The plough harborne—garden area by spencer swinden | homify

The Plough was originally an old community boozer that just wasn’t appealing enough to the local demographic, and wasn’t fulfilling its potential. We were brought in to increase footfall and turnover and give customers a reason to want to spend time there.

To turn The Plough around we needed to make it cool, and to make it cool we had to attract the local young professional market. That meant The Plough needed an overhaul and a character change that would appeal to them and entice other customers too.

We knew business could be grown exponentially, but for this to happen we knew we also had to create more space inside the venue, and train staff in order to create a customer experience that surpassed expectations.

Character was put back into the pub. We used retro quirks in every corner, rather than traditional pub details. This meant The Plough took on a lodge feel with a relaxing ambience that gives the customer something interesting to look at wherever they sit.

The The Plough was repositioned to appeal to young professionals, which would then attract other local demographics. We had to make it cool, but not a clique. It had to appeal to everyone.

More space was created by building an extension in the garden area, which allowed it to remain a beer garden during the summer, but also be used for extra trade and more covers during the winter, to generate revenue all year round.

Thanks to this work, and a lot of care and attention to all aspects of the business and customer experience over the last six years, we have turned The Plough into an award-winning pub, the hub of Harborne and a place that attracts roaring trade and happy customers every single day of the year.

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