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A paper knife is not just a practical tool to open letters but it is also an elegant or humorous accessory for the desk and gift. 

I wanted to create a paper knife which is related to writing words. So, I took inspiration from the most familiar stationary for writing. 

Even though this object has a familiar form, it doesn't function for writing, thus it may confuse people when they see it, and make them wonder if it is a mere decoration. But, it is elegant yet practical as a paper knife. That is the surprise and humour I want to create.


Concorso IL TAGLIACARTE 2014


SaloneSatelite—Milan Design Week 2014

DO UT DESIGN—Milan Design Week 2014                          

Oriental Design Week—Turin 2014              

The Essence of Beauty—Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne 2015

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