How to modernise your house in 2018

Most of us already know that the kitchen and bathroom are the two main spaces to focus on should you want to increase your home’s value or get a buyer’s attention. But what if you’re perfectly happy living in your forever-home, yet feel that it’s not…

08 September, 2018

​How to create the perfect Feng Shui kitchen

When it comes to the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui, the kitchen remains exactly what it is to all of us in everyday life: the heart of the home. Feng Shui just goes a bit deeper and teaches us that the kitchen symbolizes health, abundance, an…

07 September, 2018

​The homify guide to choosing paint colours

Giving your home a new look does not always have to involve a professional (and, sometimes, expensive) interior designer. Sometimes all it takes is a little paint and a lot of imagination.

06 September, 2018

​Get the look: homify’s best blue living room ideas

The single word “blue” provides no hint about the seemingly countless tints available from this primary colour. Deep, moody hues like cobalt and peacock; light and summery tones named arctic and sapphire; and then, of course, the myriad of options we…

05 September, 2018

Time for a home update? Watch out for these remodel signs

If it’s not broke, don’t’ fix it. True, but sometimes we become so used to that broken thing that we start seeing it as normal. All the while, a fresh update is waiting around the corner to turn that broken space into something practical and stylish!…

03 September, 2018

​8 design ideas for traditional living rooms

A lover of vintage designs? Not keen on all-white, too-sleek schemes that show up in so many modern spaces? Sounds like a classic/traditional style is more up your alley. One thing we can say for traditional/classic designs: they sure weren’t shy abo…

02 September, 2018

​How to design a home office in 7 easy steps

It happens way too often that a functionally designed work space at home ends up at the bottom of that to-do list. Most of us prefer to spend attention and money on our kitchens, living rooms and gardens, and even though those spaces deserve TLC as w…

01 September, 2018

Interior design expert Jennifer Ghatan talks about her work

Jennifer Ghatan has built an extensive career creating high-end residential projects in both the US and the UK. A New York native, her firm JKG Interiors London is outfitted to take a project from the initial concept through to completion inclusive o…

31 August, 2018

A sit-down with architect Marco Braghiroli of Prestige Architects

With years of experience as an architect and designer Marco Braghiroli has established himself as a major name in the industry. As managing director of Prestige Architects, he has completed projects from London to Switzerland and Singapore and is ren…

31 August, 2018

​Kerb appeal: How to plan a driveway

When admiring someone’s house from the outside, what’s the first thing you see? The front yard? The façade walls? Well, for many people the layout and condition of a driveway speaks volumes about the homeowners and their commitment to beauty.

31 August, 2018