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Stairs for small spaces Fontanot Corridor, hallway & stairsStairs
Stairs for small spaces Fontanot Corridor, hallway & stairsStairs
Stairs for small spaces Fontanot Corridor, hallway & stairsStairs

Fontanot UK is big on decorating small spaces. We've carefully designed and executed spiral staircases that are perfectly proportioned for that compact city loft or office. Our three staircase lines, most convenient for remodelling with very little space, are Magia 30, Pixima Mini and Pixima Mini Line. Explore what each of these trendy staircases has to offer:

Magia 30 has 59-cm-wide treads made of birchwood, and is accented with steel supports. It is built with alternating treads and the riser height is customizable (this would be the space in between each tread, depending on how much height you're working with). Risers are available in 13, 14, 15, 17, and are customized by you, the decorator via our website.

Pixima Mini: Here we get even smaller with 54-cm-wide treads, also with customizable risers (12, 13, 14). A compact solution such as this is ideal for loft conversions and mezzanine floors. Also constructed using alternating treads, we've gone with a solid beechwood for material.

Pixima Mini Line: Though it has the same dimensions and tread design/material as the Pixima Mini, the one stylistic effect of the Mini Line that will add a trendy splash to any room are the steel balusters combined with stainless steel cables that can be crossed to form five different patterns.

Our space-saving staircase lines are the product of many years of technical research and design. Among these lines you tend to see some repeating characteristics, and let's explain why :

Magia 30, Pixima Mini and Pixima Mini Line all have PVC handrails with aluminum cores. We prefer this combination, especially the PVC, and you're seeing more of it nowadays for two reasons: It's durable and it looks good. You'll notice the Pixima Lines have wood effect handrails made of PVC. We like using PVC because it's lightweight, doesn't split or need sanding (very low maintenance), unlike traditional wood, and it's easy to work with from a design standpoint.

Alternating treads are a big thing to look for when finding the perfect space-saving staircase, as we have used in ours. This particular stair design offers a shorter horizontal span than traditional stairs. To put it simply, the only other object that has the same space-saving aspects would be a ladder. Alternating treads offer you the maximized space that a ladder would with a forward-facing descent. We find this style a lot in industrial settings because they are flexible and easily adaptable.

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