Flux table in white: modern by studio integrate ltd, modern | homify

FLUX table the Golden A'Design Award Winner 2013-1014. It is the synthesis of explorations of the legacy of Islamic art with contemporary modes of computation. It is an example that obtains its complex pattern and 3D form from a basic Islamic pattern. The strictly geometrical pattern at the top surface fuses to the bottom layer through a series of multidirectional arches. The legs of the table emerge at the convergence points of the base pattern and stretch towards the outside to provide the balance. This leads to a novel geometrical arrangement which maintain its original roots.

The glass top is considered an extension of the geometry, with its printed patterns reflecting the geometry of the continuous form. The generated form is manufactured using digital fabrication technologies and the end product is hand finished in highly polished polyurethane. It measures 2.15 x 1.05 metres and is available in both black and white.

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