​Aorta: A London interior designer with an eye for detail

Our latest source of inspiration comes from London, where interior architectural company Aorta invites us to have a look at one of its most recent accomplishments. But first, a little something about the professionals in charge…

29 October, 2018

The Resi guide to getting the perfect house extension

When it comes to modern residential architecture that perfectly caters to one’s personal needs and style, the pros at Resi certainly know what they’re talking about. Based in London, this seasoned architectural firm aims to be the quicker, more cost-…

28 October, 2018

​Deluxe door designs by Amersham’s IQ Furniture

Based in Amersham, IQ Furniture is committed to providing top-of-the-range choices for those seeking luxury modern designer furniture, lighting and home accessories. In addition to being expert furniture suppliers, the team also consists of design co…

27 October, 2018

​How to correctly (and stylishly) wallpaper your living room

When it comes to design tools to style up your interiors, wallpaper has been packing a punch since 1785. That was the year when Christophe-Philippe Oberkampf invented the first machine for printing coloured tints on sheets of wallpaper.

26 October, 2018

​What your bathroom storage must NOT include

We all know how easy it can be to shove something into a bathroom cabinet simply because there’s no space for it anywhere else in the house. This list can be quite endless, from tea towels and cleaning products to children’s toys.

25 October, 2018

​The homify guide to the best flooring for bedrooms

‘Hard-wearing’ is the key term when picking out flooring options for areas in our homes prone to heavy traffic, like hallways and living rooms. For the kitchen and bathroom, it’s vital to go with a floor surface that can withstand a lot of spills and…

24 October, 2018

​homify’s best grey bedroom ideas

A decade or so ago, a grey bedroom would have been considered slightly crazy. Beige and brown, sure, but grey? After all, it’s considered a grim and cave-like tone that’s meant to be used in conjunction with other more striking hues, right? Not anymo…

23 October, 2018

​7 stylish choices for your coloured kitchen

Isn’t colour a wonderful thing? In an instant it can change our moods, tell us if we’re hungry or not, or even make a small space look and feel much larger (if you have any doubts about whether colour really is that powerful, feel free to read up on…

22 October, 2018

​Choosing the perfect kitchen backsplash

Thinking about how you can give your kitchen a new look? Installing new countertops is a big (and costly) undertaking and hanging new curtains is just too subtle. No, how about focusing on that wall surface right underneath your cabinetry instead: th…

21 October, 2018

​Which is better: a bath or shower?

When it comes to households with families, a shower/tub combination is the most common type of bathroom fixture. In addition to being practical and efficient, a shower/tub combo also gives one the option of enjoying either a bath or shower without ta…

20 October, 2018