Nancy Aillery Paintings


New project

Modern, abstract paintings: Acrylic on canvas.Non-figurative color compositions.


Modern paintings which integrate perfectly into your home, office or business.Contemporary art in your residential and working environment.

You can choose from the existing collection or determine on the basis thereof the size, color and style of your personalized painting.

An abstract painting creates communication, is inspirational and bestows every individual with their personal world of fantasy.

Acrylics give Nancy greater artistic freedom: various techniques (wet, dry, drip, thick, splash, spatula etc.) can easily be combined through and with each other.Each painting starts with the same silver, smooth layer and ends with a patient, balanced finish.The explosions of color will delight many an eye and have a high decorative value in contemporary interiors.
Many paintings are dynamic and full of temperament, others are calm and sober with subtle nuances. "I always know in which direction a painting should grow, but never how it will end. My paintings evolve during the process and can have a surprising turn out. "Her artworks are a constant search for balance in composition and color.

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