Private House, Cardiff , LOYN+CO ARCHITECTS LOYN+CO ARCHITECTS Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Private House, Cardiff , LOYN+CO ARCHITECTS LOYN+CO ARCHITECTS Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

The brief was to provide a contemporary replacement dwelling on the site which is located within a sub-urban part of the City and County of Cardiff.

Conceived as a series of building elements that float and overlap over each other, a simple palette of materials
have been utilised to construct this new dwelling.

A ground floor brickwork ‘garden wall’ that winds inside and out of the house, bringing the garden in, sits under
a floating Accoya clad timber first floor. A zinc roof drapes and folds over the central spine of the building, expressing the ‘bones’ of the timber structure that support it, whilst also providing solar shading to the south and protection to the north side of the dwelling.

The exposed brickwork wall that weaves through the site and home is a bespoke hand-made blend and the
different tones within each brick, reflect and speak to other materials selected for the project.

Large extents of glazing to the south and east provide key visual connections to the external landscaping and
exploit the benefits of passive solar gain. This 5 bedroom dwelling is extensively automated including a home office, cinema room, gym and play room.

The bespoke hand-made imperial sized bricks, provide a texture to the ground floor walls that weave in and out
of the house, connected by the transparency of the glazed openings that frame the external landscape and capture the southern light.

The precision of the rhythmic timber cladding to the first floor and floating zinc roof hover over these undulated masonry walls.

All materials speak of craftsmanship in different ways, whilst also providing the necessary durability required for this site. The materials will age gracefully and become closer to their surroundings as they weather and merge with the landscape. The different materials whilst very different share like tones and colours.

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