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5 stars is not enough: I cannot heap enough praise on BOWA! We hired BOWA to renovate my childhood home, so expectations (and emotions) were high. BOWA delivered at every step. The quality of the work is impeccable, and the quality of the relationships we made with our production manager Elizabeth Maughan and our project manager Peppe Walker were unparalleled. Elizabeth is a talented, smart, confident leader who was with us every step of the way. From thorough, honest email and phone communication to hands-on site visits every week, we felt fully supported and cared for as we watched our dream renovation become reality. Peppe was the best - he was on-site all day every day for months, fulfilling BOWA's promise that we would "enjoy" our renovation. I did not miss a single day of work or moment of sleep worrying about what was going on, as Peppe expertly oversaw it all. Peppe is also a talented carpenter with his own expertise and so I knew he was managing not only the logistics, but had a careful eye out for flawless workmanship. He handled all the subcontractors and the finished product is perfection thanks to Peppe. Thank you Peppe and Elizabeth!!! We are so glad to be part of the BOWA family.
7 months ago
We highly recommend BOWA for home renovation projects. This was our second project and we had such a wonderful experience working with Jim Greenzweig, our project manager, that we knew we had to request him for this job. BOWA was able to deliver, and we quickly remembered why Jim was crucial to a seamless experience. Jim was there every day and tackled issues that arose in our old home and found solutions that fit our needs. He has an ability to see a construction plan and know the right items to engage the client on to confirm the details. They may look right on paper or from a decision perspective but when you are in the field, perspective may change. He did a fabulous job bringing these items to our attention and working with us throughout the whole process to ensure we were happy. BOWA's quality workmanship, professionalism, and certainty are unmatched. They finished just a few days past the target completion date, a significant improvement compared to other contractors. Throughout the project, they prioritized minimizing disruptions and went above and beyond to keep the house clean. Choose BOWA and, if possible, request Jim as your project manager for a stress-free experience.
8 months ago
Working with BOWA (Elizabeth, Kristin, Saul, Emil and the entire production team) was an absolute pleasure. Renovation is stressful, but they all demonstrated their experience, attention to detail and integrity to ensure we were completely satisfied with the work once it was complete. They made the process simple, despite the restrictions of working in a condo building. We are very happy with the gorgeous kitchen we now have! Highly recommend!
9 months ago
BOWA was very professional and attentive from our first outreach. We live in a 240 year old historic home so we knew that making updates would be more complex than standard renovations. BOWA made us feel confident that we'd be in good hands and our confidence was well placed. Our on-site project manager was absolutely exceptional and we received regular updates about where our project stood. They always went above and beyond to ensure we felt valued. Engaging BOWA paid off and we recommend anyone to prioritize quality craftsmanship and full-time supervision!
10 months ago
Our house was originally built in 1909, with many additions, and the original house is the most durable and beautiful. We were looking for a builder who was able to work with old houses and could match the addition to the original. We found a house that BOWA had renovated and they did a seamless job with that one so we knew they were capable of doing a seamless renovation on our house as well. Besides the beauty of the construction, what we appreciated most was the efficiency with which the project was done. We honestly believe that our site manager is a genius in time management, craftsmanship, and his overall vision. I think the entire BOWA family agrees. BOWA promised that they would have everything in place so that once we broke ground, all would move quickly, and we really appreciated it. The time start-to-finish was essential and BOWA did not let us down. If quality materials and workmanship is important to you, then you will not be disappointed with BOWA.
12 months ago
The BOWA team provides outstanding work from start to finish. They delivered an outstanding and creative design and showed attention to every detail. They were clear about timelines and provided a weekly roadmap for the work once it commenced. The onsite team was incredibly courteous and attentive. Throughout the process, BOWA exuded seemingly indefatigable determination to get every aspect of the project just right.
about 1 year ago
The team and the Projector Leader, Kristin Ikenson, kept my husband and me apprised of time lines, costs and the search for materials and appliances throughout the process. She, along with other team members walked us through the design with graphics and photos and kept us up-to-date on orders and progress of the renovation. Living in a condominium has different rules that BOWA is aware of and adheres to with ease. The finished project has made our condo more current and up-to-date and pleases us immensely.
