New project

With the strength of aesthetic tradition which combines the concept of elegance with that of simplicity, COVO,italian DNA and international roots, has made itself the perfect interpreter of these two terms developing anautonomus and distinctive language, capable of marrying tradition and contemporaneity classicism andavantgarde design. With its first steps through the severity of form and signs exported from Orient, it givescharacter to its products while at the same time remaining faithful to its origins, enriching them progressivelywith new and costant stimulation from the world of design. With and sensitive eye, it directs and manages researchthat ranges from the skilful uses of materials to the giving body to the voices of designers, permitting itself anoccasion to go with an ironic spirit into the field of experimentation, without overstepping the limit intouseless showmanship. The fantasy of form and attention to materials become the protagonists and the final productshines with a fresh and extremely personal aesthetic without sacrificing functionally. A strong identity founded ona primary need of feasibilty, a harmonius marriage of form and content, a brand capable of seducing andconquering the attention of an ever more vast public thanks to the unceasing serch for a point of balance, in realand not apparent terms.

Via degli Olmetti, 3b
00060 Formello