, but it’s only upon entering the house that one really gets a taste of their personal style and character.

09 June, 2018

​Simple tips for luxury kitchens

We all want our homes to flaunt a look of elegance, especially in those open spaces where we tend to socialise and entertain – like the kitchen, which is, after all, the heart of any home.

08 June, 2018

​What not to do when building a conservatory

Adding a conservatory to your home can be one of the most fun building projects. Not to mention what it can do for your house’s value. Conservatories can provide you with a lot of different options, from an extra space to sit and read to a formal ent…

07 June, 2018

​How to plan the right living room layout

Just bought a new home? Renovating your current house? Doesn’t matter – that living room of yours will require a practical layout to help make it one of the most sociable spaces.

06 June, 2018

​Kerb appeal: The best front door ideas

They say that first impressions are everything. Here on homify we full-heartedly agree, which is why we are always on the lookout for ways in which your house can flaunt an impressive first impression.

05 June, 2018

Which of these lavish additions did you like best? Tell us what you’d love to include in your home!