about 1 year ago
Great experience with BOWA. We selected them after talking to four or five home renovation companies and loved their 'up front' approach. Initially we thought we needed actual additions but on working with the amazing BOWA design team it was determined we had the square footage to do the renovations we wanted and the additions were not needed. That immediately saved us a lot of money. The design team are incredible. They listen to your ideas and come up with beautiful and unique solutions for a range of budgets. By the time we signed both contracts (ground floor then upstairs) we knew we were within 5% of the final cost, and despite a couple of surprises on the first renovation of the ground floor, we did not go over budget or over those final estimates. BOWA is high quality and does not cut corners. They give you a 'critical completion' date and they stick to it. Even when things happen that are out of their hands, for example our selected appliances not showing up for 14 months, BOWA offered several options for a solution and organized temporary appliances when we said we still wanted the originally chosen appliances so we had a functional kitchen until our own appliances arrived. Fantastic communication and weekly updates meant everyone was always on the same page at all times. Two really truly positive experiences with high quality work that we know will last for decades. Thanks BOWA!
over 1 year ago
"Bowa’s professionalism and quality of work are exceptional. Their budget and timeline was accurate. Their staff have experience, knowledge and pride in delivering high quality construction building and renovation. Bowa’s team is professional, organized and their craftsmanship was thorough, quality and detailed. If you are contemplating a renovation, we could not recommend them more highly"
over 1 year ago
Our BOWA team transformed our home! From the fabulous design to the execution of it - outstanding, truly. We experienced with our BOWA team such a wonderful blend of deep professional expertise and a personal caring approach. The whole team that worked seamlessly throughout the project with us: listened closely to our aspirations and concerns (even when we might not have known precisely what we were asking for :-), they “heard” us); shared their own experienced perspectives thoughtfully; communicated with us daily throughout the project; demonstrated kindness and caring for our needs every day; managed closely to the plan and their commitments while also being willing to flex as needed; and ultimately delivered outcomes even more amazing than we had hoped for. We could not recommend them more highly!
over 1 year ago
Several of our clients have used BOWA for renovation. They let us know they are pleased with the service from Kirstin and Steve and everyone who supports the project. Their renovations are always top notch. When we sell a BOWA condo or co-op we know the buyer will be very happy!
over 1 year ago
My family has used BOWA for many years now but this was the first time I have personally used them. They did an outstanding job replacing my warped hardwood floors with beautiful marble. The whole team was professional and very responsive in both the planning process as well as the execution. I would recommend them for any work you need done on a home or condo. Kristin, Mick, and Jim are rockstars.
almost 2 years ago
BOWA did a whole house renovation for me over 10 years ago. Recently, I had a problem with a faucet purchased during the renovation and reached out to BOWA to see if they had record of the purchase. When I reached out, I described myself as a "former client" seeking assistance. BOWA quickly responded with, " You are NOT a former client! Once a client; always a client!" They quickly solved my problem (not easy since they had to dig through old paper files). Over the years, BOWA has been wonderful with follow up and to provide us with homeowner guidance in our renovated home. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a high-end home renovation solution.
about 2 years ago
Really over priced, in my opinion and they hired an unlicensed contractor whom I met, which is a violation of the regulations of the Virginia Board For Contractors! Beware! Get three estimates before you deal with BOWA! You will be glad you did!
almost 3 years ago
We have used BOWA for three major renovation/new addition projects over the past 27 years. In each instance their performance in every aspect of the process has simply been world class. Their guidance during the design phase allows busy clients to achieve a truly inspiring design in a fraction of the time one would normally expect. Their performance during construction is professional, timely, flexible and minimizes the impact of construction on the homeowner, no matter how large and complex the project. The quality of their subcontractors and the finished product is, in our experience, simply unparalleled. In a complex project, communication between the builder and the homeowner on some items will always be less than perfect. When this occurs, items are always resolved pleasantly and quickly in the homeowner's favor, almost always at no additional charge. On one such recent change, I told the project manager that two mirror frames BOWA had installed in a new bath seemed alright to me. His response was, "Please speak with your wife. We want you and her to LOVE them years after we finish." The swapped them out at no charge. She and I love our new frames and the entire bath! Their work is of truly enduring quality. Jim Collins' "Built to Last" was published the same year after BOWA completely renovated our kitchen in 1994; our kitchen looks like it was renovated 4 or 5 years ago. Every time I walk through any of the many BOWA built or renovated spaces in our home, I simply smile at how much I still love it. Finally, BOWA stands behind its work, You cannot go through three major projects even with a world class builder without some problem ultimately arising. Where this has happened and it even appeared there might have been a problem in how the original work was done, they have simply erred on the side of the homeowner and fixed it under warranty without protest or additional charge. Is BOWA the least expensive residential builder in Northern Virginia. Of course not, Is the return on the investment from working with BOWA far ahead of any other builder with whom we have worked. Absolutely; by a very wide margin!
