Small bathroom ideas you might not have thought of before

Bathroom design ideas can seem a little overwhelming, but there's a problem; most of the really creative and stunning spaces that we have come across seem to be enormous and that won't help us with our more modest homes.

19 February, 2018

25 ideas for stylish and functional kitchen islands

For any modern eat-in kitchen a beautiful kitchen island is a must-have. If you're looking inspiration or ideas for your own project, look no further.

19 February, 2018

7 things to think about when installing a modular kitchen

Thinking of putting together a modular kitchen? We've got the ultimate checklist for you.

19 February, 2018

Window cleaning advice that really works

The household chores never seem to end but one task that is so easy to put off, maybe even forever, is window cleaning. If you aren't something of a glazing expert, there will be a huge number of questions that arise from tackling window grime includ…

15 February, 2018

An apartment that stuns with unusual design touches!

We all want our homes to be accurate reflections of who we are and what our individual style is, but it's shocking how many of us give in to a more understated aesthetic, just because we think we should or maybe even because we assume that family hom…

14 February, 2018

​How to have a spick-and-span home all the time

Ever noticed how some people’s homes just seem naturally tidy and spotless 24/7? Here’s a secret: they’re not! They only look that way because the homeowners are committed to an organised lifestyle.

14 February, 2018

5 reasons why you absolutely NEED a luxury summerhouse

You might not know just how much you need a stunning summerhouse in your already fabulous garden, but once we've told you all about the benefits of them, you'll be left in absolutely no doubt! Though it isn't really necessary, asking a professional l…

13 February, 2018

​Modern beauty: 10 bathrooms to take note of

Say what you will about the modern style (its commitment to straight lines, the way it focuses on neutral hues, etc.), but it’s stuck around so long for a reason: because it works, especially with smaller spaces! And since the bathroom is usually one…

13 February, 2018

An amazing loft and garage conversion to admire

It's easy to forget that not everybody wants an integrated garage. In fact, there must be numerous homes that could actually use more internal space and today, we are going to show you one such property that has been dramatically altered to lovely ef…

12 February, 2018

10 decorating ideas to add romance to your bedroom

Valentine's Day is the perfect chance to add some romantic touches to your bedroom's decoration.We've got 10 ideas to help you set the perfect romantic mood.

12 February, 2018

Which of these lavish additions did you like best? Tell us what you’d love to include in your home!