Study shelves study/office by inside studio ltd | homify

This space is separate to the rest of the apartment and acts as a room in which to relax, read books, engage in conversation.

The built in arch creates a divide from the dining area and makes a separate inclusion for this study.

The bookshelf is custom made out of walnut wood, with built in spotlights. These spotlights gently bring focus on the books and art pieces.

The sofa is the Ercol Studio Couch. In this particular space the client put emphasis on the old style books they like to read. The sofa style and use of wood compliment this.

The coffee tables are from Bo Concept, and the stunning light rings are by Quasar.

The shutters are a modern touch to create a more intense space by blocking out the light.

The colour palette consists of beiges and greys for an intimate atmosphere.

The walls are covered by Vescom silk, adding luxury and warmth to this space.

Price: £15
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