almost 4 years ago
I found With BOWA the price they quoted was the price we paid all elements of construction were consistent with the high-quality we wanted in our home products were delivered and installed on time and I was always kept aware of minor changes in the schedule completion good quality check procedures were used On the occasion of a minor oversight discovered much later they quickly rallied the vendor to make write a small oversight In construction management professionalism during the job at attention to any detail even after it is completed makes for a pleasant experience and I would recommend anyone in the greater Washington area do use them before considering anyone else
almost 4 years ago
We recently upgraded our basement from a space for young children to romp and play to an entirely different experience for entertaining our family and friends. With BOWA's experience and guidance, they helped us understand our wants and envision our dreams for this new family entertaining space. They proved to be a great partner for this endeavor and we greatly appreciate their attention to detail, amazing quality of work, and the care they showed us during the construction phase.
almost 4 years ago
BOWA was outstanding to work with and I can say this having worked with several different contractors over the years. Hands down the best. We live on Capitol Hill and they remodeled our basement and reconnected it to the upstairs. They managed the project extremely well and were neat in their work. Before starting we were presented with a timeline of the project and at the end of each week they would update us as to where they stood. They went about a week over their projected 6 week timeline. They didn't start the project until we had made all design decisions and had tiles/fixtures in hand, so there were no delays. They discovered some fire damage during the renovation which added additional work, but they still finished within a week of their projected timeline. And for that they were unnecessarily apologetic. We lived in the house during the renovation and it wasn't a big deal. They cleaned up at the end of each day and never left debris around. One day I even came home and found one of the guys dusting my bike! And for a triathlete and avid cyclist this was awesome. They did a lot of built ins for us and their carpentry work was top notch! Absolutely, would use them again in a second.
over 4 years ago
There is no one I trust more than BOWA. They helped us evaluate properties prior to purchase, then did a partial knock down and complete new build on top of an existing basement. This was a complicated project and it was in good hands. BOWA is the best combination of professional and personal. Everyone we worked with from design to selections, carpenters to project managers, showed a level of care and quality that is hard to find in the construction industry. I will continue to use BOWA for any project large or small.
over 4 years ago
BOWA recently completed a significant construction project at our home in Falls Church City and from start to finish, our experience was terrific. BOWA is extremely professionally managed with robust corporate processes in place to ensure that projects are properly scoped, designed, executed to plan and reviewed for quality. BOWA's people as well as their subcontractors are knowledgeable, professional and clearly care about the quality of their work and their clients. We couldn't recommend BOWA more highly.
over 4 years ago
BOWA completely transformed the main floor of our home, helping us say goodbye to a dark, tired, and dated living area -- and hello to a bright, cheerful, open floor plan. Our primary objective had been to create a more functional kitchen, with additional sinks, ample counter space, updated cabinets, and better appliances. We had initially thought to enlarge the kitchen by moving the front wall of the home outward, and we accordingly consulted several remodeling contractors. BOWA was the only contractor to tell us the significant potential downsides of that plan, and the BOWA design team came up with a much better idea that involved switching the location of the dining room and the kitchen and then bumping out the side wall of the house, not the front. The result is a lovely dining room with large bay window and an adjacent living room that's open to the kitchen. The new kitchen is a chef's dream, which I can truly say because I am a certified chef! The large skylights over the island provide natural light that fully illuminates the workspace, even on a cloudy day. The cabinets have many built-in features that make organizing easy. One of the best amenities in our new area is a casual dining area that was created by installing a countertop peninsula between the kitchen and living room. We also love having multiple sinks and double ovens, which enable us to easily prepare several dishes at the same time. In summary, we are extremely pleased with the beauty and functionality of our new living space. Many kudos to Bobby, who managed the design process for us. As for the construction process, BOWA assigned a first-rate construction manager named Alex, who arrived at our house early each day to ensure that appropriate progress was made and that quality remained high. Other members of the team (Steve and Ken) met with us each week to review progress, outline next steps, and answer any questions. They were also always thinking about ways to minimize the disruption of our lives caused by the construction. Our project was started in the coldest part of the winter, and with much of our home open to the elements at that time, we could have been extremely cold. But Alex came up with the brilliant idea of constructing a temporary wall so that the other areas of our home remained warm and cozy. We heartily recommend BOWA if you are looking for a high-quality and frustration-free remodeling experience.
over 6 years ago
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