formtrefflich Office spaces & stores
formtrefflich Office spaces & stores

About us:

The Stuttgart design label formtrefflich was founded in 2012 and resulted from the collaboration between two graduate designers: Nicole Walger, who mainly works conceptually in jewelry – and Stefanie Prießnitz, who develops product designs and product lines. DON developed out of an idea for a new kind of jewelry packaging. And from DON developed the convenient design objects DON kid and DON big. For the future, more innovative products for living space are in the works. Roomily beautiful – and simply formtastic…

Nicole Walger studied ’Design for Jewelry and Appliances’ at Pforzheim University of Design. In 2000, she was granted a scholarship (German Academic Exchange Service) for the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence (USA). In 2001, she graduated with a final project entitled Deformation. She then worked as a freelance designer in her own workshop in Stuttgart in the following years. Nicole Walger has won the award for young designers of the 24th German Packaging Competition (2001), the Materialica Design Award (2003), the Design Award of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Koblenz (2003), the Inhorgenta Innovation Award (2003) as well as the Inhorgenta Award in the category Selection (2011). www.nicole-walger.de

Stefanie Prießnitz studied Design for Jewelry and Appliances at Pforzheim University of Design. In 1999, she was granted a scholarship (German Academic Exchange Service) for the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence (USA). In 2000, she graduated with a final project entitled ’Mouth Open, Eyes Closed’. She then worked as a product designer in Ludwigsburg in the following years. As a freelance designer, she developed design-focused jewelry in small ranges. Stefanie Prießnitz has won the Bavarian State Award at the Munich Talents (2000), and in cooperation with the company Raumgestalt the award Form 2001 at the Tendence Frankfurt (2001). www.stefaniepriessnitz.de

Production is more than just a matter of form
formtrefflich manufactures exclusively in Germany – for example in close cooperation with the Backnanger workshops of the charity Paulinenpflege Winnenden or the rehabilitation center and clinic Rudolf-Sophien-Stift. People who are mentally challenged work at these unique production sites in a sewing shop. They follow the individual steps of production to the completion of a product and thereby experience how something beautiful is formed in their hands. The various colors create a positive atmosphere, and the women and men are given the opportunity to prove their manual skills and to take on a personal challenge.

About the Product:

Attractively simple and simply attractive
On the outside, DON is a design piece. Nicely shaped, sensuously folded, available in a wide range of colors. Yet DON has so much more to offer. For this piece has hidden depth! And that in every form… For far too long, opening and closing packaging were nothing more than purpose-driven activities. DON makes a performance out of this purpose – through a truly formtastic closing technique.

DON classic – a formtastic gift box

DON classic is a new packing material made from high-quality, elastic textiles that can be used for vouchers, small gifts or jewelry. An easy pull-and-push movement opens and closes the perfectly formed gift case. But the presentee first needs to find out about this little secret – which leads to thrilling anticipation, culminating in a wow effect over the joy of discovery.   The initial design of DON classic was award-winning – it won both the “Förderpreis des Deutschen Verpackungsdesignwettbewerbes 2001” German packaging design award for young designers  and the 2003 Materialica Design Award.

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