​20 ideas to style up your bedroom right now

If you have no idea where to start when it comes to giving your bedroom a new look (or even just an add-on here and there), then consider today’s piece just for you. These 20 ideas, although they look simple, are sure to put a stylish new spin on any…

10 November, 2017

10 ways to upgrade your kitchen this weekend

Giving your kitchen a makeover doesn't have to be a long and drawn out process, if you follow our advice! In fact, in just one short weekend, you could totally transform the look and feel of your space, without even needing to spend a whole heap of m…

09 November, 2017

​20 style tricks for a small bedroom

Think that you can get by with a neglected bedroom just because it’s small? Think again! Our bedrooms are so much more than the rooms where we place our beds – they are visual representations of our personalities and styles; they are the spaces that…

09 November, 2017

​11 tips for decorating the walls of a small house

A lot of space presents lots of potential in terms of décor and design, yet that does not mean you don’t have to at least try for a bit of beauty if your house is on the smaller side.

09 November, 2017

7 projects with home furnishings to copy

Furnishing a home to a suitably high standard can seem like a dark art, but that's why inspiring photos are such a godsend! Professional interior designers have taken all the guesswork out of home furnishings, with their constant slew of incredible p…

08 November, 2017

How to paint kitchen cabinets

Want to give your kitchen a stunning new look? Then we bring good news today: you don’t need to spend a fortune! You only need to know your facts in terms of painting those kitchen cabinets (which can also make for a fun DIY project if you don’t feel…

08 November, 2017

​A modern beauty to dream about

Our newest homify 360° gem comes from Sieckmann Walther Architects from Hamburg. The project that they’re sharing with us? A super modern, delightfully designed structure that places equal emphasis on modern style, sleek finishes, open spaces and a c…

08 November, 2017

Heavenly hallway colours you need to consider

Any interior designer worth their salt (and consultation fee!) will tell you that your hallway is the key to making an incredible first impression on guests, while also setting the tone for the rest of your home, so it stands to reason that getting t…

07 November, 2017

​20 great examples of plaster walls

Plaster walls (and ceilings) just have a certain way of evoking a historic look and tradition, in addition to being fine examples of excellent craftsmanship and artistic designs.

07 November, 2017

​14 stunning ideas for your hallway walls

How many of us have a complete disregard for the hallway, seeing it as nothing more than a ‘pass-through space’ from one room to the next? Too many, that’s for sure! And that definitely leads to so many of us not putting in any effort when it comes t…

07 November, 2017

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