Urban Tree


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Urban Tree is a young and inspired architectural practice, which aims to use the power of design to address the varied urban challenges we face in India today. With an experience spanning far regions,  we want to be the change we want to see.

The practice is headed by Ar. Nakul Rege, who has studied and worked in India and the United Kingdom. His specialised studies in Housing and Urbanism issues enable the practice to address any project at different scales and perspectives. 

At Urban Tree, Sustainability is not an add-on gimmick, but a part of the core of the project design. Emphasis is laid on low-energy consumption and the use of innovative materials and new, different construction technologies. Every specific design conclusion is arrived at only after a deep, analytical research. 

Urban Tree takes a holistic approach towards any project, and addresses different issues, right from climatic analysis to the design of the staircase railing. We also believe that architecture and interiors are inseparable, and cannot be thought of without each other, and so, we alone design the interiors of every architectural project we undertake.

'Virashree', 322/9,Shankerseth Road
411042 Pune, Maharashtra, India
+91-9168348931 www.urbantreearchitecture.in