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 "...approach is rooted in a firm belief that design is fundamental to improving quality of life and with an integrated , unified approach it can become a total work of art" (Hariri & Hariri)

Whilst studying Interior Architectural Design at Tshwane University of technology  I was  inspiration by the development of sustainable living. I believe it is all our responsibility to save this planet and what better way than to become a green creator. Create and establish all that is kind to nature. Not only am I drawn to the purpose of sustainability itself, but the complete honesty in esthetics therein as well.

I fell in love with design the moment  I was introduced to texture, and the difference therein with each material.  The coarseness of concrete, the delicacy of stone, the smooth even  transparent elements of glass, and  the strength and natural patination of metals.  My favorite of course the beautiful smell and look of natural timber.

Which brings you to my  reasoning for loving Homewood furniture. Not only am I inspired by the sustainable process but by the desired elegance that goes into each and every designer piece. Homewood furniture's honest approach to design let it seem almost directly out of nature.  This is not  commonly  seen and I find it quite special. Most furniture companies is as if they work the timber off too much and take the natural beauty of it away. Its ether stained and sealed and made perfectly smooth or simply painted to hide the natural grain, all of this  takes away the texture and even smell.  This to me is not an honest, sustainable approach to material.

I spend most my time developing, improving and working on exciting projects  for  my Interior Architectural Design Company I Established short after my Graduation in 2012. "Carmen Hosten I.A.D "  is mainly focused on  Interior Design, Architectural Developments and refurbishment, Technical plans, 3D visualization and even furniture/Decor design. All inspired by nature off course.

My most recent projects would the Waterways Residential Development in Durban, Signature on Nicol in Sandton and Mckenzie Park Estate in Johannesburg.  I also completed my range of flat pack lighting and furniture  all made from locally produced Supawood, called "NIGHT OWL".

Residentially we are very passionate about our clients and their personal styles and needs.  I will often specify / even include Homewood furniture in my 3d Visual renderings.

With breath-taking interiors ranging from organic chic to urban abodes and Victorian elegance. We are here to make all your interior dreams come true. From budget interiors to over-the-top architectural design. Your needs are of our importance!

119 Alcade street
0081 Pretoria
South Africa