​Create a focal point with an exposed brick wall

Until the middle of the 20th century, lots of buildings and exterior walls were constructed with bricks due to their strength, durability and easy installation process. Sometimes these bricks were covered with plaster to ensure a smoother appearance.

​Great garden ideas for backyard entertainment

Regardless of how big or small your yard is, chances are that you’ve thought about using it to host a smashing soiree every now and again. The great thing is that most backyard spaces have the potential to become a setting for a party, even if it’s j…

18 June, 2018

​Need a work space? See our best study room ideas

No matter if you’re designing a living room or decorating an extra bedroom, two things need to be considered: style and function. But this rings even truer when it comes to a study or home office – a crucial space these days, as modern times are seei…

​The homify guide to planning kitchen extensions

Who doesn’t dream of their home’s heart (also known as the kitchen) being a spacious and welcoming area where one can not only cook and bake, but also dine, work and socialise? Fortunately, one doesn’t need to move home to achieve this, for kitchen e…

16 June, 2018

​The best bedroom colour ideas for a trendy look

We all know how colour can dramatically change a room’s appearance, but did you know that it also affects your mood? Colour psychology teaches us that our heartbeats, stress rankings and even hunger levels can be influenced by the main colour palette…

15 June, 2018

​Interior DIY: How to measure carpet

Nothing beats a good ol’ hardwood floor, but sometimes one wants a softer underfoot sensation. And for those instances, we resort to lovely carpets for our homes.But whether you are considering installing those carpets yourself or just want to have a…

14 June, 2018

Building the ultimate man cave

They say a man's house is his castle. This might be true, but what do they call a man's room? A man cave, of course. A sanctuary away from the rest of the house and the rest of the world, a place to spend time alone, or to hang out with mates.

13 June, 2018

​How to choose the right tables for small spaces

It doesn’t matter if you have a modern, open-plan layout which combines your kitchen, dining- and living areas, or a more traditional home where all these spaces are closed off – you will require at least one table in one of these rooms.

13 June, 2018

​Unique bedroom wallpaper ideas

You may be under the impression that wallpaper is severely outdated when it comes to interior design. So, here comes homify, where we always approach any design task (from choosing out countertop materials for kitchens to styling up entryways) from a…

12 June, 2018

​Why you should decorate with neutral colours

All of us have heard the term “neutral colours” at one time or another – it especially gets thrown around in the interior design- and architectural worlds quite a lot. But do you really know what defines neutral colours or why they are important? If…

11 June, 2018

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