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10 façades of one-storey houses to inspire you

We all know that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but it’s easier said than done – especially when it comes to viewing properties. After all, when you see a house’s exterior with peeling paint, overgrown garden and just a general ‘tired’ look,…

20 October, 2019

High-end kitchen lighting by Luxury Chandelier

London lighting store Luxury Chandelier has been known to provide first-grade lighting fixtures for quite some time now. From chandeliers and pendants to table and floor lamps, Luxury Chandelier ensures a rich variety of options in multiple designs,…

18 October, 2019

3 Spanish villas by 4D Studio to escape the cold winter

With winter settling in here in the UK, we thought we’d take this opportunity to daydream about escaping to a warmer, sunnier spot. How does Spain sound? Sun-kissed beaches, lush rolling hills, and a tropical climate which just begs us to soak up the…

16 October, 2019

7 of Prestige Architects’ best portfolio pieces

Our designer spotlight for today shines brightly on Prestige Architects. Since 2009, this London-based architectural firm is known for delivering elite results when it comes to commercial- and residential spaces, specifically in terms of interior arc…

15 October, 2019

A brand-new build by Urbanist Architecture

Urbanist Architecture, a RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) chartered practice, based in London. Although the firm has been practicing UK planning law and residential architecture for more than 10 years, its passion for its daily operations…

14 October, 2019

Interior Design and Restyling of the B&B Navona Grand Suite in the Heart of Rome

Contemporary details blend with a revisited classic style and the charm of ancient Rome in two wonderful accommodation facilities in the heart of the Eternal City, thanks to the skilful renovation conducted by Alberto Cerracchio and Adina Berti of th…

14 October, 2019

7 bathroom trends for 2020 to copy right now

Been dreaming lately about giving your bathroom a new look? Well, hold it right there, as we are about to save you so much money while also keeping your bathing / showering space super in vogue.

13 October, 2019

How to properly plan a budget for your next kitchen makeover

Professional kitchen planners will agree that budgeting for a kitchen facelift is a whole other game than planning a makeover for, say, a living room or bedroom. That is because the other spaces in a house tend to be smaller than a kitchen, but also…

13 October, 2019

9 small rustic kitchens you are sure to love!

The word “rustic” gets thrown around quite a bit. It is used to describe anything from farmhouse decorations to a Tuscan-style villa. But what does it really mean? Does your house need to resemble a vintage log cabin in order to be considered truly r…

06 October, 2019

Cadorin's Tracks Planks Collection in London at Decorex International (October 6-9, 2019)

As elegant and classy as the best hand-made jewellery, the newly created CORTEC texture is a never-seen before finishing that reproduces on the plank's surfaces the natural texture of the barks covering trees, adding to Cadorin's Tracks Planks Collec…

06 October, 2019