​The Hampshire kitchen extension that changed an entire home

Interior architects Hampshire Design Consultancy Ltd. from Liss, Petersfield are in charge of our newest homify 360° gem. The project? A glorious kitchen extension which adds space, style and functionality to an existing family home.

19 July, 2018

​A Feng Shui bedroom in 7 easy steps

Before we tell you which bedroom décor piece should go where, a quick catch-up on Feng Shui. Originating in China, Feng Shui is a pseudoscience which claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment.

18 July, 2018

​How to make small back gardens super stylish

Some call it a curse, others a blessing. We are, of course, talking about small back gardens, but in this category also falls other tiny outdoor spaces like small terraces, miniature balconies and petite patios.

17 July, 2018

​Let in the light: How to brighten a dark bedroom

The sun sets for a reason, and we’re not trying to get into a scientific dialogue here. But imagine having to go to sleep with fresh, bright sunshine pouring in through your bedroom window – not ideal, is it? Thus, for optimum shut eye, the darker th…

16 July, 2018

​The right steps to selling a house

When it comes to selling a house, the process can be both exhilarating and daunting – and with good reason, too. What if all of this is a mistake? What if this is actually your perfect home, you just don’t know it yet? What if, what if…

15 July, 2018

​Working with colour: Yellow living room ideas

When it comes to picking out tints for a room’s colour palette, yellow isn’t always one of the first choices – such a pity, really, when one considers its versatility and visual appeal.

14 July, 2018

​How to give your home a modern rustic design

We’ve all heard that popular buzz term ‘modern rustic’, but how many of us actually know what it means? Out of all the different design styles out there (contemporary, Scandinavian, traditional, etc.), modern rustic is probably the most puzzling.

13 July, 2018

​Extra space and style: homify’s best loft room ideas

Apart from extensions, loft conversions are the best way to gain more interior space and functionality. Regardless of whether you require an extra bedroom, a study, or a play space for the kiddies, a loft extension is sure to be worth the effort and…

12 July, 2018

Working with colour: Decorating with beige

When it comes to the colour family, beige is seen as a trusty friend; that dependable tint one can always add to any surface of any room (from the bedroom and hallway to the living room and kitchen).

11 July, 2018

​Easy-to-copy tips for luxury bathrooms

Before we close off each day by retreating to a stylish bedroom that promises sweet dreams, we first need to cleanse off the day’s worries in the bathroom – and who says said bathroom can’t be equally stylish and inspiring? After all, just because we…

10 July, 2018