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The 800 m² Neoclassical mansion by Sia Moore

Sia Moore Architectural International has been putting quite the luxurious spin on architectural designs since it was founded back in 2009 by architectural professional Banu Altay.

09 January, 2020

The Cassiopeia designer lights by Luxury Chandelier

The lighting professionals of Luxury Chandelier may be located in London, but what aids in their appeal and versatility is their online store that is able to ship any product nationwide.

08 January, 2020

The autumn / winter paint colours of Pure & Original

The family run paint-producing company Pure & Original has been enhancing the colours, patterns, and textures of walls ever since it was established back in 2006. Located in Lelystad, The Netherlands, Pure & Original was founded by Erwin Floo…

06 January, 2020

Wider Planks of American Walnut for Unique Parquet Flooring

Cadorin is giving parquet flooring a completely new twist, creating floors that blend in with the best innovative and traditional interior designs. The 45° or 60° Chevron textures of parquet floors are designed combining planks of varying dimensions…

24 December, 2019

Urbanist Architecture: The Experts for Planning Permission

For London-based Urbanist Architecture, daily operations consist of so much more than designing blueprints for new structures. This RIBA-chartered practice is also on a mission to increase the quality of clients’ lives, which is why they are also ful…

17 December, 2019

6 Interior design trends to follow in 2020

As 2019 creeps towards its final few days, we all turn towards the trendsetters in the design industry (including some of the most top-notch Interior Designers and Decorators) to discover what will be “in” for the year ahead.

15 December, 2019

Clever open-closet designs for a super organised wardrobe

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we gained additional space whenever we purchased more stuff, especially clothing? Just imagine arriving home with your newly bought fashion essentials just to discover your closet / wardrobe magically expanded itself! Sadly,…

14 December, 2019

The BURN crystal lighting pendant by Luxury Chandelier

Luxury Chandelier, the London-based company made up of professionals in the lighting industry, the store is a prime source for high-class artificial lighting designs. Although the name might suggest that the company specialises in chandeliers, Luxury…

11 December, 2019

4 luxurious London renovations by Prestige Architects

Thank the stars for professionals in the renovation industry, for they are the gems devoted to giving existing structures a second life. Such is the case with today’s professional, Prestige Architects Ltd.

10 December, 2019

The practical beauty of AFAB Architecture's “picoesquina”

Today’s inspirational piece comes from AFAB Architecture. Located in both London and Spain, AFAB Architecture is a Spanish architectural firm founded in 2017 by Aitor Frías and Joaquin Perailes.

09 December, 2019